Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve 2010...

New Year's Eve is a time for having that last bit of 2010 fun, and we did!

Tonight was a completely impromptu evening... so impromptu, that I did not have a camera with me, except my camera phone. Therefore, please excuse the super crappy photos. And thank you!

Juan (hubs) and I took the munchkin out to Outback (thank you, Jolene & Abe for the giftcard!) and had a late lunch... It was totally yummy! I'd show ya pics, but I was too busy enjoying the food... NOM NOM NOM...

Then, we went to AMC Theaters and saw Tangled. (You know... we had to use up those passes that expire today!) Funny, funny movie! It was a riot, and I'd love to see it again, and buy it... when it comes out on DVD.
The elves show the way to the Mission Inn (Riverside, CA)

Then, trying to catch up on Christmas lights, we re-visited the Woods Streets (in Riverside) and went by the Mission Inn. Thinking it really wouldn't be open... boy oh boy! Were we wrong. They even still had carriage rides going (even though they jacked-up the prices!).

We got to see all the lights of the Mission Inn, and take our time strolling around and throughout. A much more relaxed atmosphere... such a pleasant time. Crowds did not push and pull us through, and it was bliss.

Shocked from the COLD!
Thanking Daddy for the most BESTEST surprise!
The weather was still cold (apparently, the same temperature as New York City!), so we bundled up on the carriage ride. Munchkin girl was so surprised to have this last day of 2010 in a Cinderella Carriage!

(not possessed... don't worry...)
And Santa, was snuggled in an oversized chair, outside the Antique Store... resting his weary body after a long, hard Christmas (the economy is killin' everyone, people!).

Santa, resting his weary feet... in a Massive Chair

And we walked around the shops, though most of them were closed, I couldn't resist this pic... I just love the idea of Baby New Year, and this shop did him such justice. How adorable, no?

And with that... Have a Happy, Safe, and Wonderful New Year, as we say goodbye to 2010 and tuck it in... And hope for a good year to come in 2011.

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