Friday, October 8, 2010

Joined a New CLUB! and made some cards...

Wow! I only posted O-N-C-E last month. That is absolutely horrific.  There are those that would say, "Uh... you are a stay-at-home mom, so... what the heck DID you do? You don't really do anything, do you?"

*Sigh* I only work every waking breath of every waking day 'round-the-clock trying to keep up with two active teenage girls (Varsity Tennis, homework, both with bf's [yes... I "allow" them to have those...]), an extremely active 5yo daughter (newbie kindergartner), volunteer commitments (working at the schools is rewarding, but not necessarily easy), and a husband (who seems to think everything is not enough for me to do).  Like so many other SAHMs, I get frustrated. I get disgruntled (GREAT employee to piss off, people!). I get irritated and annoyed. And I just plain get pissed off with those rude, ignorant comments. We are valuable employees people in the community!

But, I'll save that soapbox for another day, some other time... when I might possibly feel like fighting and ranting. Not now.

I joined a new club on Monday. Well, it's new to me. OMGosh! I turned 40 and entered the "over 40" category/club.  How do I feel? Bummed that I have been "upped" to another category on surveys and other information seeking things.  The cake was cute. My darling teenage daughters (16 & 17) stayed up the night before and made me the cake, decorated it, cleaned up the mess (I know... SHOCK!), and made me a sentimental card that brought a couple of tears to my eyes. I was surprised, to say the least.

There were the closer relatives and friends that called and offered birthday greetings; there were the friends that sent email greetings (I keep these and look back on them throughout the year(s) to make me smile. There were my Facebook Folk. They never let you down and the wishes flowed all day. Then there were the generic texts... you know, simple, non-personal, etc. But hey! What can a girl in her 40's wish for in this overly electronic era? A quick call or email? I simple shout-out on Facebook? I even had a Twitter friend send me greetings everywhere she sees me in the electronic world. It was cool... cyber-vibes everywhere... And yet...

I still feel the same. Not a day older. Not a year older. Just me... adding another number to my age. (Let's just not take it to the triple digits, k?)

Then I rushed to get some cards done that were due for a swap.  I actually thought I was on time and running  a little early. Yeah, right. (Have I met myself lately?) It seems procrastination and forgetfulness follow me into this new club, as well. But here we go... I actually got into the craftroom and hustled up these beauties. Each of them uses different techniques, because, well... I don't want to be known as the "whatever-trademark-technique-she-always-uses girl".

Here are my Thanksgiving Cards... I inked (love me some Ranger Distress Inks!) and Prima'd and bling-ed  some Cricut-cut Co'ordinations Cardstock turkeys over Mary Engelbert cardstock. The turkey was sanded to bring out the orange, then inked and Stickle'd and spiced up with a little natural Raffia. The inside was supposed to say, "Thanksgiving is a time for togetherness... Gobble it up!" But I forgot to adhere the inserts in and found them this morning when I was cleaning up... Whoops!

Here are my version of the Christmas Cards...
I took those cool foil dies that Michael's sells and ran it through my Cuttlebug (Snowflakes). Glue dots hold them well atop green-inked argyle/holly paper (in beige tones) and green cardstock edged with golden ink. The inside is embossed with glittery red and says, "Seasons Greetings."

And here are my Birthday Cards...
I love blue. So... I decided to make them non-gender specific, as b-day cards I usually receive in swaps are for women, girls, or other people who like pink/purple/other girlie colors.  I reversed the fold and made it fold over the top (love this!). I then applied a band of brilliant blue cardstock and punched the border with this really cool cupcake design (the inside white shows through the blue-it "pops" well all by itself!). Then... I taped off sections of a Valentine stencil I had (cupcake that said, "Sweet Thing") and Glimmer-Misted it onto the bright white. I added glitter glue doodling and stamped the inside with "Happy Birthday" in Making Memories typeset.

Anwho... the swaps got mailed in. There wasn't much in the sign-ups, so I really didn't make that much, but here they are... And thanks for looking!

I've been doing much more than this... but thought I'd show you the latest and play catch-up later. Toodles for now!  lisa