Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Amazingly Glittered Pinecones

So... I've been going cheap frugal this holiday season. The bucks, run out, and I'm having to rely on Mother Nature to provide for me... and she's been providing me gift items, as well... and as I've been walking our most precious puppy-poo,

I've been collecting "perfect" pinecones... because I saw these at Bed, Bath & Beyond (but of course, they don't have it on their website!!!) for $5.99 and thought, "Hey! I can make that for almost FREE!" (Actually, at BB&B, they are in a little box and tied with a bow, containing a couple of different glittered colors, but are not THAT big of a deal (at least not $6 worth!).

Pinecones are pretty much free, and Nature's dropped them anyway, so instead of someone throwing them away, I decided to grab them up! I cleaned and dusted them off making sure there's no little bugs in them, sprayed one with 3M spray adhesive glue, while rotating it around (make sure you do this in a WELL ventilated area, as I ended up a little "high" [uh... duh!] and use a soda case or some other "box" casing to keep it all in one area). Then I QUICK! sprinkled fine glitter on it, while rotating it around. Pretty! and then I repeated the process until I was done.

(My fingers were so encased with REALLY GREAT adhesive and glitter, that I decided NOT to touch my camera and just show you the finished product.)

So, me... the frugal and recycling person that I am... took out my stash of tomato tubes (from Walmart, 3 tomatoes in each pack) that I've been stashing for a while. And put them to use! The tubes fit 3 pinecones each. I'll Cricut cut myself a little label, and tie up with a bow... Voila! Instant gift that is beautious and super simple. Who could want more? You want more? Seriously? Well then... they're easy enough... go ahead and make some! Super cheap and frugal and re-using, re-cycling, and nature's glamor getting glitzed up! Woohoo! (ok... maybe I'm still a little "high"... next time, I'll open a window! and even after scrubbing and scrubbing... I still have a little adhesive and LOTS of glitter on my left hand... BEWARE and wear gloves!) And have yourself a Glittery and Frugal Christmas!

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