Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day? December 26 - What Do You Do?

In early England, December 26th was labeled "Boxing Day", in order to give the "help" time with their families, since they usually worked on the holiday. I used to think "Boxing Day" was the day they put Christmas in a box... But, I have never done any of that stuff. Personally, I believe it should be named "Shopping Day".

Traditionally, I take all of my gift cards and money (if I get any of those) and go "After Christmas" shopping. I hit the stores and get the best deals on can, getting ahead for next year.

Stocking Stuffers are a must on this day. At 50-75% off, I save a ton of money, especially since I stuff 6 stockings! I get all kinds of loot. However, I do not purchase candy. We have extreme heat temperatures in the summer months, so candy... regardless of the form, can melt or mis-shape itself. 

I also purchase Christmas and holiday/winter-type shirts. Great buys! And even more wonderful gifts for others.

Decorations? Heck ya! I don't ever purchase those things at full price! But those just go with the decorations, and I weed out stuff I no longer like, is broken beyond repair, or never ever use...

I run home, catalog and separate my purchases (I keep a journal - $.50 in the Michael's Dollar bins, at a discount, too!). I list the items purchased, the location where it is stashed and who it could possibly be for or a blank for no designation. Stocking Stuffers go in a double bag and are placed in a box, along with other Christmas/holiday gifts and marked "GIFTS". This box (or boxes) go up in the rafters, with the Christmas decorations, ready for next year.

The journal stays in a hidden spot throughout the year. I add to it when I find deals. The journal also serves for "inventory" for non-Christmas related gifts I purchase throughout the year.

I have found that keeping a journal (rather than a spread sheet on Excel or other program) is portable and keeps my budget low. I do not duplicate gifts and can keep all the kids as equal as possible. I added the "where located" column a couple of years ago, because, well... I'm really good at forgetting where I stashed stuff and had lost LOTS of things, only to find them a year or two later. Oh what fun!

This year, because of a total brain fart on my part, I will be adding my crafting items that I buy specifically for making specific gifts on the list, as well. This will keep me more on time, and not searching for that thing that I got to make so-and-so such. (I'm good at that, too!)

Every year is a development of my system. I am trying every year to be more organized and get ahead of the game. This year is the year I hope to perfect it.

And so... on this day... What did you do?

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