Monday, December 20, 2010

The Santa Experience - 2010

I know... I already posted about this... but... I didn't tell post about everything! lol!

My hubs got a new camera last year. Pretty nice, not what I would have wanted, but a major step for him. Until recently, I haven't really liked his ideas OR the pics he's taken (he tends to not get different angles and liked things posed ["Smile for the camera!"] style, which I totally don't).

On Friday, though... he amazed me. I believe these are some of the best he's gotten! He went up to the second level of the mall and took photos of our little ensemble... They are precious.

Marissa, insisting to Santa that she'd "REALLY been a good girl". Uh... huh...

On another note... he was stopped by security and had to put away the camera. NOT because he was taking pics of the Santa & Co. BECAUSE, he "could be taking pictures of the mall set-up, casing the place..." One never knows who or what might be a terrorist, I guess. And so... we're ALL under suspicion. What the heck is this world coming to? (and NO, they don't tell you to put away your phone... guess that kind of picture is A-ok. whatev...)
They had a little fun after... (quality is NOT good from a phone)

I would post more pics, but unfortunately, as I tried to upload them this morning, my external hard drive crashed (oops!), and so... I had to salvage these pics from Facebook. I guess it's good for something else... lol! 

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