Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Birthday for Sierra...

Sierra is a special friend. I've known her mom for 24 years and we've kept in touch throughout (no, she's NOT on facebook!). Although I've moved all over the country, her mom has remained stable and stayed in the same location, making it really easy. For Sierra's birthday last month, I wanted to make something glittery and personal, just like her.

I began by welding the letters of her name together to form a card. I then cut it (using my trusty Cricut!) and cut out the letters of her name again... Unwelded.

Gluing the letters to the card, I ran it through the Xyron to get it super tacky on both sides and glittered it galore! (She loves a little sparkle!) And she loved the card. Made just for her... by me...

Sierra's party began at Disney Studios 365, where the kids all got glammed-up. They are all so beautiful and it was so fun. We then went back to Sierra's house for movies, pizza, cake and ice cream. They all had a blast.

The Disney Gang works their magic on our party-goers...
We love you, Sierra! Hope you had a rockin' birthday!

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