Friday, February 12, 2016

A Year of Card Techniques - (February) Ink Layering
It's month two of our year long adventure into different card-making techniques,
folds and paper crafting products. Join us the second Saturday of each month in 2016
for a new hop filled with great cards.

This month we will be focusing on ink layering techniques and OMGosh have we got
some cool cards for you. We really love feedback so please leave a comment on each of the
blogs in today's hop. Each comment on the 12 hops throughout the year will be entered
into a prize drawing for a $25 gift certificate at the end of the year.

Don't worry, if you missed January's hop, you can still hop and comment by starting HERE.

Now on with the projects.

So... I had a textured base, that I thought would look good, to go plaid, via stripes. Did you follow all that? Because I'm not so sure I did, on the read back. But... if you read on, you might get it.
Here's the stripes the rubber stamp, not the full-blown mess in the background...
So I stamped them horizontally with Versamark Cloud White.
Then I went vertical... and dried it a tad.
Here's the dried version. I can see it? Can you?
Then I tried like the vids I watched and stamped over... in a dye ink red and a black.
That plaid didn't turn out the way I was hoping, so... My 11-yo wanted to help. I let her choose the background, the colors, etc.
And I rolled with it... FYI, DO NOT ROLL BACK ON A ROLLER STAMP, you'll end up with duplicate printing that doesn't look so hot.
Then I stamped over it (with dye inks again) in a bunch of different shades and tones of red.
The 11yo wanted a cutesy stamp, too... And so I did and I added a message... because I'm going to give it to the 11yo.
But... I wasn't quite happy with it, so I went back to the plaid. And I stamped white lips don't take that as an anti-PC remark... I really did use white ink. But you can't see them...
And then I layered juicy red lips on top (dye ink again!). If you look SUPER close, you can see the red and black stripes overlapping the white and becoming a different hue...
So... I'm not quite sure I like it. I would totally play with this technique more. It's kinda fun! But this card, I'll give to the hubster (this Sunday...). It'll all be good. He won't notice anything. Have a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

I'm the tail-end today. But... feel free to see if there's any blogs you might've missed, or if you'd like to re-review, start back at the top with Theresa (our host!).

And here's the, in case you want to do just that!

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Angela's Birthday Blog Hop
Welcome to Angela’s Birthday Hop! So glad you can join us! 14 super crafty girls would like to share with you their birthday creations. Hopefully this will give you all some inspiration to make something for that upcoming birthday!

If you came from Shawnee, then your in the right spot! If not, please start at the beginning at Angela's!
For today's hop, Angela is giving away a fun birthday package! All you have to do to win is like and comment all 14 of us!
The photo wouldn't save here for some oddball Blogger reason, so for this moment only, please use your imagination. This is the blingy birthday package she has up for the winner!
Jaded Blossom Birthday Splatter Stamp
Recollections rhinestone embellishment
Recollections purple burlap
Basic Grey 6x6 Shine On paper pack
Mon Ami Gabby diamond mesh

Angela is a very creative lady. I often "hop" with her... Never met her in person, but I suspect she's a pretty cool gal in real life. So, when she decided to host a Birthday Hop, I asked if I could join in! And... here we go!

Angela's blog is creatively called 3*Crazy*Monkeys... so what better of a bday card for the bday girl than a little monkey business?!? Here's a little cut... I moved the bits about at the mat point, so it would fill in the spaces of some scrap paper I had... (these little guys were originally put together by the program).
See the gaps I had to fill? Yes... I save every. flippin'. scrap. of. paper.

Ok... so I didn't realize until I'd gotten here, but it's flipped a bit. Get over it. See how well it's all filled in? Use those scraps! Save a tree or part of one! Oh my... we need some color here...
The cut (from the Cricut) only has one monkey... but uh... she's got three... so I obliged.
And here... a totally non-PC song was going through my head (to the tune of "3 Little Indians"... You know... that song that's "not" allowed anymore in kindergarten? One Little...
... Two Little...
... Three Little Monkeys...
They're so cute! See how I mad them kinda sorta hold hands? You know... Like all good siblings do...
Wow. I don't like it. It has to go! But I did leave the pretty vellum piece on the back...
*Note to self* Darkness can't be worked in. Be sure to move about the craft room on a regular basis. You know there is a timer on a motion-sensor light. Because your handy dandy husband didn't want you to leave the craft room light on all the time. and THIS could happen...
I water-colored the vine. Next time... I'd do that first!
Added some Stickles, slapped down the sentiment piece... and there we have it!

I'm the last bit in the line of wonderful crafters for this hop, but if you missed anyone, feel free to hop to where you missed or start at the beginning with Ms. Angela! Hope you had a good time (and hope Angela has an AWESOME Birthday!). Please don't forget to leave a comment...

Here's the full lineup:
Angela (The Birthday Girl! - be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday, when you stop by!)

Me! <==== You are here!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Guest Designer at Connie Can Crop: February Challenge - I Do! (Wedding or Blingy... You Choose!)

So... I'm having a Virgin moment... I am a first-time VIRGIN! guest designer over at Connie Can Crop. and just so you know... I'm her first, too! So... does that mean we had a double-virgin? I'll take that with sugar on the rim, no salt please. Trying to watch my sodium intake in my margaritas nowadays.
Connie does a monthly challenge, and February's challenge is "I Do!" We were to do something either wedding themed get it? "I Do!"? duh... but me? I had invitations to make. My youngest kiddo turned 11 at the very end of January, but circumstances never allow us to have a party for her that particular weekend. So... we usually do something the day before Super Bowl never on SuperBowl Sunday; that would be totally un-American! This year, she wanted to have a roller-skating party. And so... we did. I was a tad late on the invites, as I was having slight difficulties which turned out to be user/interpreter error: read: I was reading it all wrong! and had to get those resolved on the Brother front.
Moving on... First thing's first. Had to design a skating boot. Way back in the day, when I did a set of these, I truly did design my own. Nifty Fifties (by Cricut) wasn't out yet (that's where I got the skate/boot!). I created a skate and boot from a hiking boot (from a camping cartridge, I think) and added circles (wheels!). lol. But... with the Cricut Explore Air (and the subscription), there are so many more possibilities and less work, which makes more time for me to play! and I found he perfect one.
I cut everything out individually... and inked or colored or Gelato'ed it all while on the mat(s). Heck ya! I had to make 15 of these babies, and I wasn't about to put them all individually down and ink them to have them slide all over the place. Remember, the mats are sticky. Things stay in place. DO NOT TAKE THE NEGATIVE PAPER (IOW: Don't weed out your design!) BEFORE INKING OR COLORING. You don't want to get the mat dirty with your colors and potentially take away the "stick."
and if you're looking at the dates I have written down on each mat, I date everything. Just so I know how long something lasted. (It's an OCD-analytical-mind thing. And it works for me. Don't judge.
Those Gelatos go on SOOOO smooth. I just love them. The pics look a tad yellowish, but trust me. That is white.
On to the Brother Scan N Cut 2. I love this machine. (Love the Explore Air, too! I'm giving love to almost all my machines today... I handwrote this... scanned it, and cut it. Then I did it all over again, because the OCD in me didn't like the separation of the "Skate" and "Celebrate". It left WAY too much space between and didn't feel like a full element to me. Yes, I'm a slight perfectionist with flaws. I love for things to be homemade and have a slight imperfection, but the imperfection that of my choosing.

So... like I said. I did it again. and copied it. and copied it. and copied it. and copied it... you get the picture, right? I copied it 11 times, to get 12 total. I tried to copy it on the machine itself, but it separates out the writing from the background. IOW... I couldn't figure out the dang thing, so I gave up and did it a way I could figure out, as I was spending WAY too much time trying to figure it out.
And just so you know... this would scan into the Brother... but wouldn't save. It said there was "too much of a pattern." So, I kept trying... by taking out one pattern piece at a time. It would finally save at 8 pattern pieces. And this... is the final cut. YAY!
See how delicate and detailed it is? So cool!
And after all the layers (of the skate and boot), this is what we've got...
Super lovin' it! I'm not a pink person... but my kid is. And she wanted super glitter, too... but I decided against it, as she was inviting boys, too... and these boys aren't the glittery kind.
But me and the OCD just needed something else... it was missing... Wink of Stella on the snowflakes! And so... I obliged. Still totally loving the stuff and getting the hang of it so much easier! and yes... I finally bought the full-color pack! Can't wait to play with all that.
And... the final invitation in all it's glittered glory.
And the whole lot of them. Because you know I love my kid.
You can see... In my own way, I said, "I Do!" to my kid. And "I DID!" her invitations. Haha! I'd totally do it again. She loves them... and so did everyone else.
The party? Yep. It was great. Only a few knew how to skate at the beginning, but by the end... no one wanted to leave. I think it's a keeper!
Thanks for visiting. I sure hope you enjoyed the Virgin Territory my Guest Designer Stint. Please don't forget to visit Connie Can Crop and check on her other designers. She always has lots of fabulous people doing fabulous things. Feel free (and you know you're appreciated) to comment at the bottom. I always love to hear from you! Enjoy your day, and think about what YOU say, "I Do!" to!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter Wonderland Blog Hop

Welcome to the
Today's hop is filled with winter (not holiday) themed projects.

Today's hop sponsored by
Catherine is giving away a class of the winner's choice from her great offerings
at Creativity Grows Here.

To enter the drawing just leave a comment on each of the blogs in today's hop. (And you're going to love her classes! Even if you don't win... you should check her out! Her stuff is AWESOME!) The winner will be announced on on Saturday, 1/30/16.

Now on with today's project...

I don't know if you know... but I'm having an affair. (*GASP!*) Yep! A love affair with a cold (snow)man. And I love to watch him be "Frozen". Are you getting it yet?

Yeppers! I'm in love with Olaf! Yeah... I know he's kind of last year (or two years ago, or whenever...) but I love him. He's cute. He's adorable. He's utterly oblivious to anything negative. What a positive inspiration for anyone! And since he's related to snow... He's just perfect for this Winter Wonderland Blog Hop!

Months and months ago, in a little social media platform not very far away... in a land called "Twitter," I participated in a Cricut Twitter Party! Short story... You "tweet" (answer questions) throughout the "party" using the hashtag (pound sign... [#] to us older folk) ha! even BlogSpot is showing the spelling of "hashtag" as incorrect. I know you can't see the red underline, but I sure do! Well, they sometimes hand out prizes, and... I WON! I won a digital cartridge... FROZEN!

And since then I've been playing with Olaf online placing Olaf in different designs of cards and layouts and just saved them, having no occasion to actually use him... until now.

So I got out my Handy Dandy Cricut Explore Air... and cut Olaf. And then began to glue him, making sure I glued the wrong side because we all know I've NEVER ever glued the incorrect side... the right side in a very fine line. I used some glue I've used before... it seems to work just fine.
Um... Is something missing? Perhaps...
... a tooth? And there it was... attached to the inside of his mouth. Oopsie! It's best to make sure you don't throw anything away until your character with itty bitty teeny tiny parts is put together, as it's extremely hard to dig through a trash receptacle full of itty bitty teeny tiny scraps to find that itty bitty teeny tiny part you may or may not have thrown away. True story.
Basically, I just put him all together on top of a pretty cut-out card... With the word "Summer" in a flourish behind him... [Insert scratched record sound here!] Wait! What!!!! I can't do that! It's a "Winter" wonderland... Not a "Summer" wonderland... Ugh.
No... I still have not cleaned or organized the craft room... I couldn't find all the bits and pieces to this really cool set of PEGZ stamps I have. (I was going to stamp out "Can't wait 'til..." on the front and move my "Summer!" to the inside...) so... I looked around and dug... and dug... and found this! Still in the brown box it was delivered in. And when I opened it and saw the receipt... I was horrified! The date? 10/14/2014! It's been in my possession for over a year and never been touched. Ugh!
One thing I didn't know... that it came with 3 Spectrum Noir pens... So I didn't have to search for those...
And because I've never worked with airbrush at all... I practiced a bit, to see what I was maybe going to do... It was kinda fun... and I was dying to take it to the walls of my room! No... I'm not a tagger...
I think I'd gotten the hang of it, so... I brushed on "Snow"... then loved playing with it so much...
... I added a couple of brushes of more ink along the edges. LOVE that look! My writing doesn't look too shabby either!
I put Olaf back on top of his card! He refused to stay down YES! There is glue on him! So...
I rolled over him! Place a clear plastic piece (so you can see what you're doing) over your item to glue down, and brayer it! (I do this with my Cricut and other mats, too...) Then just blot the excess glue that squeegees out... and you're good to go!
See? Much better...
He didn't seem quite complete, so I tickled him all over Stickled him in key spots...
And now he's awesome!

Up next is Holli! She always has something fabulous to share!

Thanks for stopping by! I sure hope you enjoy our Winter Wonderland today. I sure enjoyed him making an Olaf card. Don't forget to comment (and if you comment on all of the hoppers today, you are eligible to win a class from Catherin Pooler [I know I'd LOVE it!]) and come back and see me sometime! Have a brilliant weekend!

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