Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yudu, You Do? I Can Do! I Wanna Du!

Oh my gosh! I am so absolutely excited.

First of all... I'm all about F-U-N. Now, when you add creativity and do-it-yourself kind of stuff to it, I'm even more there. And so... I have been wanting this awesome machine by Provocraft for a llllooonnnnnggg... time. It is called a Yudu (you do).  It is a personal silk-screener. And I've wanted it for SO long, that when I designed "our" craft room, I designed a spot for one to sit in... a nice little nook, reserved solely for this baby.

Yes, the silk-screener allows you (or me!) to make your (mine) own shirts, but So. Much. More. It'll allow the operator to do fun creative things like invitations, stationary, pillow cases, cards, onesies (think BABY SHOWERS!), capes, shorts, sweats... You get the picture.

Anyway, a LONG time ago, I saw the awesome Mark Montano on an infomercial about it. I'd love to share that with you... but bummer. I couldn't find it anywhere.  And so... I found this other super awesome introduction to the Yudu from the Impatient Crafter (she rocks, too!)

Now do you see why I'm so SUPER excited? No? Well... hmmm... OH! I forgot to tell you! I am getting one! YAY! A super duper great friend of mine is getting me one! Yep. Picked it up today at Michael's. My friend ROCKS! (Thank you, Mikie!!! The girls and I are SO excited!!!)

While he goes to Turkey (not the gobble, gobble one... silly! the COUNTRY one!) on a tour, I will be watching his beloved dog and home. And so... since Cricut carts weren't THAT much on sale this year (because he usually swaps me cartridges for dogsitting...), and Michael's had a pretty great sale, and he just knew I really truly honest-to-goodness wanted one (and seriously couldn't afford to buy myself one) and it's a little pricey to ask for as a gift... he offered me the exchange - 3 months of home/dog-sitting for a YUDU!

So now... I'll be able to CAN DO a YUDU, too! Woohoo!

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