Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - First Day of the Last Year

Me: Rey, are you happy Senior Year is starting?
Rey: Hell ya!
Another beginning to the end... (tears...)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cricut Circle Sisters' Fall Blog Hope and BLOG CANDY!!!!

First of all... let me say... I'm not a Circle Sister. I can't participate in their challenges because, well... I'm not a member of the Cricut Circle (an EXPENSIVE and elite club of Cricut Members sponsored by ProvoCraft). I just can't afford it. And that's okay. But still... I get to look at these fabulous creations by some of the members, and I swoon. I wish I were a Circle Sister.

Today (Saturday, August 27, 2011) began their Fall Blog Hop. And boy oh boy! Is it HOPPING! So many awesome projects to be found, and a lot of nifty little tips - tips that I'm favoriting as I hop along and storing them in my head as well to use in the future. They are also using LOTS of Cricut carts that I never really thought of using, and now... um... yeah... I'm thinking I might need them! (hahaha! NEED!!!!) Yes, I'm grinning in a wildly ferocious, fearsome grin, thinking of all the wonderful things *I* could do if I had these cartridges in my hands (on my Gypsy!).

So... here's the breakdown...

We begin with Kristen at Fantabulously Pink. She starts the Fall hop with a bang and a great give-away!

Then, we follow to Michele who makes an awesome fall home decor piece. She also has blog candy...
Roberta was next, but she didn't have her Hop post up yet (I'll go back again and check later...)

Well, I don't want to ruin the talent for you, or the excitement, so... I'll just re-direct you to Kristen's blog, where you can start your hop on your own. I'd like to thank all of these ladies for participating. It certainly kept me going (and my dishes from NOT getting done...) on a super-dee-duper HOT Saturday night (it got to 109 here!!!).  By the way, there are TWENTY-THREE entries. So... if you have some time on your hands, or even if you don't you should check each and everyone of these ladies out, as they have tons of stuff to show you.

And also... some of them have even MORE friends that have blog candy, so you really should check out their links, as well! Check out some of them HERE:
Chris at ChatterScene is giving away a Scrapbooking with Cricut book for her 400-follower-giveaway. September 1st is the deadline, so you'd better hurry. It's a great prize! She's got lots of great projects, and a forum, too! Seriously... go check it all out!

Have a great Saturday night/Sunday morning. Hope those of you in the East stay safe and dry and hoping that Hurricane Irene passes you by...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Feed Me Friday!!! A Recipe for My Special Rub...

And it's hotter than heck here... over 100 degrees! Whew! We're kinda sweltering, but hoping that our fellow countrymates survive Hurricane Irene. Cheers to you over there!

But, we're barbecuing this weekend! And pork ribs (with my special rub!) are on the menu...

It took me TWO years to get this just right, because I'm that picky! But it was worth it... I love it, my hubs loves it, my whole family loves it, and every time my hubs takes some to work for lunch, he always gets asked for the recipe.

Well folks... it's not a secret, and I aim to share, but... please do not sell it or make a profit off it, because... that wouldn't be fair.

Please note: I use light brown sugar and I grind my own spices, making them extra special fresh.

Lisa's Sweet N Spicy Rub N Grub

3/4 c. brown sugar
2 T. chili powder (just powdered chilis, NOT the preseasoned chili mix!)
2 T. ground cumin
2 T. garlic powder (I'd use fresh, but it would be ultra sticky!)
1 t. ground black pepper
1 T. onion powder (I grind up dried onion flakes for a little more texture)
1 t. fine sea salt (gives it a *special* taste)
1 t. ground cayenne pepper (more or less, depending on your taste buds... the sugar balances it out)
1 T. paprika (I prefer the smokey Spanish-type, but go with whatever gets your gusto)

(recipe can easily be doubled, tripled, or however many 'led you wanna do. just put the leftovers in an air tight canister AWAY from heat)

Mix it all together (I thread it through my fingers and crumble the grains between my fingers [clean hands, of course!] to get most of the lumpy bumpies out and make sure that it's really all smooth and as consistent as possible.). Rub it all over your meat GENEROUSLY. Massage the stuff in, and leave it with quite a bit on top that still sticks to it. Let stand at room temp about 30 min (while your coals are getting ready). Spray foil with cooking spray (I use olive oil cooking spray). Wrap the meat up semi-loosely, leaving room for steam, but not too much, and crimp the edges of the foil (if you used two pieces do it all over, if you used only one, then at each seam), sealing it well. Your coals (or grill) should be about ready, and move them over to one side (or turn off one side gas burner). Put the meat over the unlit side, close the lid, and let it slow cook for 1 hour, then flip it, and do the same thing (be sure to check your heat source every once in a while to make sure it's still good!). Carefully take off the foil (there will be LOTS of juices... you can try to salvage them and make a sauce* or just let them go and give off steam, but DO NOT open it over the flames and put out your heat source. you're NOT done yet!) and place your meat over the DIRECT heat (the flames/coals... whatever) for 10 minutes each side to get the grill marks and finish it off. Let your meat rest covered (I use a turkey roaster) for 10 minutes, then carve and serve.

*If you'd like to make a sauce with your rescued juices, simple get them into a sauce pan and simmer them over med heat until syrupy. Makes for finger-lickin' goodness! MMM... mmm... YUM!

This is especially great with pork ribs (spareribs are better than country style) or even a roast. I love it with beef and chicken, too... and it's pretty great on veggies. Have a great grub!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mama Kat's Losin' It Writing Prompts: 1.) A mom fail moment.

First of all... I'd like to say to you (and have you realize) that I have a lot, and I mean a lot of mommy fail moments. Don't know what these are? Um... right... In case you're serious (which I doubt...), a mommy fail moment is that moment when you realize that YOU as a mommy (or other parental-type) failed. You or your kid did something bad (or just not good or rude or...) and you realize it's your fault because the example you set wasn't so hot.

If you don't have a lot, or at least some, then you should write a book. And the rest of us would buy it, because... we want to see how to raise your child perfectly. Uh, huh. Yeah...

Anywho... it was hard for me to pick just one. ONE that wouldn't totally embarrass my kids. ONE that wouldn't totally embarrass me. ONE that wouldn't be judged so harshly (because we have those, too!). ONE that I really didn't mind blogging about. It was really hard. So... here goes!:

The Fart Fairy
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away... a little girl was passing gas (quite a lot) on an ordinary Springtime Day.
The girl was super sad and felt rumbly in her tummy; she didn't like the way it smelled. It made her feel crummy.
Her loving mother assured her to all beings it was inherent and that the smell wasn't quite always apparent.
And so her mother sat her down and told her a fairy story... full of breaking wind and all the glory.
Of witches, goblins, fairies and fairy dust, the tale cast a spell while the little girl fussed
And pouted and cried and shouted
But then her mommy told her about the Fart Fairy... a wing-ed chubby chick, who was slightly hairy...
Who came in the night and waved her wand, taking farts from all the children as they yawned
While they were sleeping, she'd poof them out and take the gas to prevent the children from weeping.
The girl laughed and giggled, guffawed and wiggled
And wanted to hear more... Her mother was just happy that she was back to before
To happiness and peace in the air; previously she'd thought she'd pull out her hair!
And so it goes... that every time the young girl farted, the giggling fits and laughing started
And then one day, she went to school and there was nothing in the golden rule
About not farting, not passing gas, and when the children gathered in mass...
Someone tooted! They all laughed and made awful an awful joke, then the little girl up and spoke...
"Don't worry, I guess the Fart Fairy didn't visit you last night. Don't worry. Sleep tight tonight and all will be right.
The Fart Fairy will come. She'll wave her wand and take your farts away. And when she does, you won't have much gas that day."
Needless to say, the mommy has had many teachers and parents calling and asking lots of questions where EVERYBODY mentions...
The moral of the story? Be careful what you stories you share. They go around. Any time. Any place. Any where...

And that, my fellow failing friends (or non-failing!) is a Mommy Fail Moment! Ta-da! and should you want to check out what others wrote about, or join in yourself, please check out Mama Kat's Losin' It. We'd love for you to share, too!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Woohoo!!!


This was a fun little experience!
1) I'm afraid of heights, and getting WAYYY up there on the green-screen mannequin was SCA-RY!
2) The disc wasn't ready when they said it would be... and then they couldn't find it.
3) Printing them ala Walgreen's was a bitch. (See details HERE!)

If you'd like to join in the fun... link up and see fun pics, too! It's a hoot and it'll get you revved up for (what I prefer to call it) "slump day". And if you'd like to see what I do on "other" days, check this out! Have a great Wednesday! (and check out my haiku challenge poem from today, too!)

Write a Haiku Weekly Challenge - Back-to-School

My kids returned two weeks ago, exactly, to be exact, so... thought I'd play along with this new challenge. For fun!!!

Back to School

Time on my hands, not enough
There is no Free Time
Not enough "ME!" Time, Oh Why?

Yeah, I know... not "really" about back-to-school, but it is... ya know? It seems that since the kids have been back, my life is CRAZIER!!! Flying everywhere, and doing everything. *sigh* but... all in the name of love of the kids that have gone back. We'd do anything for them!

You can play, too! Write a haiku! First line = 7 syllables + Second line = 5 syllables + Third line = 7 syllables. Let's see what you can do! Thank you, Mommie Daze for prompting this challenge. Made me think a little. Link up yours to hers (she started it!). And then... check out my Wordless Wednesday pic... fun, fun... all in the middle day...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tip-sy Tuesday - Tips from the Photo Printing World

My Monday Mojo is running a tad late this week. I think I left it at Walgreen's yesterday...

I had ordered prints for my "California Project" (this week's DT Challenge), and had "issues" at the above-noted establishment.

Let's start at the beginning...

I uploaded online. I always do. Usually, I have them mailed to me, because... *sigh* I'm not a "glossy" person. I'm a "matte" person.

Glossy just attracts things. Things like fingerprints. Things like dust. Things like GLARE when you're trying to take pics of them. And glossy just can't be played with as much (i.e. coloring with markers, pens, paint... whatever...) without being totally obvious and taking away from the effect.

So matte is my fave. I love to play with my photos, both in PhotoShop (I have two programs!) and the more traditional way, the manual way... where I can do it myself.

But Sunday night, I ordered prints to pick up at the store, and they only do glossy in the store. No bigsters. Ok.

I went to pick them up after working in the kindergarten class yesterday morning (around noon'ish). They did not have my order. They had nothing. It didn't show in the queue. Um... WHAT? And so... being the SmartPhone that it is, I whipped out my trusty cell phone and got on the dang internet. Whew! (I looked really tech-y, I'm sure!) Logged in... and it had me at an order continuation page. Um... yeah... It told me that my available time was no longer available. Meaning? I had to resubmit my order! Seriously? And then it happened AGAIN! Ugh! Finally, it went through... ok.

TIP #1: ALWAYS check to make sure the order went through before going to bed for the night. (a confirmation screen must be seen!!!)

The order confirmation page told me my pics would be ready in an hour. The tech said give me 15 minutes. And then he went on his 15 minute break? (So not my day!) And so... I'm sitting there. I've already browsed the store, picked up a couple-a school supplies that were steals.. um... DEALS! and perused the alcohol (did you know that there is a chocolate red wine imported from Holland for $12.99 a bottle..? not sure about that one...), came back and sat on a stool waiting. And I waited more... (it's air-conditioned, ya know? and it was well above 95 outside...).

A manager came and asked if I needed help. I told said manager that my prints were going to be done by noon, and she informed me it was AFTER. WHAT?? uh... and so... she looked in the queue, printed out the pics, and stopped. She informed me that she could not let me take the 5x7 photo I'd ordered. She said it was copyrighted.

Yes... I told her. I know that. And I paid for the copyright. (It is a Sea World photo, with all of us on Shamu... no jokes, please...) She said she'd have to see the copyright release. Ok... and so, I wasted gas and went back home to get the CD.

And I came back. I handed her the CD. She told me she didn't have a way to "read" it. Seriously... Ok, well, can't we just put it on the kiosk thingamajiggy and read it there. Only the kiosk only accepts photos and videos she told me. (I'm sure my eyes were rolling to the back of my head at this point, and I really didn't care if she saw me do it or not, but the folks at Sea World assured me I would have NO problems, that photo places knew about the discs and copyrights... and here I was... over 1 1/2 hours from the time my pics were supposed to be ready! AND! the fact that duh... she could've probably viewed it on the screen anywho...) *huff* and so... I went back home, as it was closer than the Kinko's she suggested (and cheaper, too!) and printed the dang thing.

TIP #2: When in doubt, print it out (if you believe you may have a copyright issue).

And I came back... again... Apparently, there's some peeps out there who are so frickin' desperate that they fraudulently print the copyright doc, as well, because... she tried to tell me I could've just done that myself. (Guess who was getting a call later that afternoon? uh yeah... Corporate Walgreens!) But then... the printing operator came back and showed her the copyright page with the THEME PARK EXCEPTIONS! and handed me my items (without even an apology) and sent me on my pissy little way.

Yes, I did call. That phone call took another 20 minutes and made my day much brighter. I'm that kind of person. Bad customer service and harassing customers, especially from management, deserve a phone call (and not the good kind). On the upside, after huffing and puffing and ruffling my feathers (wait... I had to pull my panties outta the bunch!)... I ended up with a hefty (read: FREE prints!!!) discount the next time I order in store (like I'll ever be doing that again!).

TIP #3:  If you have a problem, let people know. If they can't help you, take it to a higher power... and so on...

And so, my steam and my mojo were well spent at Walgreen's... (hopefully, it'll come back soon!)

I'd show you the pic in question, but I'm saving that little tidbit for tomorrow...

How did the rest of my day go? um... let's just say... (not a photo printing tip... sorry...)

TIP #4:  When putting loads of cooked beans (pinto or other) into the fridge, do not put them in one of the throw-away containers like Glad. The lid comes off and someone may have to clean the floor!

So... here's hoping you all find yourself some useful tips. Thanks for your awesome comments, and I hope to be using them soon! And... have a great day! Remember... it could be worse...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Feed Me Friday!!! and the Proposal of other Days...

Yes, I know today is Saturday, but meh... Whatcha gonna do 'bout it? huh?

And I thought of this late last night... so the thought process was still working and here's my thoughts written down.

Starting THIS coming week... (can I get a drumroll, please?) I'll be writing/posting MORE! Woohoo! I'm thinking I'm going to have "days" (and hopefully... when I can... posts in between, as well). But, someone had commented to me (on another post I posted... of all things! YES! I totally DO read your comments and take them to heart!) that she specifies a certain day for a certain thing, and this sort of keeps her on a schedule.

School has started back, and I'm seriously trying to get on a schedule for ME! Yes... I said ME! ME does exist, it's not just for the kids or the hubs, ya know...


Mondays - Queen of My Craftroom's Monday Mojo - where I post Design Team challenges that I've linked to her blog. By all means, please feel free to go to the Queen's blog as well, and see what the other designers and challenge-takers have done, as well!

Tuesday - Tip-sy Tuesday - where I post tips whether they be crafty, gardener-esque, shopping-esque, cooking-esque, or just general-wannabe-knowledge-esque. Pretty much what I've learned or found out through experience or others. And I totally love to give credit where credit is due, so if you'd like to share a tip, send it HERE (please... no SPAM!) I'd love to give you a shout-out and link up to your blog or website as well, so let's open the communication lines and begin a wonderful relationship! And I may even feature tipsters who haven't sent me anything... my friends and lovely/loyal followers and commenters... I love you all!

Wednesday - Wordless Wednesday - where... yeah... I post a picture that's worth more than words. I usually link up to Two of a Kind Working on a Full House, where she's got great tips and contests (win some FREEBIES everyone!) on everything from parenting to just life in general, and the Wordless Wednesday "HQ". Lots of my following friends (including A Nut in a Nutshell - another awesome friend with contests and tips!) It's fun to see what everyone's been up to and what thoughts/pics they have on the brain... Click around and check their posts out. Make some friends... I do! AND PLEASE!!! Leave comment love for peeps. Everyone needs a scratch on the back!

Thursday - Mama Kat's Losin' It Writer's Workshop (Writing Prompts) - on Sunday or (sometimes) Monday, Mama Kat posts some writing prompts, and a bunch of us "writers" post, based on these prompts. They are often fun and sometimes humorous, but sometimes sad, so... grab some tissue and jump around, because the tears will be flowing, either by hilariousness or compassion. And once again, this is a great way to visit others, leave some comments, and make new friends.

Friday - Feed Me! Friday - I'll either post a recipe that I've tried out with a photo tutorial and/or *gasp* maybe even a video or... a review of a restaurant or food product I've tried and what I opine about it... and for those of you who know me... I have LOTS of those! As a matter of fact, last night, we went to a "new" restaurant (new to me, but has been there for years, and I'd just never visited... huh?) and I was being me... analyzing everything. (Yeah... I do THAT!) He told me he didn't want everything to be analyzed... but then proceeded to hand me over a piece of fried tortilla from a chimichanga and asked me what I thought. Well... without "thinking" I started to tell him, then stopped, apologized and said, "Nevermind..." My 17-year-old daughter started cracking up. He didn't get it. Um... yeah... don't tell me NOT to do something and then ask me to do it! Very confusing for the blondness!

Saturday and Sunday are currently freebies for whatever I might decide to do. As... well... I haven't decided just yet. But hey! leave me a comment and tell me what you think of my lineup!!! I totally love that you leave me ideas and such and comments just totally rock (makes me feel like I'm NOT talking/writing to myself so much... hee, hee!) Blast 'em out, Baby!!!

Mama Kat's Losing It Writing Prompts: 5.) The perfect hiding spot.

Where NOT to Go?

If you're a fly
or a teensy little ant
Stay still
Stay quiet
And hide inside my plant

If you're a child
Playing hide and seek
Go into a closet
Close the door.
Don't laugh
Don't peek!

But if you're me
Trying to get away
From the things that bother you
Every. Single. Day.

Don't go into the Craftroom
They'll find you there.
They know you...
Yes, I know... It isn't fair.

So smile and take
Your purse and the car keys
Go to the mall...
And only answer the cell phone

Yes, you've found it!
The perfect hiding spot
Can they find me or you?
No... I think NOT!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Ready, Aim, AIR!!!

This was the last day of Summer Swim Lessons...
School started the following week... : (

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday Mojo: Altered Project (Late, but Better Late than...)

Whew! This past week has been super duper crazy!

School started for the kids last week, and I've been working in the kindergarten classroom, helping ease the newbie kinder parents of their seperation anxiety (translation: pulling the kids from their parents' arms and pushing said parents OUT the door). It's been a week now, and yes... we're still having to deal with it. Apparently, this year is the worst ever. I won't go into too much detail, but ugh! It's been wild.

On top of that... if you've noticed, I haven't been posting as much as I'd hoped/promised. But that's all about to change!!! I've been having problems with my internet loading, with each page loading, with photos loading, etc. So, I finally got tired of it all and called Time Warner. Today, my newest friend (bow down to Jaime!!!), came over and fixed it all for me. New modem, new router, a splitter change, (input all the time to find the issues, as the splitter wasn't inside, but outside), and voila! I am BACK!

The issues had been driving me nuts and freezing the system, and now there are no problems, whatsoever. So... here's hoping Blogger won't give me any problems, either!

And on to Monday's Late Post! This week, we (at Queen of My Craftroom DT) were to do an altered project. Um... I had in mind I was going to refurbish and paint and decoupage a tray that I had long-ago given to my girls, only to have them never use it and donate it to a yard sale when they finally cleaned their room this past weekend (um, yeah... I did imply their room is clean!!! Which, YAY!!!! It really IS!!!). So... I took it back! But...

A beloved group called "Paper Hoarders" (um, gee... I wonder WHY I'm in that sort of group... *snicker*) had a challenge for an altered project also, which was... again... due Monday. The other part of the challenge was it had to be round. Round meant any way, shape or form of being round, not including my belly, because well... who the heck wants to see a decorated flabby round-shaped belly? And so... began with this little containter that my good friend was tossing. (Don't know what it had in it previously, but the sticker said $18.)

Marissa (my 6yo) is changing daily. She is finally letting me put "things" in her hair and lets me put it in different formats nowadays. (Yay! sooo different from last year where she had to wear it down every. single. day.) And I thought I could put hair bands, ribbons and bows in this great tin and she'd know what it was because, YEAH! you can see right in there!

And so... I measured, cut, glued, and all that jazz and started to wrap the tin. Oops! totally forgot abou the window. So... I measured, cut, and glued a frame, inked it up a tad, to blend in with the blue leopard print (I don't care for it, but Marissa sure does...), Cut a topper piece, a band, added a beautiful blue satin ribbon, and we were good to go! (Don't worry... the purple inside won't be seen, there are enough hair things to fill that sucker up!)

Unfortunately, because of the internet fiasco, and the not loading of it, and all the business, when I rushed home on Monday, I couldn't load it to the group's contest. So, I texted it, knowing it was late. I still wanted it to be known that I did do it. I felt accomplished! Whew! I wouldn't have won a prize anyway, seeing as it was simple, easy, and not a whole lotta thought about it, but... it was on my to-do list for my daughter's room, and... ta-da! Two challenges completed and one happy little girl is a success to me!

And so... If you'd like to get in on Queen of My Craftroom's challenge this week, you can join us over here. Just post an altered project, and you're good to go, too! Michelle and the rest of us would be glad to have you!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's Monday Mojo... and Back to School!

So, I know that lots of you out there think you've got plenty of time until school starts. Um, yeah... not so here. My kids start tomorrow!!! Yes, before the middle of August. And what better way than to celebrate the beginning of school than a Back-to-School challenge! and YES!!! I know it's TUESDAY, but we were super busy yesterday getting ready for back-to-school!!! Do forgive...

Over at Queen of My Craftroom, the DT's challenge was to make a card or layout. And so, in the spirit of back-to-school, my family gets back into a schedule (don't we all?). With that schedule, I try to make dinner every night and incorporate my kids helping to cook, as well. To make it a little more fun, I started a 6x6 recipe book.

Since some nights are chaotic, with homework and project assignments, tennis practices, shopping, and overall life, I did a fun, classic-style meal that the kids can make (parents, too!)... Lunchtime! Pigs in a Blanket! (can be dinner, too!)

This awesome paper was in my stash, and I cut it down into 6x6 squares, then sliced one of the squares in half (on the diagonal) and glued it on the full square, so that the cute border still made it onto the layout.

The bus is from Doodlecharms, and the cutie-pie kids are from Paper Doll Dress-Up.

A little chalk, some Stickles later, and we are zooming off to school!

Hope you like it, and don't forget... You, too, can join in the fun of our Back-To-School challenge. Make your card or layout, go to Queen of My Craftroom, and add your post (not the full blog!) link to Mr. Linky. We'd love to see what you've got to give! (the challenge link may not be available just yet, but keep trying...!)

Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Monday Mojo with Create-A-Critter!

Yes, Happy August, folks! Can you believe it’s already here? Our summer is almost at an end, the kids go back to school next week!!! I am sooo not ready for that. There are sooo many things I didn’t do, that I wanted to. And so much sun to enjoy! But alas! All good things must come to an end. So… what’s better than a birthday card to cheer up the end-o-summer blues?

That’s right! The Queen of My Craftroom Design Team did a Create-A-Critter (CAC) project. And yes… here’s mine! 
I was going to a birthday party (taking my 6-year-old so I had an excuse to get an invite... hee, hee!), and the birthday girl (who was turning ONE!) happens to affectionately be called "Baby Bear." Ah ha! I said!!! What better cartridge than to break out my CAC cart and whip out a cutie patootie bear! Woohoo! and the fun began...
I don't quite remember the height, but I believe it was around 4", as the card (*gasp*!) I made twice the size I usually do. That's right... it wasn't the typical A2 (4 1/4 x 5 1/2, folded in half), it was a whole wonkin' 8 1/2 x 11, folded in half! Yes, I went big today! Hey!

The layers were fun, though. She's a little bit darkish (Thank you, California Sun!), so I made her bear dark, as well... with a Stickled eyes, nose and smile. I inked the blush on the cheeks (what's a baby bear with out a little messy-ness?) and popped a cute present in her hand.
Her balloon friend, I cut the base piece twice. Once in dark grey, and once in neon pink. I didn't want the nose and inside-ear parts to be dark, and I didn't want the string to be pink. And so... I played with the pieces, snipping them and placing them where I wanted them. It worked out just perfect for me. Then, I inked the sides and stuff with a little more blush ink. 
The "Happy Birthday" sentiment I took from another cartridge. Uh... I was working quickly and really don't remember which one... but I cut it out in a nice pastel pink to match the centers of the flowers (in the background paper) and passed it through Swiss Dots on the Cuttlebug. The "1st" I welded together (just a little bit), glittered it up with some Stickles and slightly pop-dotted it on top. 
And... my final product once again. This went together really fast, with my ATG gun and my Zig 2-way Glue. I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without them. Thanks for stopping by, and YOU, too! can join in the fun and join in the challenges. Just pop in to Queen of My Craftroom, see what all of the other DT members have done, and add YOUR linkie! Toodles!