Friday, December 10, 2010

What's Your Favorite Christmas Song?

Mine is... HECK! I can't remember the name of it! Years ago... in 199-something, Mervyn's (do you remember that store?) had an excellent cassette tape (yes, it is THAT old!) that they sold around Christmas time.

I remember it had a bunch of "different" kid-type Christmas songs on it. Most were sung by the same man.

But this one song... it was so cute and fun! It was about a toy. It was the most wonderful toy (or something like that). But the man with the catchy-tune voice sang about all the "Zip and a whirl" and the "clacking" and other fun noises this wonderful toy made. I just loved this song so much... I can't believe I forget the words, or even the name of the song.

I had the tape for two full years... and then it disappeared. I've moved several times since then and de-cluttered and purged several times, as well. And I never found this tape. I am so sad. And the sounds and the spinning of the whirly-gig-type noises keep repeating in my head. If only I could find this song...


So, if I can't pick THAT song (because, well... I can't find it, can't remember the words, and can't remember the name or even the artist who sang it or the album it came from...), then I guess I'll have to stick with the original "Frosty the Snowman" from 1950 (sung by Gene Autry). Other versions have been changed and flipped around, but the cleanest simplest version was the original. Sometimes, singers/celebrities need to just leave well enough alone. Enjoy!  But, if you happen to find something along the lines of "the most wonderful toy", please, PLEASE!!! shoot me a line... Thank you!

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