Monday, May 11, 2009

Did Ya Miss The Grueling Tales?

I have just been staying away from being on the computer so much. But I will post again at least twice a week.

Life has been busy. Between the girls swimming (yes... Stacy finally made grades), Marissa still wearing diapers (potty-trained but still wanting to wear them - pick your battles...), Juan and everything else, time is precious.

We've gone camping two times since the last post. Unfortunately I like to write in private, and others get up just as early as me on these trips. Bummer. But... on a good note, at least we found a nice place in San Diego to camp. Beautiful and like a mini resort. Not too far from the beach either.

My brother and his wife finally welcomed a new son to the fold. I had my other nephew (almost 3 years old) while the labor session was going. It was a good time for us to bond. After a restless night and not much sleep (mostly crying and dirty looks - it was rather funny), and clinging to me, he woke up with a smile and said, "Good morning, Auntie!" Definitely not expected, but it was nice.

Mother's Day weekend I was officiating, so I was on my feet and in the sun for two days. Hopefully, I lost a couple pounds or inches... whichever. How was yours? Toodles for now! lisa