Friday, November 18, 2016

Give Thanks Blog Hop

'Thank you' is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding. 
Alice Walker

Welcome to the Give Thanks Blog Hop!  You should have arrived from Kim @ Katydid Cards, or if you are lost start at the beginning (Alicia's blog).  As we approach the holiday season, I think it is appropriate we should reflect on things for which we can be thankful.  We can be grateful for the little things and we should be grateful for the big things.  We should take the time to give thanks for all the persons and moments that make our lives so special.  
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Now on with the hop!

Okay, Okay... I gave in and bought one... a MISTI! The "Most Incredible Stamp[ing] Tool Invented!!!" And as you already know I promised myself (at the Expo..) if I bought it, I must use it, so... HERE I AM!!!!
I love the platform!!! It gives you a way to have pretty much perfection. No, this is not an advertisement!
And you just place it all just so (on your card) then shut the platform...
But... don't forget this black foam piece...
Otherwise... this happens and you miss A LOT. You have a lot of "duh!" moments.
But... If you add that piece, it turns out perfectly (because it's magnetized to the same spot!
And then... if you forgot something like I usually do... you can simply add it in like so:
And then it really does end up perfect... like this...
And then we have... coloring. I thought all little kids new how to color!!! Kristina Werner (and others) make it look so easy... but it's not.
I tried... and this was my third attempt it's not a charm... that's a lie!!!! I really need to work on my coloring. I promise... I will!
It's not the best, but... I'm thankful I'm able to do it! YAY!!!! What are YOU thankful for?

Up next is Amanda!

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Friday, November 11, 2016

"Corny"copia Blog Hop

Welcome to the 
"Corny"copia Blog Hop
Thank you for joining us for a fun weekend of "Corny" Fall themed projects. Lots of fun and puns!

If you intended to get to the Year of Card Techniques Blog Hop for November, you can check out our grub, or just click here to move on (but you're always welcome back!).

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You will have until 10 pm Sunday to finish the hop and leave your comments.
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Fall Leaves Me Happy!! Hope it Leaves you in a Pile of Smiles!

Alrighty folks... apparently I "leaved" the conversation. I didn't realize it was supposed to be "punny" I thought I ready "funny"...
I wanted to use up some of my scraps and already had this file, so... I just cut out random leaves and things and made do.
I glued them all together, so the leaf "wings" overlapped the cut-out letters, as this wasn't a feature I was going to be using... and it totally didn't even make sense. Oh why didn't I just alter the dang file and take the letters out? Ugh.
Oh yeah... but... I'd already inked them (with a wonderful Chalk Ink from Quick Quotes!) in this fiery red! In case you couldn't figure it out... this is the "flip side" of the leaves...

Love me some big googley eyes on a bird!
And then I put my corny looking turkey together... Ain't he just the cutest????

 Up next is Miranda (AKA: Nana)!

Here's our line up in case you get lost:

A Year of Card Techniques - (November) Vellum and Acetate

If you intended to get to the "Corny"copia Blog Hop, you can check out our grub, or just click here to move on (but you're always welcome back!).
Welcome to...

Our year of hopping is almost through, if you've not gotten the chance to hop and comment each month, click on the links below to take you to the posts:
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Now on with the projects.

This month it's all about the see through stuff...vellum and acetate. Because America needs transparency... (that's as political as I'll post here... and yes, I voted, but not for either of the circus clowns...)
If you really REALLY look closely, you will see a beautiful piece of vellum, pearly off-white with gold-toned roses. Look closer, I swear... it's there!
I cut a small piece of it with my handy-dandy new (see below) guillotine trimmer dunno why... but that word "guillotine" always makes me picture Marie Antoinette in my head... Yikes! then ran it through the Cuttlebug in this beautiful new embossing folder. (I love it... and it's quite perfect for weddings, showers, life...)
Didn't it just turn out GORGEOUS????? Um...
... maybe not so much. See that little tear? Remember... vellum is tender (and see through). Don't use it to make clothing!
The wedding/shower colors are mint and gold. Gold???? Does that even go together???? Regardless of what I believe think, I found this wonderful set of chalk colors at the Scrapbook Expo where I spent WAY more $$$ than I should have but totally rationalized it by telling myself (and my other self... you know, the one that talks back to you when you're doing something wrong... right?) that I'd totally just make sure I used everything I bought... this time...  Uh huh... yeah...
Gold? Um... I didn't have much in the way of gold, except this too thick ribbon and some glitter. And so... I cut it lengthwise...
I swear... in my hand, these misted flowers just don't match that minty color above it... They really are much brighter in person. Tricks of the camera, ma friend... Tricks, I say!
Threw it all together and put a bow on it. Geeze! It really is much lighter and prettier in person, folks. This looks totally drab. Cute. But drab.
A little bit closer... See the form of the flowers? Yep. I learned that at the Expo, too. Took a class, I did! And swore I'd use those techniques SOMEWHERE...
I like the way it turned out. Unless I totally break out that camera that's been sitting in the box for a couple of years maybe one day soon I'll get better, more worthy pics... I'm NOT upgrading to the iPhone7! It's just not in my scope of thought yet. I'll wait for a better one...

Hope you love the card... I do!!!!!

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