Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Cards (That Haven't Gone Out Yet!)

I think my New Year's resolution is to create a new profession. Heck! I'm already so good at it, why not take it in as a title. "What is it?" you ask? A Professional Procrastinator! Yep... that's me!

I've had this "idea" for my cards for quite a while. I did bits and pieces in little spurts of time, but basically, this whole season (heck! this WHOLE frickin' year!), I kinda kept losing my mojo-my creative juices (please, no ugly comments here). That's a bummer. And a set-back.

But... because we canceled our mini-cookie exchange and postponed it until AFTER Christmas (see? more procrastination practices!), I was able to create more cards. (Only 2 had been done previous to this!)

So... this is what I came up with. *Note, you may be receiving a different version, but basically, their the same idea... lol! Enjoy!
The finished card. Inside reads: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (embossed in metallic blue)

My "first" card... had real machine stitching around the blue background. Uh, no... didn't like it. the paper came up through the holes and "bled" through, not making it clean enough, so I ended up faux stitching/doodling with my white Gellyroll pen.

My second and third cards (made exactly the same as each other) didn't have this raised/cut/glittered snowflake. They had a stamped and embossed snowflake... and then I realized I had so many cards left to do... and not enough white embossing powder.

The stamped image behind the snowflake is "Special Delivery" and embossed in clear. (Dunno what happened, but the 2nd & 3rd cards ended up clear, while the remaining cards were kinda milky white. Huh? Clear ink + Clear embossing powder = Milky White? That's a new one to me... go figure.)
Here you can see the embossed stamped image under and the layers of the snowflake.

I ended up using my most absolute favorite glitter. (Needs to get me some more of this stuff!) It's ultra-fine and gorgeous. I cut our 2 snowflakes (Cricut Cartridge: Christmas Solutions) on white cardstock, ran them through my Xyron, stuck down the first one, flipped over the second and glitter-galored it (like I said... LOVE, love, love that glitter!), then pop-dotted it on top of the first one. Love the effect!
Just a different angle... (see how GREEN my tree still is-and it's REAL!)

Then of course, as I love b-l-u-e SO much (my fave color, ya know?) I had to add a beautiful shimmery organdy ribbon to it. I love it! It's so... um... ME!


  1. (The CAPTCHA spelled "excesses" wrong. lol)

    These cards are BEAUTIFUL! I'm totally saving an image and I might copy them...someday. If I ever get around to making holiday cards; I just love snowflakes!!

    Interesting about the milky-white color that came out. I wonder if it has something to do with the heat? Not that it's related or that you didn't do it, but one of the coolest heat embossing tips I recently learned (and have not gotten to, since I haven't embossed in ages) is to emboss from the back of the paper so the glitter doesn't go everywhere. 'Course that probably can only happen in certain ways and with certain utensils (i.e. so ya don't burn off your fingers), but still. Sounds worth least for me, someone who has little embossing experience. lol

  2. Thanks, April! I did the heating from the back (and then the front), so it balanced out the warping the paper makes as it heats. I did the 1st two that way, as well. I don't get it. But, I ended up liking the "milky" appearance. It was pretty cohesive.

    And... I don't think the CAPTCHAs are words... lol! It likes to trick people. (Only you and I would see that... lol!)


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