Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mama Kat's Losing It Writing Prompts: 1.) A list of 10 old TV shows you’d like to make a comeback.

Okey dokey. Let's take me back... to tv. (Like I don't watch enough already!) My top pics, because it DOESN'T say they have to be kids shows, adult shows, family shows, non-reality shows... are a bit all over the place. Just. Like. Me. (see previous post about me being all over the place!) And it all really depends what your definition of "old" is. (hee, hee!) Some are a little more recent, because... well, let's face it. Don't YOU get tired of investing your time into the characters and story line, only to have then snagged from you midseason or never to return the following season? Me, too!

1) The Facts of Life... You take the good; you take the bad; you take them both and there you have the Facts of Life, The Facts of Life... Seriously, who wouldn't want an awesome second Mom like Mrs. Garrett? Everyone loved her. She was wild; she was crazy, she was unpredictable, and most of all... she taught us all great life lessons, the true Facts of Life.

2)  Fantasy Island... Ohhh, yeah... yum... My seven-year-old self lusted after Ricardo Montalban. To this day (at the ripe old age of forty!) I still think he's hot. Romantic, suave, classy... and then there was the show. I loved staying up on Saturday nights to watch people pay for a fantasy... and have them learn a lesson. To me, it was a lot like a different-type version of the Twilight Zone.

3) The Love Boat... promises something for everyone... Yep. Yessiree! It promised a seven-year-old an hour of romance and sailing the seas. Vicki was the luckiest girl alive... and I think every young girl aspired to be a cruise director... Calling Julie to the Promenade Deck!

4) Magnum PI. I have only two words for this one. Tom Selleck. (now I watch Blue Bloods!)

5) MacGyver... Kids today don't realize where the terms they use really came from. This one carries on...

6) Land of the Lost (the TV series... NOT the Will Ferrel movie!!!)... My 6-year-old loves it. We TiVo it whenever it comes on. Granted, the effects aren't that great (anymore), but this ancient series still has it's charm.

7)Will & Grace... one show that had absolutely everything. Humor. Fun. Wildness. Drama. Poignant moments. Romance. Heartfelt warmth. And a cast of actors that beat them all. I will always love this show... and I miss it so...

8)Moonlight... oh another YUM! Vampires... the adult kind that aren't so totally off-kilter and racy that they are rated R and on paid cable channels. And adult enough that you don't smack yourself for fantasizing about them... Totally taken before it was ready to go. I love you Alex O'Loughlin!

9)Women's Murder Club... another one that left us hanging. Out of sight Lindsay Boxer (Angie Harmon) and her other kick-ass-figure-it-out group solving murders and having romance (let's not forget Lindsay's ex-husband-turned-BOSS [Rob Estes... can we say YUM!!!! again?]) But we never knew if the Kiss Me Not Killer was ever caught, and he was after Lindsay... I guess if I really want to know, I can read the books... and add that to the long list of summer/everyday reads... ugh...

10) Samantha Who? Where? What? Happened? ugh! We all fell in love with the charming used-to-be-total-bitch-that-only-cared-about-herself-and-threw-everyone-else-under-the-bus-and-hurt-them-spitting-them-out but is totally sweet know because she was hit by a car and has amnesia. It's too bad she's gone...

There's a whole lot more I could add... and then some. As you can see by my sidebar, I'm a junkie... a tv addict, I was back then, and I always will be. Seasons and shows come and go and somewhere, somehow... the television gods have massive control over it all, including us (me). This alone, makes my list of shows-gone-bye grow... up into that great tv set in the sky...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Pretty Sights

Miracalous view on the way to watch fireworks... If you missed this due to some beer was real. Please excuse the bird shit... (and the crappy photo. not all phones are SMART!)