Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Kids are Gettin' Good!

Last month was a super duper busy month for us.
If only she'd look AT the camera...

Quickly summing it up...

Marissa got an award for Perfect Attendance that was handed out to her at Awards Night... I'm one of those moms that doesn't believe in keeping my kid home for a cough (if they have a fever or vomiting [either end!], they stay home, but anything else... nah!). So I really think this award is for me... Don't you? (lol!)

Stacy and Rey completed their second year of tennis. They started out as #1 and #2 singles (Varsity), then switched to a doubles team (playing together... oh my!) at the League Prelims. They won their first game, but lost to La Sierra the second. I'm very proud of them!

Most of the team showed up for support.
I'm proud of the WHOLE team! They went through a coaching change and took lots of beatings, but they still ended up with a positive spirit. Great going, girls!

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