Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ewww! Has the Television Writers' Strike Got You Bummed?

I know I need to write more, but with the writers on strike, maybe I shouldn't... I don't want to get nabbed like Eva Longoria Parker did... apparently, she tried to defuse the guff from the picketers by bringing pizza, which they snubbed her for. So sorry!

I am such an addict to television... this is going to ruin my whole life! Uh... on second thought, it will just give me lots of time to catch up on all that I haven't watched. Plus, maybe some of those re-runs coming will be some that I haven't seen or didn't get a chance to tape?

I am a firm Aushole. I read "Ask Ausiello" ( on religiously, every Wednesday. He has the most up-to-date scoop on my favorite shows and other information... he is who I look to first with all of the scoop with this writers' strike. He even dedicated a bunch of time to getting this:,0,7606966.htmlstory?coll=la-home-center, an awesome grid with what to expect from the shows, how long they will last without repeating episodes, etc. Take a look... it is well worth it!

As for television itself, we will be looking at a lot more reality shows if this keeps up! Not that I mind that. Like I said, I can "finally" catch up on things I've missed!

As for the reasons for the strike... the writers should get a piece of the DVD pie, not the pizza pie offered by our Desperate Housewife...

Toodles for now! lisa

Friday, November 2, 2007

All About Halloween 2007

Halloween prep started early this year during the summer. (We are trying to overcome procrastination... Yeah, right!) Costumes were decided on, fabric was purchased, and the construction of the garments was undertaken. At the beginning of October, we put up the decorations, but not all of them... As always, some stuff just never got done. But hey! At least I got the costumes made! Yay me! Stacy and Rey were "vampire fairies" and Marissa and Jake (my nephew, Josh's son) were Raggedy-Anne & Raggedy-Andy. I think they all turned out really good... (I'm gonna pat myself on the back, now... check it out for yourself in the scrapbook below.)
Happy Haunting 2007!
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The house (we only did the entry way and a couple of things tacked on the garage doors, and not much on the inside) looked eery, with all of the smoke from the fires. The moon was really weird, but beautiful. (This photo was taken on 10/26/07, courtesy of Mike Reid.) The fires smoked and lit up the sky, making everything take on an orange-y glow.
I actually got some other things made, this year! The ghosts in the scrapbook are at my mom's house... I didn't make mine... yet...
And these cute mummy hands (were a pain in the butt) are awaiting to be brushed with a brown-colored ink, to add a burn-ished look and grave-liness to them. So I accidentally gave my mummy two right hands! Ok, I'll fix them for next year. You can find this project in the "free projects" section of (Halloween).
I've certainly got a lot of ideas for next year. If you have ideas or patterns, feel free to e-mail them (or a link) to me! I really like looking at other stuff. (The same goes for Christmas ideas... it is coming... SOON!) I hope to put everything up next time... I don't think I'm purchasing anything at the after Halloween sales (Joann's and Michaels already have 70% off!!!), as I didn't use it all this year. Bummer!
But Halloween, itself, was slower than most. There weren't as many trick-or-treaters this year... Everyone I've talked to had much more candy left than last year and purchased about the same amount... There weren't as many houses giving out candy, either! Last year, there were more than a dozen houses participating around my mom's neighborhood. This year... 4!!! On the whole block! Including my mom's! Wow, what a change. But then again, there were lots of kids we saw who were skateboarding (and trick-or-treating) but not dressed up. Oh well...
I'll play more catch up later... Toodles for now! lisa

What Happened?!? (to me?)

I'm just like any one else... I often times get overwhelmed, sidetracked, or just straight LAZY! It could be that I just have too much to do, or it could be the fact that I feel old... I did turn 37 last month...

Well, my goal for November is to get back on track. This means, on track with my writing, my reading, my cleaning, my sewing, my making Christmas gifts, and my scrapping. Hmm... did I leave anything out? Oh well... it will come to me later. Is this too much to do? or to set goals for? Oh well... call me an overachiever! Hopefully, I can do it all, so don't consider me an underachiever! Lol! On with November!!!

We have Lupe (Mom-Lupe), Juan's mom's birthday today... on el Dia de los Muertos... she thinks it's creepy. I think it's kinda cool! Imagine. If your birthday was part of a huge celebration in your culture! Lots of food, partying, kind of like a Mardi Gras-style of festival (only in the festivities portion), with people dressing up in skeletons and "deadly" attire, foods specific to the occasion, with sweet breads, all in a tribute to the dead and their spirits. Even though the direct translation is "Day of the Dead," is is really an "All Souls Day." It is a day that brings spirits back to celebrate with their families. For more information, check this out... And then there's this site ( go through all of the photos (there're beautiful) of Mary Andrade as she tours you throught Mexico during el Dia de los Muertos...

Tomorrow is my sister, Jolene's birthday. She is turning the big 2-5, as she calls it and is having a big shabang in Las Vegas! Yeah! Partay city! Limo, Dom Perignon, dancing, the Luxor, lots of clubs, and lots of friends will be her weekend. Have a great time (and a safe trip)!
Time to get down to business... upload, and write again! I have so much to tell you! Toodles for now! lisa