Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mama's Losing It! Writing Prompts: "4.) Your pets least likable character trait."

We don't really keep pets in this household. For various reasons...

I have an issue with hair.  With myself and three girls having long blond hair (so some of us lighten it, big whoop...) and the hair falling out whenever and wherever, I really can't handle all of the hair around the house (and neither can my vacuum).  So, enter a cat or dog... Simply ick.  Don't get me wrong... I love animals, I would just have a massive coronary if hair floated into my kitchen or food or my craft room. (I use glue/adhesives and fluffy hair-attracting fabrics all the time.) I don't believe animal hair would be an additive that would be well-received.

I also have an issue with feces, POOP, that is.  It was hard enough for me to change children's diapers. I am a total gagger (if that even is a word), and the sight and/or smell of crap - no matter the source - sends me into fits of involuntarily air-vomiting. Another ick. So, simply put... You KNOW the kids aren't going to clean up after a pet (no matter how much they lead you to believe the contrary). Sure, they might do okay for a couple of days or even a week, but after that? Mom ends up picking up the slack, or someone steps in it, and then it is everywhere, including inside your house, on the carpet, etc.

And so... with all of my "issues"... We have fish.  We had a pretty full tank. And then they started dying... or so I thought. (This leads into the writing prompt... hee, hee!) We currently have two fish. And I'm not getting any more (until these two either die off or kill each other). Why? Because the other fish didn't die of their own accord... they were killed, and some were partially eaten! So... that being said, my pets' least likable character trait is... CANNIBALISM! Another ick to add to my issues.

These fish are African Cichlids. Ok, okay, alright... I know they are aggressive fish. BUT, I was told (by "experts" trying to sell me fish) that they are 1) territorial (so move things around when adding more fish); 2) aggressive (so add equal amounts of new fish to not single any fish out); and 3) they won't attach fish of same type and/or size.  This is W-R-O-N-G, people!

1) I totally got that. I re-arranged ALL of the plants, rocked, shells, hiding places... even gravel.

2) I had three fish and added three more (who ALL came from the same tank... so they were "used" to each other).

3) All of the fish purchased and blended were two inches long AND African Cichlids.

Guess what? I have two remaining fish. One is from the first batch, the other from the second batch. I had to dig for little fish bodies, because well... my fish are serial killers and HID the bodies (under a rock, in gravel, etc.) THEY ATE THEM, TOO! I feed these fish (and they eat what I feed them), but I guess that wasn't enough.

If I didn't believe in life (and saving money, too), I'd simply flush them down the toilet and send them to Little Fishy Heaven. I'm just biding my time, and waiting for them to duke it out. And next time, I won't count on a salesperson (no matter how expert he/she is!) to tell me all about the fishes of the sea (yeah, yeah... lake, river, stream... whatever).