Saturday, January 1, 2011

Before I hit the sack... Here's the 1st Give-Away of 2011!

My friend (Lisa) over at Designs by Papergrace Designs is doing a great give-away to break in 2011! Check it out by clicking the link or clicking HERE. Just so you know... she is awesome in everything she does, even having the awesome name that she has (*snicker*). I am very lucky to have her as a friend... I even made her Christmas Card list, and boy, oh boy! was it a ca-yutie patootie card!

I love her. Please... show her some love and leave comments. Peruse her sight and see the awesome work that I see. She is so talented... words cannot describe it, so look at her work. AND PLEASE! Leave a comment (or two or four) for her. Love is needed everywhere, and everyone needs to hear it a little now and then.

Thank you! And have a Happy 2011!

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Thanks for sharing the luv! Feel free to look around to other posts. I so appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Love to know you were here! Have a happy day!