Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Flying Times

Sunday night went too quickly. I guess with everything that happened this weekend, we were all exhausted. Sleep was nice. I fell asleep during Desperate Housewives and woke up for the last 10 minutes of Brothers & Sisters, so I can't tell you what happened, but you are more than welcome to fill me in, as I didn't tape it. Ugh!

Monday went quickly, too. Dropped the girls off in the morning with Stac thinkin' she was "oh so cute" in her new grey cord jacket (a find this weekend!). With the girls in school, and trying to get the dial-up to go quicker, I lost track of the morning. Buh-bye! Not sure what Miss Mo and I did, but hey! The time was certainly gone!

Oh yeah! Me, DH and Miss Mo went to McD's for lunch, so she could "play". That was fun, then off to Home Depot (one of my favorite stores)! However, we did not purchase anything. I went looking for other lavenders that I may not have, which they had none. And DH wanted to buy gopher traps, saying they would catch everything, included our family of squirrels. However, he told me I would be removing the little critters from the traps, to which I had to decline. So we left. I know he was trying to do well, but I didn't want to take care of that mess, especially since when I am usually out in the yard, Miss Mo is with me, too. Oh well. C'est la vie!

But the afternoon was spent talking to a good friend and scrapbooking. Then off to pick up the girls. Food, baths, then Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor (again I taped Drive... still haven't seen the 1st 2 episodes).

Dancing - don't know who's going home, but they all looked like they had a great time, especially with the group dance. Wish I was able to have that kind of fun, but I can't dance like that!

The Bachelor - Thank goodness Stephanie, South Carolina is finally gone. She was absolutely the most conceited person there and kept talking smack and thinking she was the only one with a "connection". Whatever. Good riddance.

Today was quite fun. Home Town Buffet is great for a kid who you never know what they are going to eat. Today Miss Mo picked Jello and chicken. I think she ate the cheese off the pizza and some plain spaghetti noodles, too. But the chocolate milk and the ice cream were her faves. She asked to go "home", which really means she just wants to leave. And so, we left, then she asked to go "this way", and then started yelling for Mickey and Minnie. OK... she thinks that "Minnie's House" is the Disney Store. So... guess where we went! But we got out of there for less than what I thought we would. They have a great sale going on. Lots of character shirts (including adult sizes) are $4.99. Lots of things are $4.99!!!! So GO!!! Then I went on with my regular day... pick up kids, tutoring, swimming... lucky me, I got home and DH wanted Papa John's! So, I don't have to cook! Hmmm... is this a sign??? Gotta go! Doorbell's ringing!

Toodles for now! lisa

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Busy Weekend

Friday night was fun! I went through more stuff to get more stuff to put in the MVAQ Fundraiser Yard Sale. I just had so much to give!!!
Also, on Friday, I started writing for Helium.com. They actually have some really interesting articles in there, some are done by great writers and some not. One of the wonderful things about it is articles are rated by fellow writers. You can win their weekly contests, based on the votes. So, if you would like to write, as well, please contact me, and I will send you an invite, as if you are "invited" by another writer, the writer gets moolah, as well. Either comment me or send me an e-mail. And thank you for doing that.

Went to bed really late, because I had so much to do. But, Saturday morning came (and SO early!)...

Up by 5:30 (early to me!). Snacks were packed, as well as swim bags, in case we didn't have time to come home. A great friend of mine showed up with her truck and we loaded it, and my van with stuff from my garage. Then off - to the Fundraiser.
I think we did really good recruiting. Remember if you'd like to join, just let me know. Or, you could also visit our website at http://www.mvaq.com/! It's a pretty good one, too. Kudos to Rick!

We did good selling, as well. On this day, we earned $250... not bad for donated items. Thank you to all that donated. I very much appreciate you all as friends.

Then, we were off! To the University of Redlands for the "BREAK OUT! Swim Clinic" sponsored by Mutual of Omaha that our Eastern Division Section of SCS hosted. This was really great. The kids all got to meet and get coached by an Olympic Gold Medalist, Josh Davis and his crew of excellent athletes, also Olympic Team members. (They weren't too bad on the eyes, either...)
The kids learned some really great techniques and were very inspired by the life stories the 3-some told. I'm sure it was fun to "race" the Olympians, as well. There were at least 300 kids there for the morning session (aged 4 - 11) and about the same amount for the afternoon session (12 an up).

Josh was awesome, at least I think so. However, I did disagree with some things. He is very faith-based, so his talk of Jesus, the Bible and One True God, didn't bother me. I'm not so sure his non-political correctness was great for all kids, though. He also had a slight "sex" talk with the older kids, informing them of STDs, trying to keep them more towards abstinence, so they could set goals and keep being focused. Yikes! My kids have already had the talk, except for Miss Mo, so it wasn't all that bad, but I certainly did not expect this. It also was not necessarily great to have this topic on a co-ed level. I'm not sure other parents were too happy about it. Josh gave us a "parent" talk before the afternoon clinic (together with the morning session's parents), but did not warn us of this topic to be discussed. Also, reading the literature that was passed out, I very much disagree with the idea to give children supplements to their diets. My kids' pediatrician would disagree, as well. But then at the same time, I'm not sure if all kids eat as nutritiously as mine do. But, I would think based on his literature, Josh does... so why the supplements? You can check out his website at http://www.joshdavis.com/.

Overall, the kids had a blast and were well-coached and inspired in a way "just" a coach or "just" a parent can't. Every kid needs a hero or someone who has been there. Josh and his team certainly delivered. It was a very worthwhile day for all.

I got some really great pics with my new camera... but... I'm only sharing one here, until I figure out how to load more into one blog post. If any of you out there can help... PLEASE! let me know. Thanks.

DSS was picked up that morning and ate dinner with us. But since I really wasn't home, I didn't get much visiting time, only the dinner talk where he told me the latest on his high school marching band. He's a pretty good drummer. Not at all bad for just learning at the beginning of high school. He made section leader this year and was also chosen for All District! Congrats!

DSD did not come, but was originally supposed to, as she called LATE Friday night and told her pops she "forgot" she had a party to go to. At 11:30 at night, she should've thought of that before. My poor DH misses his kids but doesn't want to be the bad guy in telling them the courteous thing to do. And she wonders why Miss Mo runs to the other girls when she comes. It's almost as if the SDS forgets about this family over here. I no longer worry about it and don't plan things around them anymore. It just stresses me out or upsets me to no end, so I do the best thing for me and my other daughters. Sorry.

Today was early, but not as bad. 5:30 for packing lunch DH, getting ready for Church, and getting ready to work the Fundraiser Yard Sale again. And off we went again!

Really nothing big happened... but, we did sell $50 more today, for a total of $300. Go, MVAQ! There were really good times between good friends. You really must think about joining our team (if you are local), as we all get along really well, and so do our kids. We even offer adult lap swimming, for those of you who are not competitive...

DH came back home as he found out he was awarded the rest of the week off. YEAH! I'll try to keep up the writing... we'll see. This week may be a little tougher. No promises...

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Toodles! lisa

Friday, April 20, 2007

Madame Picasso and other bits

Miss Mo didn't nap all day and finally fell asleep at 9:30pm. Whew! What a day with her. She was Miss Busy. She is only 2 and a couple of months, but she has got energy, spirit and tons of creativity. Miss Mo's going through a phase right now of drawing on ANYTHING blank she can find (thank goodness it's only paper) and making a masterpiece. She is a true believer that anything she creates should get all of the nods and praises and postings she deserves. And so... I've had to coach the other 2 DDs to praise her. It's really quite funny (and cute). In turn, she squints her eyes and nods knowingly with a little impish smile. There are now pieces of artwork by my bed (my DH asks, "What is this all about?" and I tell him, explaining how cute it really is), in my bathroom, on the hallway counter top, on the dining room table, and of course on the fridge. It's a miracle she hasn't figured out the laundry room has a bulletin board! This one is from her "Blue Period".

Thursday nights are hectic for me and television. And it doesn't get hectic until 10pm when 3 shows I like are all on at the same time; Shark, ER, and October Road.


Shark (James Woods) - very good learning lesson for his daughter (played by Danielle Panabaker), who is only in high school, but who has already been arrested for DUI and who he has caught with marijuana. He actually took her to a prison to meet someone that had 3 manslaughter charges against him for a DUI. The inmate explained him and his friends had gone to a party, smoked some pot, drank a little, had some fun... the next thing he new, he was on the sidewalk and had killed 2 people, the other one died in intensive care the following day. Now the inmate will get out in a couple of years, but he will never forget the lives he took, and without thinking. Good job! I hope that sends a lot more messages out there. Overall the rest of the show was pretty good. But that was the highlight for me, as I really felt it.

ER - How sad is that? Sarah wants to stay with Gage, even though the test results came back as him not being her father. The poor man who is elderly and an Alzheimer's victim loses his son to congenital heart failure, but doesn't remember, even though he told many times. Kudos to Dr. Kovac for the words, "I'm sure he'll find a way." (In reference for the son going to see him.) And Sam kicks a cops butt (or knee, rather and now she might have a dating prospect)! Rock on!

October Road - and I thought Hannah was finally going to tell Nick he was Sam's father. At least Sam is OK and Hannah finally found out that Nick did think about her and miss her. I really felt bad for the Recluse. Pizza girl didn't even want to listen to him and didn't give him a second chance. Gotta admit... I kind of thought her story was bogus, at first. I thought maybe she was trying to get Recluse out. Big Cat is such a JERK!!!! OK, next-to-end scene made me cry when the grown-up Nick ran into his father's arms and hugged him.

Grey's Anatomy - Derek, Derek, how could you even say that about Meredith? "I came here to be Chief. Meredith complicates that." You scrounge! As for Izzy and George... this was back to the innocent really good friends thing. Good for you, George to run to Izzy's side; Cali just needs to understand a little better. And I love Mare Winningham as Meredith's "fake mommy." I'm glad Ms. Grey finally came to terms about it. Christina chased off the cardio guy, and maybe she'll go back to her old, less touchy-feely ways, or maybe not... hmm... The saddest part (Izzy's daughter's leukemia was sad, too, yes) was Jane Doe "Eva". Her parents came to claim her, got all of the confirmations, then the mother says, "NO." Poor "Eva". She so wants to belong somewhere. It's not her fault the accident and amnesia have changed her personality as well...

Ugly Betty - All I can say is GROSS! The girls and I all about chugged when Vanessa Williams put her feet into those fish and said, "My, they're a little hungry!" YUCK! There is no way I will try that avenue for a pedicure. I don't care how soft it gets my feet! And poor Betty. With no friends, and Daniel even turning against her. Even he told her once she clocks out, they are out of the office, then tries to call her for help. Uh... HELLO! Until about a month ago, he had her working 24/7. When did this change? And her poor poppy and his deranged social worker. I feel for her. Good for him to take the memorable "wedding" picture and not press charges.

The only thing I see on tonight that looks good is Raines. Jeff Goldblume is definitely a weirdo!

The day is rather dreary here, although it's supposed to be decent tomorrow and storm away on Sunday. At least we'll have one good day for the yard sale! Don't forget it's a fundraiser for MVAQ! Go Manta Rays! If you need the info, check yesterday's post. Hope to see you there! Toodles! lisa

Thursday, April 19, 2007

You Can Help Our Team Grow!

In order to get some more exposure to our little swim team, who by the way is growing, we are going to be part of the SunnyMead Ranch garage sale weekend. This is to get our name out, do some recruiting and get rid or unwanted things in your home.

Where are we selling? The Smith’s (of our team) have donated their home for us, please drop off anything you wish to donate, Saturday Morning, between 6 and 7 am. Or you can always browse and buy. All proceeds go to the team. Anything that does not sell will be donated or you can it pick on Sunday afternoon.

Comment me or e-mail me for the address, and I will be sure to give it to you!

My 3 DDs and I will be there in the morning on both days. Hope to see you there!

Come swim with us and join the fun! We have many levels available from “Learn to Swim” to Senior Level. Kids ages 4 and up can join! Even adults! Yes you, too can swim while your child practices and get or stay in shape. For adults, we offer Master Swimming (coached) and individual Adult Lap Swim. Swimming is a year-round sport.

Practices are Monday – Friday between 5pm and 7pm (contact me for actual location). Dues range based on age and swimming ability.

We are a Non profit club affiliate of USA Swimming, Inc. Swimming is an individual sport, allowing each child to grow at their own rate and level. Your monthly dues provide professional coaching for your child, helping to make this happen.

For more info, feel free to contact me or post a comment and I'll get back to you. Hope to see you at the pool! Walk-ins are welcome, too! Toodles! lisa

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tuesday's Trials and Errors

Well now. After having done a lot of research about those darned squirrels of mine, I had a thought! I invited some dogs to come over (but I told me friend she could come, too)! And so a couple of my friends and their canine creatures came. We let them run around, urinate... put their two scents everywhere. This (I was hoping) would repel the smaller critters. Well, it worked until just 5 minutes ago. We'll probably have to do this more often.

That's fine with me! I enjoy the wine and the company. (By the way, the middle DD made a GREAT dinner! Thanks Rey!) My girls thought I probably enjoyed the wine a little too much, as they didn't even think I should answer the phone... lol! Yes, well, we all know how teenagers are and how they can be. They are the superior generation (whatever!).

Friends are great to have and great to eat with and great to talk to and great... Needless to say, we all had a great time. Even one of "sick" DDs seemed to miraculously get "better".

You would never have known she was "sick" earlier. I had to stop them playing with the ball, however, as I could only envision it being kicked into the air to hit my orange tree with all of its recently pollinated buds. (This is how I got zero oranges last season!). I have a hard enough time with the squirrels... don't need a teenager/ball problem as well.


For those of you who know me, you know I like television after 8p.m. So, Monday night, was Dancing with the Stars and the Bachelor (only watched a couple of minutes... gotta watch the tape). I taped Drive, but haven't watched that because I haven't watched the 2-hour premiere of it yet (taped on Sunday).

Dancing: Hats off to Heather Mills for her grace and tact! That woman can pull it off and smile about her disability! Too bad Clyde (sp?) seems to not have a lot of rhythm. (He is the one who got kicked off.) Otherwise, Antonio (ooh... can we say "hottie"?) and Juliette are rip-roaring awesome! Joey and Kym did well, also. It was cool the way they got the audience involved in the dance at the beginning and at the end.

Tuesday night - saw Dancing but was way too busy to watch the re-cap show, and did manage to throw in some tapes for American Idol, House, and re-cap show. Boston Legal was not on, due to a special on Virginia Tech - let's just hope that the anti-gun crowd doesn't hop on another soap box all the way over here, as Virginia is the area that needs the laws. From what I understand, they have the most lenient gun laws around. Fix that!

I already told you who went home on Dancing... bye Clyde. He is an extremely good sport and nothing bad to say. Kudos!

This morning has been a little bit of recovery (cotton mouth) and a fiasco at the dentist's office. I'll just have to wait a little longer, I guess.

Oh well. Now I'm making taco soup and corn bread for dinner (DH's lunch, but dinner for the rest of us). One of DDs is having her braces tightened, so this is pretty soft and still very nutritious. Getting dinner made much earlier works better for us, as the girls have swimming tonight. Schedules are pretty full here. I know, I know. I stay home. What could I possibly have to do? Hmmm... let's rethink that question.

You'll have to wait for reviews and news, as I'm not quite ready yet (gotta watch it, first.) I'm planning on running out to plant some shallots and garlic really quick, though before the garlic spoils. Toodles! lisa

Monday, April 16, 2007

My New Adventure-The Beginning of My Blog and Intro

Hello to all my old friends, new friends, and futures.

This is not a gossip area, but a place where I can tell you all about what we (anyone around me and mine) are up to... and what wonderful things I've found that you might (or might not) be interested in. So, if you truly don't want anything about you... let me know. However, please understand I would never post private things about anyone. Should I write about something, names and certain details would be changed enough to give it fictitious character... (Hmm... maybe I should write a book!) Please feel free to comment, ask questions or offer something you would like to see posted.

I will show you the world from my eyes and share with you many things, including my most recent artwork, whether it be from sewing, needlework, scrapping, various other crafts, or even food. I might also show you stuff from fellow friends or even the kids (the Little Rascals themselves).

Somethings from my world are awesome deals! Sometimes I find freebies or contests that are SO worth it! Sometimes I might find something that is totally horrible, as well. I'm willing to share it all!

First, let me start by telling you (or reminding you) about me and mine...

We are a blended family, both culturally and with the previous marriage issues. There are a total of seven of us (YIKES!), and we will NOT be adding any more. There is Senior Juan (my DH - darling husband), Junior Juan (my DSS - my darling stepson), Nay-Nay (my DSD- darling stepdaughter), Stac - pronounced "stack" (my DD - darling daughter), Rey-Rey (my DD - darling daughter), and Moe (my DD - darling daughter). The kids age range is from 18 years to the youngest being 2. And so... we have many issues, very often. 2 kids do not live with us, but 3 do, so our household is very busy.

I work from home (if you could call it that). I try to find inexpensive, cheap, and sometimes even free ways to make it all work. If you want mystery shopping sites, let me know! I can and do almost anything (except keep my mouth shut!). Currently, I am working on clearing out all of the dead stuff from our winter frost (didn't know they had THAT in So Cal!), so that my yard and garden don't look so yucky. I'm also trying to repel the little critters known as the California Ground Squirrels... collecting dog hair, so if you live nearby, save yours for me, PLEASE! I am also working on Spring Cleaning and getting my projects on track. What a plateful, huh? So, I will probably be posting tips and hints I find as I go along, as well! (One wonderful site is flylady.com! She helps me through a lot! I'll talk about her later.)

My DH works a lot! He almost kills himself trying to make sure things are taken care of in our household. I pay some things, but he pretty much covers the rest. And in turn, he is spoiled. What a wonderful reward system!!! His family (hello to all of you!) is very large and therefore, brings lots of drama to our life. Anyway, maybe you'll hear more of it later.

Anyway, I'm really trying to start writing again, as this is something I blocked for so long. Time to let it all flow... therapy in a way! Toodles for now! (and thank you for reading!) lisa