Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thinking about Next Christmas Already?

I am. I already began my Christmas shopping for next year yesterday. I braved the crowds of after-Christmas shoppers at Walmart. Yeah, me! I got a huge amount of stuff (at least I thought so...) for next Christmas, including stocking stuffers, which are always quick to get expensive.

But... for those of you who are always being asked what you want for Christmas... I found this handy little universal button from Amazon! supplied by a wonderful person on FrugalScrappersYahoo Group. You add this button to your browser tool bar and everytime you are on a site that has an item you want... you click "Add to My Wish List" and it stores the site to your Amazon wish list with the item! Loved ones can get your wish list and find the things you've been wishing for. What a great little tool! Now I only wish... that each person I gift to would get one of these handy little buttons!

To get yours... simply click on the link and move the little button to your toolbar! It's that simple. Here ya go! Click on Link

Friday, December 25, 2009

Been a While, but HEY! Merry Christmas!!!

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