Friday, January 20, 2017

A Year of Card Techniques - (January - Shaving Cream Marbleizing)

Welcome to a Year of Card Techniques (2017)! We are starting out the New Year "clean!" (Shaving cream is a cleaner... ya know!)

Actually... "Hold up. Wait a minute! Let us put [shaving cream] in it!" And if you, too... are a child of the 80's, then you know I'm kinda still there! You should have arrived here from Kim (because she always does a grip of wonderful things! But if... you just happened here, for the heck of it or because it just "came up in a random Google search" or some other reason... You could benefit quite a bit if you start at the beginning, which is Theresa!

This month, we're "playing" a little more... Get your fingers ready for fun, it's January/Shaving Cream Marbleizing!

If you are having a problem imagining that... check out these videos... 
(and there's so much more!!!)
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So... I love messes. Yes... I do! I love messes SOOO much, I can barely walk into my craft room... Hence the reason why all these pics are taken at my kitchen table... This project is ULTRA messy! (and OOOOHHHH! So! Fun!!!!!) I loved it so much, I kept playing... But, let's get to the beginning of my wonderfully creamy adventure...

Oh! And... I apologize ahead of time for the "shady" photos... We (in Southern California) have FINALLY been having lots and lots of rain. So... I just enjoy it and have been sticking with natural lighting for the most part. Whoopsie!
I began with the supplies listed/shown on the videos. I used a tiny bit of food coloring (on the blues) and the rest I used acrylics. Ahem... most of the videos used a ruler to smooth out the shaving cream. Whelpers... I used the flat side of a bread knife. Works for me! Smoothed that shaving cream out really well... and here ya have the end result, as well... I just might use it AGAIN!
What happens in my kitchen stays in my kitchen... am I right? Except when I share it with all of you, here... Soo... Note to Self... Um... take the cap off the shaving cream before you frustrate yourself again...
The above is blue food coloring only. I felt the "blobs" were a heck of a lot more than drops and had less control... and so, I switched to acrylic paint for my color. This one is on white cardstock. (The shaving cream design on top, end result on the bottom... the same for the remaining 2-shot pics just in case you needed help figuring it out..  No judgment here.)
I used the leftover blue food coloring (that was ALREADY on the shaving cream), smoothed it out, and added drops of light blue acrylic paint. This one is on watercolor paper. L-O-V-E it!!!!
Oooh! Ahhh! and this one... is done on craft cardstock... (my forever fave cardstock...) however, I don't remember which creamy concoction it is... lmbo!!!!
And then... a thought struck me! OMG, Becky! "look at her butt!!!" (and really... my name is Lisa... and even when I talk to myself which I do often I still call myself, "Lisa...") I told myself, "Lisa!!! Theresa picked a PINK marbled title button!!!! Duh, girl!!! You know what to do!" Don't ya'll just have these same kind of convos with yourselves all the time, too????

And... YUP! I started my VALENTINE'S DAY cards... with acrylic (and different shades and different papers...) Above, we have a pretty red heart, with the lines pulled out into a swirly ruffle... done on craft cardstock... I put the shape in myself, as some of those videos showed stencils... and A) I really didn't want to clean anything else and B) I really didn't want to try to find any stencils, much less make my own this time around and C) I was already in the "zone" and didn't want to disrupt my creative juices flowing, because sometimes it's so hard to get them going... and uh... I've been a little dormant, as of late.
And then we have a lighter version of a heart done on black cardstock (advice to myself? um... Let the paint/shaving cream combo dry A LOT longer before scraping... still looks pretty, though!)
And then... I did a SUPER swirly dark/light pink heart on watercolor paper (I think it's my favorite...!)
And it was such my fave... it got mounted on a light pink color base, after cropping all the corners of the cardfront and base with the We R Memory Keeps Crop-a-Dile for the "Photo." I love that finish. And for once... I don't believe it needs anything more... of course, I'll put a sentiment inside.

The other fronts will make it, as well, in time. I really didn't want to make this post super excruciatingly long for you all to have to scroll through...

Seriously... this is a MUST play with this. I will keep doing it FOREVER!!!! I had THAT much fun! Had to keep telling my kid to go away...

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Up next is the wonderfully marbelized marvelous... Claudia (who is probably pretty marbled/stained, like I am right now...)

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Friday, January 13, 2017

What a Bunch of Characters (Blog Hop)

Welcome to the 
What a Bunch of Characters Blog Hop
Thank you for joining us for a super magical blog hop themed all around Mickey Mouse and his friends at the Magic Kingdom! These talented crafters have created all sorts of projects to inspire you and share the fun of Disney's lovable Characters!

 You should have arrived from Christi!! If you just happened upon this spectacular hop, Connie Can Crop is the first stop in this hop. 

This is a one day blog hop, but you have until Sunday to finish hopping and leaving your comments for all of these amazing crafters.

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Zippity-doo-da! Zippity-Ay! My, oh My... What a wonderful Day! Plenty of sunshine...

Um... it's been raining and snowing EVERYWHERE, even here in "Sunny" Southern California! and I'm only about an hour away from Disneyland!!!

Anyway... We've needed the rain SO bad, so really... I'm pretty glad (plus I love SOUP, and it's totally that kind of weather!)...


Back to my post... ahem... So... I still can't find my cord (for my Cricut Explore [either one of them] from back in NOVEMBER) so I'm doing a blast from the past... totally still Disney related!!!
Way Back in 2012 it wasn't THAT long ago, We took a little trip (only an hour away...). To Disneyland! Marissa wanted ALL of the Disney Princess Autographs and hell if I was paying their high prices for autograph books... So, I took the Mickey head and input the word "Disney" and the year (from the Mickey Font). I welded the year together... but was careful not to weld anything else...
This, my friends... is a cardstock-covered double cereal box concoction! Yes! You say THAT fast 5-6 times...
I even made sure I lined the inside and signed it... Maybe I should've signed it "Mom" but I didn't... obviously...
I used the We R Memory Keepers Bind-It-All. (It really, REALLY does!) I've had it for years and love it.
The characters loved it, too! Here are two special signatures she got that day... those lines are WAY longer than anyone really wants to stand in, so that's mostly what we did that day...
Can YOU figure out whose beautiful script this is?

As you can see... I've been a repurposer and "responsible crafter for years now... Yes... I'm totally rationalizing my hoarding and my expensive habits... Don't judge, Judy! No matter what, I'll always be a recycler, too. Again... rationalizing my pack-rat habits and saving everything habits...  One day, I'll even get those pictures in there, too! I just have to locate them, first...

 Up next is Sarah! Where she'll splash a little more Disney Magic on YOU!
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