Friday, July 27, 2012

Paper Hoarders DT: Sunglasses/Bright Challenge

Gosh... summer is flying by. Ouch. And I haven't done much, if anything of what I'd goaled to do. Huh. Go figure.

Anywho... the challenge today over at the Paper Hoarders was to make something sunglass-y and/or bright. I chose... the sun! He's a bright ball of fun. Put on your sunglasses, ma peeps, as it's gonna be a bright one today!

Spellbinders dies in 2 sizes, off set, then backing of a larger dotted circle and front of a circle, too (Cricut cuts, ya know!). Thought I'd make him into a tag, so I could utilize this bright orange ribbon that I've been hoarding (Ribbon Hoarders... come and find me!)

Then I layered them all, stamped his cutesy-pie face with a Peach Keen Stamp, highlighted with chalk (the cheeks) and Stickles and called it a day then stamped the back with a bunch of journaling lines to make the tag a little more purposeful. Gotta love it!

You, too, can join the challenge. Please visit Miss Tanya's blog, and there will be ALL the links for everyone else, too! Schmooz through and enjoy a cool drink while you experience the bright talent of all these wonderful crafters!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sewing Machine Day (Paper Hoarders DT Post)

I know that YOU know today is Friday - the 13th, but in my world, there is no such thing as a bad-luck-day, so... now that you've got that into your head... moving on!

Over at Paper Hoarders, we're celebrating the invention of the sewing machine, because it was "invented" sometime around this time (maybe in France, after the first "working" model in England?) somewhere in the 1830's. (Wikipedia and other sources seem to lack in the fine details, so again... moving on...) So, we were to utilize stitching in our project.

But guess what? This time, I didn't make a layout. I didn't make a card. "Gasp!" you say? I know, huh!

I made a 6x6" mini album for my daughter. We were going to Disneyland, and she wanted an autograph album... little did I know that she actually wanted to stand in ALL OF THE CHARACTER LINES for hours... EEK!
I did some other "firsts", too. I actually used my BIA (Bind-It-All) machine, by Zutter. Um... I've had it for quite some time, and was kind of afraid of it. So, I just let it sit in my collection. But hey... I pulled it out and read through... and tried it. The pages are a little uneven, so I'll have to figure that out at a later date, but it was good for now.
The inside cover(s) were "finished". A larger piece of cardstock (red) was cut at the corners and folded over chipboard (AKA: cereal box - I am a frugal and recycling mama afterall...), then a smaller piece of cardstock (light gray) was adhered to cover the tabs. Woohoo!

As for the design, whelpers, we were going to Disneyland. and so. a little bit of Disney needed to be added. The Mickey Ears and Disney AND 2012 were cut from Mickey & Friends Font with the Cricut, then stitched (from the underside so that I could semi-follow a line I drew without screwing up the front...), then adhered to the front cover. I had to make sure I glue down the little pieces that fit in the letters and numbers, too, as then it didn't quite look so authentic.

Many, many pages were put in, some light pink (for the girls) and some light green (for the boys) and some yellow (for ?). (Side note: Marissa helped a little... did ya catch that?) She seemed to think we had to get all the pages signed, but... Mom (me) had an ultimate goal... to make this her Disneyland trip album. (hahaha! Multi-purpose!!! Woohoo!)

And so... now we just have to print photos, and deco the pages (I didn't want them deco'd or glittered just in case we lost it or it got icked-up during the day). But all in all, she had a wonderful day, and she was a happy camper!

She even got to meet wait in line for over an hour for her favorite princess, Rapunzel (from Tangled).

So now... if you'd like to see more stitches and our wonderful DT's other projects, please visit Miss Tanya at  her wonderful blog, where we're ALL shown. Woohoo! Have yourself a wonderful day, while I rest my poor feet.