Friday, December 17, 2010

Josh's Journey, Sharing His Road to A New Life Through Weightloss

My family has a history of obesity. As much as I'd like to deny it, I am "obese", at least by medical standards. It's really hard to talk about, and it's even harder to do something about. I would just rather consider myself "fat" and move on and do nothing about it, as I'm really not that motivated to do so.

Sure, my clothes get tight now and then, and I prefer to wear sweats, but hey! It's comfortable. And I've had no health problems yet. According to my insurance (Kaiser Permanente), in order to get "help" (other than a nutritionist), I would need to gain 75-100 pounds to qualify for the lap-band and even more to qualify for gastric by-pass.  I realize some people think these are extreme measures, but when you have almost no control, you NEED this to reign you back in.

Enough about me. Today's post is about my brother. Josh. He has suffered through weight issues his whole life. And now, he is doing something about it. It's not because he can't diet. He can. He has tried. As it turns out, he had other health issues that were unknown to him (or anybody else for that matter), and now this is what the doctor ordered.

The Monday after Thanksgiving, Josh went through gastric by-pass surgery. He has had to give up some favorite foods, but when your goal is to live, rather than die, it doesn't seem such a sacrifice, does it? Anyway, I'm not the one who should be telling this story. It is his to tell, and he does...

The following video is his fourth. But he tells it honestly; he has nothing to hide.

If you would like to follow his journey, please check out his other videos and subscribe to his YouTube channel. Comment on his videos, as well. We all know.. the more support, the better the result. And Josh, like most of us, needs all the support he can get. I'm there for him, too! This, more than anything, would be the ultimate Christmas gift to my brother. I know we can all join in and wish him... Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year (and a Wonderful New Life)!

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