Friday, October 26, 2012

Marissa's School is having a fundraiser... Woohoo!

Marissa's school (Moreno Elementary) is doing their annual fundraiser. If you need some gifts, wrapping, decos for the holidays, something for your pet... or something for yourself, please check this out! Be sure to order from the link, so that she and her school get the credit. Thanks in advance, and as always... no pressure...

Please help our school's fundraiser: MORENO PTA is having a fundraiser. You can shop online at Students First! website...
Thank you for your support.

If the link above does not work, please use the following link and enter the student ID: mre2476 at:

Marissa and her fellow students and school thank you from the bottom of their heart!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Lapse in Time... A Brief Re-cap of a Little Bit of September (and August, too!)

Whenever there aren't challenges on a DT, I usually lapse... totally. And I know it. I need a challenge. I need motivation. I need to "have to" do something. Yeah, sure... there are tons of challenges out there that I "can" do... but none that I "have to". And so... I tell myself, "Self... you are going to do some challenges and post them. Or post something you've been doing already." And I promise My Self, and My Self gets disappointed  AGAIN...

So, this morning, instead of playing games on my phone (oh... Songpop, how I adore thee... and WWF and WordFeud, and Scrabble, and...), I'll take a couple of minutes to quickly blurb about projects I've been working on since August, and even some during the month of August (besides the last post... lol!). I have been quite busy and quite lazy, all at the same time... as you'll see...

First up... I WON A SILHOUETTE CAMEO!!!! (I want to thank Kim Dennon at Today's Creative Blog and Silhouette America. You guys rock!) I won this back in August, but... haven't put it to use yet. Don't get your panties in a bunch... Yes, you heard that right. I was SOOOO excited, I didn't read anything and popped the program cd into my laptop (acause that was what I was going to hook it up to, right?) and it didn't work (the program). So... I read the instructions/requirements, and yeah. My laptop is a dinosaur. It is NOT compatible with the software (runs Windows Me, not XP or higher...), and my pc is WAY too far from the craftroom, and I cannot put a cutting machine (even for one use... because we all "know" it would stay there... I mean... who are we kidding here...) out in the family room where the pc is. And so... I'm now saving up for a newer laptop. I could've gotten it on credit... but... I'm still subbing (READ: not stable) and I just got laid off my regular house-cleaning job (READ: hardly any income), so, I'm SOOO glad I didn't do that. In time, people... and I will be sure to post what I create and make when I do. In the meantime, it sits prettily in its box, in the craftroom, and I drool over all those blogs that use true fonts and svgs...

Onward and upward. ****Oh! Hold that thought... I'm just going to post a little bit of September (because it's a whole lotta something) and then peel my way away from here.

September. First off, since we got Sea World San Diego passes, we've been there every weekend that I didn't have a meet or something else. Marissa LOVES it, and so do I... (Juan... not so sure. He doesn't get enthusiastic about much... he's getting o.l.d.!)

Then... we went to a wedding. Anyone who knows me (do you?) knows that I rarely give "just" a gift. I usually make some portion of it, and ALWAYS the card... Here's what I did... (please note that I didn't rotate the pics... blogger stuff was acting stupid, and I lost my patience and didn't want to take the time... ugh!)

Get it? Good. I left the wrapping on the frame and just did temporary adhesive (in case they wanted to return it...). But... each frame set is good for the frame, and they could replace them as they wanted to with pics of their own.

I'd give more details but... the pics I took on the phone apparently aren't compatible now that iPhone did the upgrade thingy... pics that loaded before will not load now. Go figure. Anything to make our lives more difficult instead of easier... ugh.

And here's the pics of the card:

And the inside (I just L-O-V-E all vellum, especially the pretty printed stuff!):

*if you can't read it... it says:

On this special day,
You walked down the aisle;
You did it with grace;
You did it with style.

You shared your love
With everyone;
You bound your souls
In front of the Son.

You did it together
For all to see;
To share and enjoy
An event so happy.

We love you!

Awww... isn't that special? Lol! (btw... that sentiment/poem/whatever you want to call it IS copyrighted. Please do not use it. It was custom-made for Efren and Diana Ramirez by ME!

And moving on to the packaging, because I just love pretty wrappings (and wired ribbon!!!):

What? You want pics of the WEDDING, too? See? I can read minds... Here ya go!

and Marissa was a flower girl... her first ever. She was so excited (and nervous, too!)

(ah... the Mass was in Spanish, so she was also a little confused... hee, hee...)

and here we all are... (I was SOOO not ready for photo opps... oh well...) and dang! look at that bubble butt! gotta get working out again... ack!

I will be back on sometime this week to play a little more catchup. (no... not the red stuff made from tomatoes, sugar and vinegar...). But, leave me a little little love and tell me what you think! Thanks for stopping by...

Friday, August 31, 2012

ACTION!: Paper Hoarders DT Challenge

This week's Design Team Challenge over at the Paper Hoarders is ACTION! Meaning... it's gotta move. And I "do" move. So, I'll catch briefly catch you up to see what I've been working on...

Whew! It's been busy. School started here a couple of weeks ago (as seen in a previous post...), and I've been workin' it. Besides my normal everyday volunteer work (in the Kinder classes, 1st and now 2nd grades), I've been working-working as an assistant in the RSP program at another school.

And I'm having a blast!

On the first day of school, I walked into a fairly large classroom, with {gasp!!!} blank bulletin boards. My new teacher let me know that I could give her my ideas, and she'd let me know. [oh yeah!!! crafter's dream!!!!] She told me what type of boards we would need (1st, 2nd and 3rd grade ELA themes [for their current stories], Comprehension, Reading, Fluency Goals, and Math). So I set to work researching on the internet. (I'd never done those type of things before, but you know me... a challenge is a challenge, and I kinda L-O-V-E those!

eHow was a great tool... there I found a couple of ideas incorporating comprehension and some with vocabulary goals. So... I thought of combining it all, and making more up as I went, and instead of individual boards... um... making an OCEAN! Here's my crediting linkage. (Much thanks to Erin Schreiner, the author! I took her "Swimming through Comprehension" board and RAN with it!)

 I love interactivity. I arouses the mind and makes kids have fun learning. So... on eHow, I saw vocab words written down and each student as a fish swimming past these [goals]. OK. Only... we'd have each student as a fish and swim UP towards their goals in percentages (I still have to write the percentages... oopsie!)

And here's a little closer up... the percentage (of their goals) will be written on the seaweed to to the left of the chart. The different colored fishies here represent the different grades (so the students can find themselves easier). Please note... no one has moved up yet, because we're just starting the program and no one has been tested towards their goals this year.

Then we'll move onto the comprehension/theme side of things, entitled: What Does it all Mean? (how appropriate, right?)

And here, I separated the themes into the various grades...
With the titles of each of their themes... then I created a tissue paper "bubble", stapled laminated paper to it, so I could attach a current passage/story summary on each.

Then I added a passage/story summary...
The surrounding fish are laminated (so the Expo marker can be changed...) and written with either a vocabulary word or question related to the passage/story.
If you notice, they are stapled at the top and creased, so they fold up...
To reveal the definition (if a vocab word) or the answer!

As the stories change, so can our bulletin boards, without having to completely re-do them!

The same concept is done with the Math board... only these guys have googly-eyes, as their questions didn't take up so much room!
I'll incorporate more fish with questions and answers as we get beyond the previous year's review...

And then my favorite... the Island of Reading...
The cuts say "Journey", "Escape", "Dream", and "READ".

It's a work in progress, and I hope to get more fish shapes in there, but I'm on a time crunch and do have to work with the kids still, so there's really not much time for me to play with the boards, but... it's enough for Back-to-School night next week, so there we are.

I was trying to make a card earlier today, but it didn't turn out and still isn't turning out at this late hour (it's after midnight), so... this is action for today! Hopefully after hubby's vacation next week, I'll have time to figure out the dang moving card (the dimensions JUST were NOT working for me! and not letting it do what I thought it would do... ugh!).

But, in the meantime, please check out Ms. Tanya's blog, where all the other Design Team members have their work and links posted. Please be sure to give them some love, as you know... we all need it. And don't forget... you can join in the challenge, too! If you do, please be sure to leave me a link, so I can stop by and share some love, too!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my simple pleasures with me. I appreciate it. and YOU have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day Back

I can't believe our summer is over! Here's the first day of school, which was yesterday... Doesn't she look bored already?

After school, we went and cooled of fat the movie theater to see STEP UP REVOLUTION. Fantastic dancing and awesome artistry! Then off to get a new outfit!

The day was over quickly, and thank goodness she loves her new teacher. She's our little Diva... well... the youngest Diva in the family...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Paper Hoarders DT: Lazy Day...

Exactly! That's what I'm talking about. And today, our "challenge" (if you really wanna call it that... lol!) was Lazy Day... something that had to be made in under an hour!

Easy Peasy!

I picked up these cute little mini composition books at Walgreens 6/$1, then cashed in my bucks, and they came out FREEEEEE!

Then I simply used scrap and extra paper I already had, trimmed around the edge (leaving a little to overlap the cover, atg-ed it, and VOILA! (I actually did 4 in 20 minutes!) I made a couple of Christmas ones, too... to carry my gift journal wherever I go...

Join in and visit our other gals at Tanya's blog! Have a great time, and make it a lazy day! (I did!!!)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Paper Hoarders DT: Sunglasses/Bright Challenge

Gosh... summer is flying by. Ouch. And I haven't done much, if anything of what I'd goaled to do. Huh. Go figure.

Anywho... the challenge today over at the Paper Hoarders was to make something sunglass-y and/or bright. I chose... the sun! He's a bright ball of fun. Put on your sunglasses, ma peeps, as it's gonna be a bright one today!

Spellbinders dies in 2 sizes, off set, then backing of a larger dotted circle and front of a circle, too (Cricut cuts, ya know!). Thought I'd make him into a tag, so I could utilize this bright orange ribbon that I've been hoarding (Ribbon Hoarders... come and find me!)

Then I layered them all, stamped his cutesy-pie face with a Peach Keen Stamp, highlighted with chalk (the cheeks) and Stickles and called it a day then stamped the back with a bunch of journaling lines to make the tag a little more purposeful. Gotta love it!

You, too, can join the challenge. Please visit Miss Tanya's blog, and there will be ALL the links for everyone else, too! Schmooz through and enjoy a cool drink while you experience the bright talent of all these wonderful crafters!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sewing Machine Day (Paper Hoarders DT Post)

I know that YOU know today is Friday - the 13th, but in my world, there is no such thing as a bad-luck-day, so... now that you've got that into your head... moving on!

Over at Paper Hoarders, we're celebrating the invention of the sewing machine, because it was "invented" sometime around this time (maybe in France, after the first "working" model in England?) somewhere in the 1830's. (Wikipedia and other sources seem to lack in the fine details, so again... moving on...) So, we were to utilize stitching in our project.

But guess what? This time, I didn't make a layout. I didn't make a card. "Gasp!" you say? I know, huh!

I made a 6x6" mini album for my daughter. We were going to Disneyland, and she wanted an autograph album... little did I know that she actually wanted to stand in ALL OF THE CHARACTER LINES for hours... EEK!
I did some other "firsts", too. I actually used my BIA (Bind-It-All) machine, by Zutter. Um... I've had it for quite some time, and was kind of afraid of it. So, I just let it sit in my collection. But hey... I pulled it out and read through... and tried it. The pages are a little uneven, so I'll have to figure that out at a later date, but it was good for now.
The inside cover(s) were "finished". A larger piece of cardstock (red) was cut at the corners and folded over chipboard (AKA: cereal box - I am a frugal and recycling mama afterall...), then a smaller piece of cardstock (light gray) was adhered to cover the tabs. Woohoo!

As for the design, whelpers, we were going to Disneyland. and so. a little bit of Disney needed to be added. The Mickey Ears and Disney AND 2012 were cut from Mickey & Friends Font with the Cricut, then stitched (from the underside so that I could semi-follow a line I drew without screwing up the front...), then adhered to the front cover. I had to make sure I glue down the little pieces that fit in the letters and numbers, too, as then it didn't quite look so authentic.

Many, many pages were put in, some light pink (for the girls) and some light green (for the boys) and some yellow (for ?). (Side note: Marissa helped a little... did ya catch that?) She seemed to think we had to get all the pages signed, but... Mom (me) had an ultimate goal... to make this her Disneyland trip album. (hahaha! Multi-purpose!!! Woohoo!)

And so... now we just have to print photos, and deco the pages (I didn't want them deco'd or glittered just in case we lost it or it got icked-up during the day). But all in all, she had a wonderful day, and she was a happy camper!

She even got to meet wait in line for over an hour for her favorite princess, Rapunzel (from Tangled).

So now... if you'd like to see more stitches and our wonderful DT's other projects, please visit Miss Tanya at  her wonderful blog, where we're ALL shown. Woohoo! Have yourself a wonderful day, while I rest my poor feet.