Sunday, September 28, 2008

Who Needs Inspiration? Not Me!

I do... and I don't... My problem is... I get so many ideas, that I just get jam-packed and can't even focus on one. That is a problem. However, when I'm set to task, I pretty much get down to business, but now the other problem is time.

We had a virtual crop at Scrapbook BINGO! this month. Did I get anything done? Nope... I had tons of ideas, but too much in brain to even know where to begin. Plus... I didn't have any photos that wanted to go with those ideas (I only had old photos that I currently don't want to scrap!), as I hadn't had them printed, didn't have the time to upload them (or "fix" them for that matter), and didn't have the bucks to do it with. I know old pics would have solved that dilemma, but I didn't even want to go there. I wanted "fresh!"

I know many of us are overwhelmed with money problems, myself included. So I set out to start making a little cash again, and have been super busy. So... before I go to clean a house, I wanted to share with you a card I made. (Vic... if you are here... don't peek!) This is to go with a set of cookbooks from my mom... This is the card - done with (GUESS WHAT!) cardstock I already had (the envelope, too!). All of the materials I used were "stash." Which means... I don't really know where it came from, only that I already had it, and probably had it for a while.

The actual card is embossed with Cuttlebug Swiss Dots. The present and the tag is from Cricut Doodlecharms. I used the ATG to glue everything down (LOVE that new toy of mine...), and punched through it all with my Crop-a-dile Big Bite. The "espressly for you" stamp is from Hero Arts, as well as the bling. The background for the stamp was cut out with "deckle" shears from Stampin' Up!
Here's a "close-up" of the ribbon and the brad (with embossing in the background).

When you "open" the present, the flour sack, bread, bowl and spoon are from Cricut Paper Doll Dress Up. I thought it would be cute to show a little bit of "get cooking" things to go with the gift.

That actually went super duper quick. I once heard, "If a card takes more than 15 minutes, it's time to move on." My thought was that it takes me more than 15 minutes just to put everything together, but that ATG 714 makes everything super simple. I was slinging my gun quickly. Like a pro!

I wish I could get more done. This week, along with a couple of non-scrapping projects, I'll be working on a board for a HooHaa at the Moreno Valley PTSA this coming weekend. I won't be there, as I will be at the Officials' Clinic, but I will at least get the board done. I'll post pics when I get that together... Gotta go! Toodles for now! lisa

Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Busy Weekend...

It was an MVAQ weekend! This weekend was the Redlands swim meet. With everything going on with my sister, it was a tad difficult, and we couldn't really carpool. But that's ok! Everything worked out.

Saturday was beautiful. As an official, it was a little hectic - the computers quit working with eachother for a bit - so the meet ran 50 minutes longer in the morning. We did catch it up in the afternoon though and stayed pretty much on track. I'm psyched! I'm almost done with my volunteering (as an official... never done in other areas). Being on my feet, though... Ugh! But at least it wasn't as bad. This time, I was smart enough to get some insoles. Much better... just a little barking.

Stacy and Rey did pretty well.

It wasn't Sunday, but sometimes Stacy seemed to think it was a "Sunday" Swim (Sunday drive... you know...). She added a couple of seconds to her backstroke, but her other race was pretty good. She scratched her breaststroke, saying she really doesn't do well, but she did great in her IM (individual medley... all of the strokes). It's funny. She thinks she can't do breaststroke well, but that is really her strong stroke. She pulled ahead of the other swimmers and almost caught up with the lead swimmer during this portion of the IM! I wish she could have seen herself.

Rey was more mellow. She decreased her times by a couple of seconds and scratched her breaststroke also (claiming her knees hurt). I think she was more psyched to be not swimming on Sunday. Lol! There was a mistake in the entries, and she didn't get signed up for any events on Sunday. It's ok... she wanted to time anyway...

Sunday was my off day. I was on... then I guess I was "official enough" that I was actually assigned to talk to a couple of kids and explain to them why they were "DQ'd" (disqualified) at the end of their race. Ooohh... how sad. I think the first kid I had to talk to was a 8-year-old little boy. He looked so sad. I felt so bad. But otherwise, the day went fast, staying on track. It was fun! I like the fast pace.

Stacy swam well that day... so she got two ice cream cones (Drumsticks). She had asked if she could scratch something that day... I told her "No WAY!" She didn't complain after that and did well.

When we got home, my sister was here. She was released from the hospital, and she'll be staying with us for a little while. Here, we have: 1) no stairs... the better for a post-surgery patient. and 2) Internet service... the better for her to do schoolwork with.

Things will all work out. We'll all be fine. The family is working together to make everything work (wow! that's a lot of "work" words).

I really like all of the people I've gotten to work with in the official circuit and administration. They are extrememly helpful and insightful. I'm almost there... But... now I've got to get on the ball and take my online tests, then I still have Clinic in October. Hopefully soon... I'll get my "Official" badge. It's a good thing! Toodles for now! lisa

Friday, September 19, 2008

Please Say a Prayer...

Without going into detail (to respect privacy), please send a prayer out to my sister, as she goes through a traumatic event in her life. The rest of us are here to support her, but any good thought and well wishes are always helpful, too. It doesn't matter what religion or belief (or not) you may have. Anything good is welcome. Thank you to you all. lisa

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Got My ATG! and other things...

Woohoo! I got a FedEx package just sitting on my front doorstep, moments after I arrived home from dropping off the girls. Maybe I should have taken pictures of it, because it looked a little like a cocoon. LOL! The package was approximately 9"x12" and was large bubble wrap, wrapped around and around and the other way and around and around, then plastic-wrapped around and around and the other way and around and around... a box and a small envelope with 4 rolls of tape.

Of course I had to tear it open. (Marissa is still playing with the bubble wrap!). I immediately read the instructions, loaded the 1st roll of tape, and played with it. It is fantastic. I will soon be getting rid of my other tape runners and glue runners. It is awesome. What am I talking about? lol! In case you didn't know, I've been on springs, waiting for my ATG 714 to come in the mail from I wrote about it last week. The wait is over, and I'm having a ball. I don't know how I ever worked without it!

I actually sat down and finished a one-page layout in about 1/2 the adhesive time I normally would. That is just how easy the ATG works. It is so convenient.

Anyway... enough about that!

All the girls are sick. Ugh. A three-year-old with a croupy cough and stuffy nose, two teenagers with sore throats and stuffy noses... I've been checking out the "Neti Pot", but I'm not sure any of them would go for it. It's rather odd and really takes an open mind to try it out (imagine saline rinsing through one nostril and out the other). In the meantime, I have a pot of chicken soup on (lots of broth and veggies), plenty of juice made, and lemon balm harvested (for tea). I even have honey! Anyhoo... they all better shape up by Saturday, and I better pray I don't get it! We have a swim meet, and I am officiating (gotta remember to buy those insoles!). We will be super busy, but it will be fun.

I'm so far behind on watching my shows... I've been reading the remainder of the Twilight series and just finished the final installment (Breaking Dawn - 756 pages!) last night. [Sigh.] I've also been doing more research for the team and taking care of the family. You know... same ol'; same ol'. In Scrapbook Bingo! we have a "virtual crop" going, but I haven't gotten much done there, either. I'll have to wait for the glue to dry on my little layout, then post pics... I'm actually (FINALLY!) about to finish a 2-page layout from last September's quincenera... I'm tellin' ya... way behind...

And please everyone... My great grandmother is 102 years old... She had a mild heart attack last week, but is doing fine. However, she will never be allowed to live alone again. My aunt is going to take care of her. I hope she does well. She's still pretty tough - hearty German stock! So please have her in your thoughts. Both she and my aunt could use well wishes.

Oh! And if you are a Cricut Lover, or just love the Cricut... Michael's is having another sale - $40 each cartridge. It ends Saturday... so go! (Most of the cartridges are listed under Cricut items on this blog, in case you don't know the names of them...) Gotta run and shred chicken! Toodles for now! lisa

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blog Discovery/Blog Candy Alert!!

Ok... so I was doing more surfing tonight (like I don't have anything else to do...). I checked out a couple of friend's blogs (Jenn's is one of them!) and came across this blog candy alert. Doing Life is the name, and the ideas are awesome! Her photos are super clear and her outlook fresh.

Although this scrapper somewhat seems to doubt herself in the "scrapping of words" genre, I think she hit it out of the ballpark. Desire combines colors well, and gets to the true grit of her subjects. Her journaling is spectacular, no matter what she says.

You are sure to get lots of ideas from this South African scrapper, and maybe even a newer outlook. And... on the plus side of things, she is giving out blog candy in celebration of her upcoming 13,000th hit since January 2006! Way to go! Check out Doing Life at You will want to add this one to your faves and go back often. Congrats, Desire! You rock! Toodles for now! lisa

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The ATG Bandwagon... Are YOU Jumping On?

I've heard talk of an ATG (Adhesive Tape Gun) by 3M (Scotch). I thought the talk was just talk, and that it was another expensive item for scrapbookers and crafters to buy. They usually run anywhere from $35 - $80, depending on where they are purchased from, and what actual brand is purchased.

I was contemplating the bandwagon, so I started more research... As it turns out, although it is much bigger than the typical small tape runner/dispenser know to us amateur scrapbookers, it is much less expensive, quicker and easier in the long run. This wonderfully expensive guns are all the rage, yet I haven't seen one at the Scrapbook EXPO... only heard talk of it on messageboards and through e-mails.

It took me a while, but I did check the mythical ATGs out on eBay, Amazon and various other websites. I was dumbfounded at the cost. But I kept hearing the talk being talked. How the heck could this be so great. I priced and tested various taperunners, glues and other adhesives and spent lots of money. I realized they were all just a mess. In my head, I was watching an "As Seen on TV" commercial... with tape glopping and balling up, going haywire, and running out, compared to the wonders of the ATG, which hold 36-60 yards of glue adhesive.

Then, today... a wonderful person from Scrapbook BINGO! gave a weekly tip on how to "alter" (add bling) an ATG. So, inquisitive person that I am, asked everyone which model did they have, and if the tape was good, and... and... of course, I could never ask enough questions... but it came down to the ATG 700 or the ATG 714. I was told of a wonderful shopping site: was the best deal I found. With shipping added, they were even less expensive than all of the eBayers!

But I was still skeptical. Then there was the talk of the ultimate customer service, how any problems that were had... 3M fixed the problems. Yay! How could I go wrong? Especially, after finding out that in the long run... my adhesive $$ could really be stretched (and I could buy "other" things) if I purchased an ATG! So... I did the research, asked a bunch of questions, and voila! I jumped on the bandwagon!

I did it! Which one, you ask? I went ahead and purchased the ATG 714. This model is for the 1/4" wide tape. As two fellow scrappers (Leah and Jenn) pointed out... the 1/2" and 3/4" is just too wide for lots of little things; plus, if I needed a larger width, it is easy (and fast enough) to plant down another line. An adapter needs to be purchased for the 700 model, in order for it to use 1/4" tape (translation - not only is it more expensive than the 714, it needs something else to function for my purposes). Then... on the other plus side... I don't really like to "personalize" or "bling" this kind of stuff out. So... the ATG 714 is already red, unlike the 700 (which is yellow), and it already matches my scraptotes! What more can I ask for?

To answer that... I can ask for it to be delivered!!! I can hardly wait for my gun to be in my hand. Toodles for now! lisa

What a DEAL... and a Bummer, too!

We have a semi-local scrapbooking/stamping store. I really have never had a chance to go there, as they close at 5pm. But... today, I was heading out that direction, and since it is in Riverside, I wanted to be sure I was able to go. And so I called. They told me they would still be open when I arrived.

I was on a mission. I love Stickles! Stickles are hard to come by, locally, so I usually purchase them online. I walked in, fully anticipating choosing between wonderful colors, glitters, and ice. I was sorely disappointed... Not only were there no Stickles, the store inventory was sadly low... As I was searching, the owner stopped me and apologized for not greeting me, then told me EVERYTHING was 50% off! Yay! Then it dawned on me... Why? Auntie Amy's Impressions/Stamps is closing.
Just as I finally took the time to go... I already feel like I lost a friend... a small store that had not so much of the commercial items (ie Martha Stewart) and had real honest-to-goodness items that were geared towards the true crafters. However, they will retain an online store.

I so wanted the instant gratification of being able to purchase Stickles and walk out the door with them... oh... apparently they had them, though. I was told they would never be on sale like that, that they would be full price. The Stickles were in the back, waiting to go online. Hmmm... I offered to pay full price, but was declined and told I could purchase them online. What a bummer! (Sigh...)

I was truly sad... but! I picked my head up... and... spent some serious $$$$!!! LOL! I bought stuff I had originally not intended to buy, but still got great deals on, with the 50% off! Woohoo! So I have to pay some shipping on an order of Stickles. They probably didn't have the color(s) I wanted anyway...

So, folks... go ahead and visit I don't know if the sale will be online, as well... but it's worth a shot! Toodles for now! lisa

Monday, September 8, 2008


OMG! I won Scrapbook BINGO! last month... and I got a big box with TONS of stuff in it today! Woohoo! Even Marissa was saying, "This is SO cute!" at just about everything. I'm just super excited and wanted to let everyone know. It is super duper fun, too! Toodles for now! lisa

Fall Television and Premiere Dates w/update!

For those of you that are addicted to television as much as I am... here's a little bit to set your TiVo or DVR to...

Here is the TV Guide Fall Calendar Preview Links: They do not have TNT, USA, Bravo or FX (at least not the shows I watch) listed, so here is what is scheduled as of today (9/8) on those channels.


Blank Slate premieres on TNT tomorrow (9/9). It is a little different. They have 20 microsodes scheduled between tonight and Sept 17, with 5 airing each Tuesday and Wednesday during back-to-back Law and Order episodes. Check it out here:
Trust Me - January 2009 (day unknown)
Leverage - Coming this Winter (day unknown)


Sons of Anarchy - premiered last week (9/3) and airs Wednesday nights at 10pm.
Damages and Rescue Me are scheduled to return in January 2009 (days unknown).


Starter Wife - Fridays 9pm (premieres 10/10)
Law and Order: Criminal Intent coming in November (day unknown)


The Rachel Zoe Project - Mondays 11pm (premieres tonight 9/8)

Other items: Oprah premieres today (9/8).
Lost - due back in early 2009
Medium - due back "midseason" (whatever that is...)

So far... this is all I've gotten. Please send me any updates you might have. Thanks! Toodles for now! lisa

UPDATE: Laureen sent me this awesome link... it even has a killer grid for all of you television junkies out there: Enjoy! Thanks, Laureen!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Have You Seen the Calendar Lately?

Yikes! Did you know there is very little time between now and Christmas? It is just way too super close!

So... I'm making a list and checking it twice. I have some swaps that are due November 1st, birthday cards to catch up on... lots of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and some that aren't even started and need to be completed by Christmas. Whew! I started last Christmas (the day after) and guess I just haven't gotten as much done as I planned on. Such is life.

So anyway, getting my list done, so that I can better budget my time. And... one of the groups I belong to (Scrapbook BINGO!) just started a virtual crop that collects points! What better motivation to get stuff done.

In family life... Stacy manages her first Boys' Water Polo game on Tuesday. Rey is giving just as much attitude as Stacy lately (and has a crush on the guy at the drive-thru window of our closest KFC...). Jr moved in for a couple of days and is trying to figure out what he wants to do in life... Renee made it for Asst Drum Major (you go - girl!) and just returned to school (she is on year-round). Marissa? Uh... still not potty trained, but wanting to work on it more and more, giving the attitude all of the teenagers have (but getting in more trouble for it)... and her fave show right now is "Calliou." (He's a BRAT!) Juan is working (of course) and getting fed up with money issues (overtime has been pretty much cut off...), but he is now carpooling and saving gas money each week. Me? I've pretty much been telling all about myself...

Dinner tonight was homemade breadsticks, Caesar salad, and lasagna roll-ups... yup... made it all myself!

In other parts of the country... My cousin Michelle gave birth to twins a week ago, my other cousin Nate and his gf are expecting again, Kara is preggers, too. Jolene? Well, we'll see... and Josh/Vic... I don't think they're quite ready to hit the PG mark again. It seems a lot of people/couples I know quite well are making that 9-month journey right now. Not me! lol!

My nephew, Jake, and Marissa - having fun in Grandma's backyard

Anywho... gotta finish my list and at least get some b-day cards finished. By the way... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUNT CHRIS! - if I don't get to talk to you Tuesday... Toodles for now! lisa

Friday, September 5, 2008

How Did I do it? (Card Tutorial)

I have had several people ask how I did a particular card (the one above). Well, like I said before, I don't necessarily "scraplift" an idea... but I will learn a new technique! I absolutely am in love with YouTube!!!
Here's a quick tutorial on how I got the "negative space" with a Cuttlebug... At this point, I would input the YouTube video here... but it looks like I can't, do to legalities. (However, if I'm wrong... please do not hesitate to comment or e-mail me and let me know how you do it!) Since I can't, I am providing the two links I saw on YouTube: and
Just a little fyi... this technique is SO easy and gives the most fabulous results. It takes an ink pad, a Cuttlebug embossing folder, cardstock, and (of course) a Cuttlebug with the plates. Both the videos talk about using a brayer. I did not have one when I did this. I simply swiped the (coffee colored) ink pad on the embossing folder, slipped in my cardstock (with the other end wrapped around to the flat side of the plate (so I used a full card) to not get the "other" side embossed. Then I ran it through the Cuttlebug in a very slow motion, so that all of the ink was absorbed, then ran it slowly in reverse.
I applied gingham strips as my frame, cut out a vase and stems from Walk in My Garden (Cricut), glued the stems to the vase, then flipped it and glued the vase w/stems to my paper. I then attached Provo Craft cardstock sticker daisies to the end of the stems, chalked the vase and stems to give it more of a "mossy" feel, then Stickled the stickers. Voila!
There is so much to learn from YouTube! You should check it out some time... Thanks for reading! Toodles for now! lisa

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm surfing away... and getting stuff done...

I was on another blog (reading and getting ideas) and found another great blog (LOVE her stuff!) by "Scrapping Mommy!" This link will take you to... Guess what?!? More blog candy offers! But you gotta be quick. She is drawing the winner on Friday, September 5th! Check out her full blog at

So... I've got most of my scrap/craft stuff straightened up (again!)... time to start working on more swaps and challenges.

One of the challenges I've seen involves "scraplifting." I'm not really comfortable with this, as even though one has permission to "borrow" another's idea(s), I just kind of tend to draw a blank when I look at a sketch or layout. I only see what is there... my stuff - I have to draw from scratch. I don't get it. I can look at a sewing pattern and "imagine the possibilities," but to utilize scrapbooking, whether it be a layout or a card... I just can't seem to focus and I lose my train of thought. Needless to say... I didn't do that challenge.

I will finish another challenge that came today, but for right now... I'm going to go catch up on the premiere shows from last night: 90210 - you go! Toodles for now! lisa

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dan is the Man!

Some things I've been very reluctant to try. One of the things is the Distress Inks by Ranger/Tim Holtz. Whelp... never fear... Dan is here! Dan - of "My Crafty Life" ( has done himself proud with his first video tutorial of "Distress Inks 101". This is well done and not too long. Good quality, good explanations, excellent overall! Congrats, Dan!

I'm gonna keep surfing/reading... Toodles for now! lisa

Blog Surfing & Group Reading

And guess what I found! More BLOG CANDY!!! Over at Loreen's Scrap Space... she has just hit her 5,000 mark! Congrats, Loreen! You can be a part of it, too. Just visit and follow the directions. Yeah, I'm sure it takes down my chances of winning, but hey! You all deserve to be winners, too.

(Sigh). I don't know how she does it. Great going! I can only aspire to hit that number... I'm below 1,000 as we speak. Toodles for now! lisa

Whoops! It's been a while...

I didn't realize it's been so long! I've been super busy... school started, Marissa semi-wants to potty train... then there's been DRAMA... won't go into it, but you all know it goes... I'm sure you have it, too (to some extent).

Anyway, just quickly posting some of the stuff I've been up to...

This is a 2-page layout for one of the August Weekly Challenges on Scrapbook Bingo! The challenge was to use 2 punches. I used "teardrops" and "swirl". Also on this is Opposites Attract on the Cricut. I've had these pics for over two years. It's a good thing I joined this group, so that I can seriously be motivated to actually getting some stuff done!

This is for a Swap on the same group: Birthday! I stamped the "Happy Birthday" and the Banner under it, plus the little doodads on each side of the banner. The banner is then heat embossed with holographic by Ranger. The cupcake is Doodlecharms (Cricut) that has been embossed with the Cuttlebug (Swiss Dots) on both the background (to give raised effect) and the "frosting". The flame is Gelly-roll red glitter and the candle is Stickles.

This one is obviously "Thinking of You". This one was super fun to do! The card was embossed with the Cuttle Bug Dots and Spots. Then I swiped embossing ink over the raised image and powdered it with a rouge metallic by Joann, then heated it up! The saying is Cricut George, and the cool ribbon offers empowerment to women. Gotta love it!

For the same swap... Anniversary Card. This paper is AWESOME! I love the clothlike feel. The stitching was dotted with Cutterbees then stitched with DMC floss in metallic. The "Celebrate" is a stamp by Studio G with metallic embossing by Joann. The charms were a little somethin' I picked up... I don't remember where. I loved doing this one, even though it took a little longer (the stitching!).

Valentines (I) Card - love this metallic cardstock... Embossed on Cuttlebug with a heart-shaped page, then stencilled chalks in magenta, and finally... my favorite - Cotton Candy Stickles all over the chalked hearts. Even though I'm not a "pink" person... I thought this was cute. Inside, on striped paper it reads "We are two of hearts that beat as one, Valentine." It reminds me of the Stacy Q song (for all of you old schoolers out there!).

Valentines (II) Card. The wrapped rose is by Provo Craft. I saw these and had a "vision." The vision was of three mirrors with dark framing and one in the middle popped off a wall, with the rose lying across. Kind of got the idea? Well, this portrayed it as close to possible. Joann's had this great "Shiny Silver" cardstock that gave the image of a brushed mirror. Not bad... the bottom is embossed with the Cuttlebug "Love" borders.

Categorized in Group - Blank (I), I decided to do a little bit more masculine than the others, since I was obviously going more "fem." The background is chalked in a flowing zigzag pattern in various blue, green, and yellow hues, then blended. The tags (ties) are from Tags, Bags, Boxes & More (Cricut) and put through with a variety of different eyelets with the Big Bite by We R Memory Makers

This card fits in the "Blank (II)" category. This was a technique I picked up on YouTube. You'd be surprised what you can learn on there! This is done with the Floral Fantasy Cuttlebug Embossing Folder that has been swiped with Coffee Dye Ink, then run through... s.l.o.w.l.y... so that the paper has a chance to absorb the ink. The vase and stems are then done from the Walk in My Garden (Cricut) and stickers (Provo Craft) are embellished with Cotton Candy Stickles.

Easter Non-Religious was another category. The background is embossed with Cuttlebug Frills borders, then punched (at the bottom) with Martha Stewart's ribbon edge punch and threaded with a blue and white gingham. The funky bunny is Zooballoo and grass is Paper Doll Dress Up (both Cricut). The embossing and grass is then accented with various pens, while the bunny's ears are chalked.

Recipe Swap - September Recipes - Hotdish. For this, I chose to use Debbie Mumm's new cardstock pack. I already had envisioned "Ye Old {and easy} Turkey Pot Pie" (See recipe on side...). The pilgrims are done with Paper Doll Dress Up; turkeys with Doodlecharms-border (both Cricut). The turkeys were embossed with metallic (think silver at Thanksgiving) and everyone (pilgrims, turkeys, etc.) was chalked to give a more "lifelike" appearance. The recipe was from my brain (after years of trial and error) and printed on parchment paper, then torn and inked to give it wear.

In the swaps, I make a certain amount and get back the same amount... all from different people. I can't wait! I'm super excited to see the other ideas and craftivity the others have... Plus, the awesome recipes. Yum-O!

Whew! It seems like I've learned a lot and done a lot. This is not all I've been doing, just all I'm going to tell you right now! LOL! Anyway... It's getting late, and I still need to try to update the side stuff on this blog. Hopefully... it won't be too long until I write again. I'll try to get back into the rhythm of things... Toodles for now! lisa