Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Just Kickin' It

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jingle Belles: Baby It's Cold Outside!

So... this week's (due in a couple of minutes!!!) challenge was "Baby, It's Cold Outside." And so... me, being the lover of all things steamy (get your head outta the gut-ter!!!) and warm, and scrumptious and that fill my mug up (yes, my cup runneth over...), I went with the cup o' jo card from Cricut's Joy of the Season cartridge. Using the "card" feature, I programmed it to cut at 8.5" wide, which got me an almost A2 card. Woohoo! No figuring at all...

Quickly (because, we ALL know I procrastinated again... well... I was really busy for the past couple of days, so hey!) I masked off the card with painter's tape and left the mug free for GLIMMER-MIST SPRAYING!!! And I zapped it with Cinnamon... peeled off the tape and got this:

A little messy, but we (I) can fix that up...

Long story short, I mitered (again! I just love the more "finished" look of mitered ribbon) some gingerbread ribbon to make a border and cover up the messiness, adhered a "Merry Christmas" background to the back of the cut... and then realized the challenge wasn't "How to Warm Up"... it was supposed to feature mittens or scarf of something... so...
I cut (in a royal blue), mittens and a scarf (Winter Woodland cartridge) adhered it to the bottom of the card, filled in with glitter glue and touched up with some more... and glitter-glued (yes, they are all STICKLES!!!)the steamy swirls of the cup of coffee/hot chocolate/hot-buttered rum (use your imagination P-E-O-P-L-E!!!!). And voila!

We (I!!!) were done...

If you'd like to join in, please check them out at Jingle Belles, as another challenge will be up and running every Friday morning. Toodles!

Wordless Wednesday: Spring is COMING!

Just a bench stop at the Los Angeles Zoo... three weeks ago...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Letter to a (My) Teenager

Dear Future Teenager,

While the world is growing and things are advancing, like technology... you might come across this letter and think, "How the heck did she write this?" and "What the heck does she mean?"

I know, because, well... I thought those things, too.

Language uses change, as does meanings of words. People change, as they get older, becoming less tolerable.

If I say you are sick... it doesn't mean it is fabulous. It either means you are being disgusting or you have an illness.

If I say something is ridiculous, it doesn't mean fabulous, either. It means it is stupid, preposterous, or laughable.

If I say you are beautiful, that doesn't mean sarcastic, as I would never tell you that with sarcasm and have it mean the opposite.

When I say, "I love you", it means what it is. Love from me that is there for you. Please hold this in your heart forever.

So... if ever I say things to you that you might find offensive or embarrassing, please remember, in my time, they weren't offensive, but meant something that I would want you to be or believe that you are. So, in my own way... don't take it the WRONG way. I don't mean to embarrass you. I just mean to tell you the honest truth, and have you keep it with you, as a memory in your brain.

Love always...  Mom

This post is courtesy of Mama Kat's Losin' It Writers' Workshop, Weekly Writing Prompt: Write a Letter to Your Future Teenager.  Thanks, Mama Kat!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: There are no words...

except... AWE-SOME!!!

Sketchy Week for Jingle Belles!

Hello there! We are on WEEK 5 at Jingle Belles. And this week, our challenge was to follow a sketch. I'm not usually fond of sketches, but this week was a super cool, super simple one by Amy.  It allowed me to use lots more of my stash... FYI... this week everything is from my stash!

Here's the finished card:
(please forgive the bending of the card... I still need to lay it flat!
Glimmer Mist can do that...)

I Glimmer-misted the whole card in English Ivy (love! how the Glimmer Mist makes the white space look like a misted-green sky with greenish stars...), added some gold ribbon from my stash (circa 1991... yes, I've been "collecting" that long!). It needed to be cut in half, as it was much too wide for my card. I mitered the edges of the ribbon and glued it on down with my trusty ATG (I still love that thing!). Then, I stuck on part of a red star garland (from the stash again...) with some mini Glue Dots (I love those, too!).
See that reindeer? I have no clue where he came from, but there he was... in my stash... complete with red fiber and bell. He got stuck on with some mini Glue Dots, too. Then I Xmas Red Stickled a semi-frame to add a little more color and... VOILA! There ya have it!

Thanks, Amy and the Jingle Belles! I'm so lovin' these challenges.

And if YOU want to get in on it, check on Jingle Belles and join in on the fun!