Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas! Whatcha Doin'?

Hello all! First let me say the obvious... Merry Christmas!!!

Secondly... Whatcha Doin'? I'm taking a break from my chores to keep up with my challenge (the challenge where I post each and every day for the month of December). I got up and did my SD (Santa Duty). I cleaned up a lot from last night (the night where we had our Mexican Christmas of tamales, rice, beans and family). I prepped for today's White Christmas (the one where we do all things traditional white way... breakfast, family, more food, presents, family, family, family). Heck! I've even walked the dog!

I've been going, going, going since 6am. And my kids (NONE of them!) are still not up. That's right. The most exciting day of the year, and they're sleeping in! Ugh... I want to go WAKE THEM UP! But ah, nah... I'll finish what I have to do (I'm making a list and checking it twice so I don't forget anything, because I'm really good at that).

Currently, I have bread dough going. Already finished the dough and other prep for cinnamon rolls. Have put together a dough mix for when I get to my mom's. And I have everything and anything put together for our trip out the door.

But these kids have GOT to wake up soon! Because, ya know... Santa came here, too! And we have presents to unwrap here, before we go to my mom's. Because I have to fill up my computer's hard drive and make sure I have pictures that I can back up another way (YES! I'm still on that rant!!!)

But most of all, these kids have to wake up so I can go take a shower. Get on with it! Open the presents! I want to be done with it all so I can take a shower! Not really... Yeah... I feel totally icky after tamale clean-up (greasy goo all over my arms... ICK!), but I just need to NOT be IN the shower when they wake up. Because I don't want to miss anything.

So, I'll just randomly show you these pics with pretty views in Southern California... you know the almost only place you can see palm trees and snow in one place without PhotoShop-ping them...

Again... whatcha doin'? Because I know all of your kids are normal and woke up at the butt-crack of Dawn to tear through their gifts... So... I ask you... Where the hell are my kids?

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