Saturday, August 17, 2019

What's UP?

Hahaha! Yep. I just re-read my last post (from January!). And while I am getting a post done WAY earlier than the last break between posts, I realize I have been super duper bad about doing the things I wanted to change.

I have...

... listened more. Yep. I've been SOOOO good at listening, I haven't been doing THAT much of anything else.
... been more available. Definitely. But in doing that... I've found I'm less available for myself. Go figure.
... not put things on my calendar if I haven't completed a project. However... I have put things on my calendar with due dates and been getting them done in a timely manner. But... you know those projects that you just want to get done? Nope. Still not there. Squirrel!
... read more. I've discovered the Kindle app to be a life-saver. I wasn't able to carry lots of things for a while (2-1/2 months..) and this was perfect. Plus, I've read a lot more self-help books, various magazines, and blog posts of all sorts... not to mention... I am always reading recipe books and leaflets. Yum!
... kept up for the most part with using things from my freezer. And then again... I still keep filling it right back up!
... tried to write more. Kinda. I may not have written more here... but I've written a TON of letters of recommendation for lots of friends of mine. Does that count?
...  tried to get that craft room cleaned up. At least little bits at a time. I know for a fact... THAT counts!
,,, not kept a menu. Whoops. Totally dropped the ball on that one. But, I do stay in a lot more for eating. (I'll get to that soon... )
... not let things slide off my back. I still have the 'tude "If I don't do it, WHO will?" If you have a suggestion on how to fix that one... let me know!

Right now, I'm working on playing with some of my new "toys." I joined a business 2 years ago. It's a lot of fun, and I totally enjoy the new products and love to play with them when they come out (before they're all released to everyone else! It's so much fun to "know a secret" before other people find out!). And right now, I'm in that mode. Maybe I should start sharing that here?

Is anyone out there?

What have YOU stated for New Year's that you were going to do? Have you done it? Please... share below! TIA!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Things I Treasure...

Life is full of twists and turns, ups and downs...

As this holiday season passed, I realized it's been a very long time (over a year) since I've visited or written here. I love to write. I love to share. I just... put it off. With all the things running through my head at one time, it made it very difficult, and I just wasn't sure what to write anymore. But... looking around my house, at Christmas... all the magic that is still up and surrounding me, I was wondrous at myself for not being sure I put more time into things I treasure.

I treasure my family. I was definitely sad this season, and it didn't seem like the season at all because things were missing. And I say "things" because, well... they are tiny little details that maybe no one else would notice. Yep! I'm that ocd... First of all, this holiday season, we got our tree. The most gorgeous tree I've ever had in any place I've ever lived. I'm totally keeping it for next year, too! But... the only child of mine that actually put their "special" ornaments on the tree was the only one left living here. Every time I looked at the lonely bags of ornaments with the kids' names on them... tears welled up in my eyes. Even now... I cannot look at them without feeling the burn of tears.

Then again... all of our living children were here on Christmas morning. We haven't had that in YEARS. It was a wonderful feeling.

Darkness crept in slowly, as I waited at another family member's house. The rest of my immediate family (siblings from one parent) would be there or arrive whenever they felt like. One arrived not too long after us and that family came from over an hour away and appeared jovial. The other arrived several hours after the last... 6 hours after my group arrived. So sad. Disrespectful to the rest of us, as we were told that group would be there 4-5 hours prior. Two of my children had to leave. They had jobs and/or other Christmas family events to go to. Understandably... since all but one of my children are all adults and have other families and responsibilities.

There is always a little static with my other siblings... and this year did not disappoint...

*** and then it all changed ***

I spoke to a couple of people I'd expected to see at sometime during my break [from work]. My problems, my woes, my sadness - is NOTHING compared to what my dear friends are going through. No one had wanted to tell me. And so for that, as I sit here and plug this post in before the first day of the year is over in my time zone, people! Don't get your panties in a bunch and call me out on my lack of time-keeping skills! (in keeping with my non-resolution that's actually a resolution...) I am totally going to try to be a better listener but dang it! I'd totally thought I was!!! and definitely make myself more available for others. On that... I know I haven't been.

Wanna know my other "New Year, Better Me!" ideas? Here ya go:

1. Be a better listener.
2. Be more available, or at least present myself as more available!
3. If I do not complete a project, I'll be sure to put it on my calendar for a later date! and hopefully finish it by the end of the year
4. Read more.
5  Keep up with using items in my freezer... no need to be a hoarder elsewhere, right?
6. Try my hardest to write more!
7. Try to get that craftroom cleaned up at least a little bit!
8. Keep my super organized ways in gift-buying, organizing, and giving! truly... I'm really good at this one! Ask me about my gift journal!
9. Keep a menu or at least try to stick to it a couple of days a week
10. Let things slide off my back a little better. I shouldn't have to carry the weight for everyone.

What are YOU going to do?

*** oh yeah... SQUIRREL! ***

Back to the original title of the post... Things I Treasure...

1. Family (my pets are included in this!)
2. Friends (includes all of you!)
3. Loyalty
4. Me time
5. anything I can think of later, because I'm at a total blank space right now

I truly hope to see you all again for sharing... Who knows what it might be!