Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trying to Find My Footing... Ooop! There It Is!!!!

Sometimes, life just whips you. Others whip you, too. And sometimes... it just gets to be too much and nothing that YOU wanted to do gets done.

I can't blame anyone but myself. I'm the one who volunteers and who gets volunteered. But I'm the one who ultimately does not say, "NO!". I pride myself in helping out when and where I can, for whoever might need it. And my stuff (no matter how piddly it may be)... gets put on the back burner. And it fizzles out. (I did the decos in the background here... for the Father/Daughter Dance...)

You know what I mean, right? It fizzles out, because I'm worn out or the "mojo" just isn't there anymore. Dunno know if it's truly a depressive state or something else, but I'm trying to get it back and find my footing. Sometimes, you have to move stuff around to find it again!

So, there you have it! Thank goodness for my friends. I have wonderful friends. I have friends in the blogosphere, as well as friends (and family) in real life that encourage me and tell me how great I am. Although it may be a lie, it gives me a sense of hope in myself... a feeling that I am not totally doomed; I just need to find the right step.

And so today, on this day, I am thanking (specifically!) Lisa (love the name, don't you?) at Papergrace Designs. She has influenced me to get off my ass and do this "challenge". What challenge? Um... S.O.S. And that's exactly what I need.

While some may believe SOS to be "Save Our Souls" (Selves... WHATEVER!), in this case, it is "Shopping Our Stash," which may well save my "self" or "soul". Because... Um... I need a challenge to push my butt in gear.

Sure... I've done challenges (like Jingle Belles!), but I got a lot to do at one time and am now a whopping 5 weeks behind! (6, if you count this week's challenge!) One thing I've done a lot of is shopping my stash. I haven't bought anything for any of those challenges since before Christmas 2010. Actually, except for the rare impulse buy or great deal or necessity item (doing my daughter's grad album!), I have seriously been using my stash and then some.

But... as you will see... I have a whole lotta stash to deal with. The first challenge, which they gave some of us (the ultimate procrastinators) 2 whole weeks to do, is to post pics of our area... our stash. I've had the craft room for 10 months now, and have never posted pics, except on Twitter. huh.

I've always promised that I'd straighten it up, add a little pizazz here, a few touches there... and then I get all overwhelmed again. But NO! The peeps at SOS want us to NOT straighten and organize it all, just to post it. Woohoo! And... I can do that.

And without further ado... here we go! (hey...! NO judging!!!):

and behind the black curtain...

the super duper messy table!

the wall!

cutting station

sewing station and other supplies
 And YES! I know I need to clean it up, but with Mother's Day, Prom, lots of birthdays, PTA stuff, Kindergarten classroom stuff, etc., I've just been all over the place and not quite had the time to clean up after myself. (It's not like the crafting critters are gonna come take it all away, now... are they?) My footing is right here, where I left it. Things just need to be shifted around a bit for me to keep it.

And now I challenge YOU to join in... maybe we can all push each other to reach to a higher limit, to use our stash, to SAVE money, and make the best of what we already have. AND! If you link up, maybe YOU could win some blog candy, too (they're offering some FABULOUS stuff!)!!