Bits of Me

Whew! Figured this needed a little "update." I'll dust out the corners, but I'll leave the stuff behind (because I'm a hoarder and because I want you, dear Reader, to be able to see what-if anything- has changed...)... BTW, the stuff in red is O-L-D take-outs...

A little history here.  I am currently (as of this writing) 45 years old (OMG! It's been SIX years since I updated this? How negligent of me!) 39 years old. At the beginning of October (2015), I had to change the category I checked for 5 years to the "45-49" category... Ugh, I will join the 40+ Club sometime in October, but hope to feel eternally young.  This is why I have kids.

I have 3 girls of my own, two teenagers and a 5-year-old.  I have 2 step-children, who are good kids, overall, but make my days stressful, regardless of the fact they are now adults. I'll always have two, but I hold them in my heart like my own (and always have). I say I'll always have two... because in July 2014, our then 25-year-old son, took his own life. If you'd like to read part of the story, please click here. (There are 7 parts, all with the same title, which of course you can choose to read, if you'd like... and I don't believe I'll ever truly complete the whole story, as grief is never-ending.)

I am a trained SAHM paralegal, but am currently a Special Education Educational Assistant in a Public High School SAHM. My kids cause my insanity happiness. I love them like no other.

I cook, I bake, I play with food. I make most things from scratch, as I prefer it.  I am not on a green trip or homemade trip, that's just the way I am.

I craft, I scrap, I create in anyway possible. I sew, but please don't tell anyone else, as they might ask me to do it. I bitch, I whine, I complain whenever I can. And yes. I really did say that. (NOTE:  I complain when I believe it will actually affect the outcome.  Oh heck! Who am I kidding?  I probably complain a little more than that...)

I like to write. This does not mean that "others" like to read my writing, but you're the one who came here.  I "used" to be a really good writer... isn't that what everyone's English teacher tells them in high school?  But seriously.  Back in the day, I won a couple of awards (the paper and scholarly kind), but don't know about now.

I like to try different things, but don't like change. (Yes, I know... it's contradictory, but you know what I mean... Don't you?)

I am fat, but unwilling unable to let go of my desires. I need to lose 50 pounds, and I can see where it *should* come from, but know it might not cooperate. And let's face it. No matter how I work out (and I've tried many ways), I don't particularly enjoy it, and my other vices keep calling to me. Yes. Inanimate objects call to me.

I'm not a niche-blogger. My thoughts are my own and nobody else's. I write about what I want and how randomly I want. I am a lazy blogger. When I get to it... I will. However, ask me a question, and I'm quick to respond. (Everyone loves interest!) I am a blog-hopper and love to visit other people's blogs for various reasons, even if only to be nosey.

I am human. I am not perfect no matter what I tend to say. I love to watch tv. I love to be on Twitter and Facebook to share ideas, thoughts and funny things. I love all kinds of music, most without bad words, but I do say them. Yes, I am a bad Mommy.

I believe what I want to, when I want to, after doing research through various means. I try to bring out the truth in as much as possible.

I haven't *really* accomplished much in life, except to age and raise kids.  Really.  I can do lots of things, but have done nothing with any of my talents.  I'm not really sure I actually have talents.
Enough about... me. What about YOU?