Monday, June 29, 2009


If you haven't discovered this wonderful little video store within your local grocery store or other market, you should check it out. Rentals are $1 per day plus tax, and not due back until 9pm the following day. They even have top NEW titles!!! Woohoo! The girls and I have seen a multitude of movies thanks to this great box.

Oh! and another thing. You can rent from any Redbox and return it to ANY redbox. So... if you've rented from your town, and go to visit someone, you can return the dvd to a redbox in the other town, or along the way. What a cool thing.

Also, if you want to keep the movie for another day or two, you can! It is only another $1 plus tax per day. NOT those horrible late charges.

If I sound like a commercial, please know that I am getting nothing for this. I am only sharing this with you as a great deal. I am so impressed with this little "redbox."

To find a Redbox near you... go to and put in your zip code. You can also register for their e-mails and to reserve a movie or find a movie at a redbox near you.

Happy movie watching. Toodles for now! lisa

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today's Plans and Yesterday's News (more!)

Whelp... I had to purchase a ticket online to ensure Stacy would be able to go to the new Transformers movie. It sold out fairly quickly. Rey, Marissa & I will finally be going to see Monsters vs. Aliens. We've been waiting a long time to see it, and it's about time, as it's at the $2 theater by us.

The other day, we went and saw Hannah Montana: The Movie. It was actually pretty good. It sure wasn't a movie I wanted to see. I'm glad I saw it, though. The movie takes her back to her roots and away from the glam of Hollywood to see what a brat she's been.

Other news... I forgot to tell ya'll! Rey got her first job. (Stacy doesn't want to work yet, though.) She is a Lifeguard for the City's Parks and Recreation/School District Summer Swim. Yippee. So, she will be helping do a major contribution to her Educational European Tour next summer. Here's her first-day-of-work pic...

She wouldn't let me: a) take a pic at the pool (too embarassing!) and b) wouldn't let me take a pic in her bathing suit (another embarassment). Bummer. The fishtank and tank top were as close to water and a lifeguard suit as I was gonna get. Oh well.

That's all for now... Toodles for now! lisa

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June Gloom...

is not upon us! Yippee! It's beautiful here with a slight breeze.

News? There's good news... Stacy finally got a 2.0 (barely) and Rey got a 3.o. Both girls lettered in swimming (Varsity) and made it to League Finals. And get this one... their room is REALLY clean. It's been clean for 3 weeks now.

Marissa is finally in panties (she's been potty-trained for a while and just refused to wear them). She also will finally go in a pool and paddles around with her life vest on. (I'm working on getting her in a class, just have to come up with the cash first.)

I've been working some weekends officialing for swimming (one weekend a month), which helps put food on the table.

Juan is stressed, as with most union workers, contract negotiation time is stressful... and it's coming up soon (October, to be exact). He did a wonderful job designing a new grill for my bbq, made out of cast iron and said to last forever...

So much has happened. Mother's day forgot me. Oh well. I did get a card from my nephews (Jake and Max).

Father's Day has passed... I hope my dad had a happy one... I mailed a card. Juan got a nice dinner the night before.

Bad news? Sad news... my uncle passed a couple of weeks ago. I remember him from when I was little. It's sad how it happened. A total accident, but it happened.

Also, my mom's hubby's sister... her suffering should be over. So sad.

I sure hope things don't come in 3's. For real. This is enough.

I learned a new technique for crafting, so you'll have to check that blog in a couple of hours... or tomorrow.

The weight loss is at a standstill. I just don't have the drive, and it's downright depressing. I'm sure most of you can relate.

So let's get back to the good news... my brother and his wife have the cutest baby... my friend had one, too. And everyone I know (at least 5 other people) are preggers again. I won't be drinking their water if I go to visit.

I'm trying to get Marissa into preshcool for the fall. Wish me luck! Maybe will be co-oping it, but hey... a little better than just at home.

That's all I can think of for now... Toodles for now! lisa