Friday, September 18, 2015

International Day of Peace Blog Hop

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Now on with the hop!

International Day of Peace... What does that mean to you?

I know in some schools, they are focusing on anti-bullying campaigns. Students are making posters, hanging ribbons, and speaking out.

Some people are focusing on the peace within themselves... Me? I'll be on a pool deck, working with some wonderful officials. It is very peaceful there my husband thinks it's chaotic... don't ask...

Peace, peaceful, peacefulness... What is more symbolic than the Butterfly? So I made this great birthday card for my friend Kim I've known her since I was 18, and I'm not going to tell you how OLD I am... Her favorite color is purple, and I decided to add BUTTERFLIES! And yes... Her birthday is on National Day of Peace. What better way to show her PEACE?!? so I gave her some wine, too!

I cut the Anna Griffin Layered Butterfly Card with my Cricut Explore Air... but first "Let me take a Selfie"... hahaha... I couldn't resist! That's how my mind works! I flipped (mirrored) it, so I could let the Cricut do the writing on the inside!

I just L-O-V-E this feature! (This is done with the Metallic Purple pen...) And I just L-O-V-E all the sentiments that come with Anna G's stuff! I mean... yeah... I could make my own, but WHY???? When I have all these wonderful scrolly things that she's already created???

Moving on... I inked up a storm on the correct side of the butterflies. You do know the "outside" is the correct side, right? Ok then. I inked and inked until I had it blotchy in all the ways I wanted... (see the above photo!)

*** btw... this is just a note to self*** SELF! Be sure to use painter's tape or something next time so everything that you don't want getting inked on your card else can stay pristine!

I know you all read that...

Then... I cut a piece of patterned paper to fit the inside. Yes, yes, yes. You can cut the inside using the images from the cartridge. But, I don't want to waste all the paper (the trim and stuff the Cricut uses to hold onto the mat) that gets wasted. I'm way to cheap frugal for that.

Then I adhesived it all up (ATG'd the outer edge and Zigged the frilly stuff all throughout) and slapped that baby on. And Voila! It's done...
Um. No. It's not. It doesn't look like it's quite complete... So... I Zigged a little more (just around the butterflies) and added some purplish glitter... and... Voila!

NOW It's done!

I also squeezed in a little time to finish off some mummy hands... They're wishing you a Day of Peace, too! and just a little LOVE to Hang Loose!

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