Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's May! (Well... half past...)

So... a brief update...

(Read this REALLY REALLY fast, because that's how it happened!)

Juan's birthday was on Cinco de Mayo. So... prepping, because (of course), his kids couldn't come camping with us for the weekend, so... we had a impromptu birthday dinner at my mom's house on that Wednesday. But... (of course), I had to go and "f" it up by dislocating my knee on Tuesday night (while out getting groceries for the next day).

And although this has happened to me many times in my younger years, I cleaned, cooked, transported and generally did everything I normally do, including putting together two collages and cropping/playing with all the photos to go in them. My knee didn't get any better.

We had a great time during Juan's birthday. We also celebrated Mother's Day on that Wednesday, as we were going to be camping...

Carrot cake (yum!) and ceviche with haiva (crab) and camarrones (shrimp) was a hit. We also threw in barbecued corn (which was all gone, too!). And I did it all on a budget and stayed within it. My problem? Only the Monster Energy cap that I ordered had come in... the hoodie and t-shirt still had not arrived.

The hat had come in plenty of time, and was ordered through a non-eBay company. Kudo's to them! The e-bay provider... uh... it FINALLY came on Thursday last week. Way late, and even worse news... it was the WRONG shirt! AND... the "silk-screening" on the hoodie is already peeling off after never having been worn. Boo! and the dude has STILL not responded to my messages. I'm about to go all "Buyer Protection" on him!

So... Thursday was also a turning point in my knee. The swelling went through the bottom portion of my leg, all the way to the toes... so I made an appointment. No biggie. Stuck here with my leg propped up, knee brace on, and bored out of my mind. I can only hope I hell faster, sitting on my ass, so that I can get up and do (and catch up, too!) on all the things I need to do.

I'll post pics of the new craft room... which will be lovingly called our "studio"... soon... Enjoy your weekend.