Thursday, January 27, 2011

I don't like CRAP!

Last time I wrote about pets, I didn't have anything other than two cannibalistic fish (read about them here). But, as some of you know, shortly before Thanksgiving 2010, my husband gave in to our wildest wishes and let us get a dog, Xanny.

Xanny is short for Xanadu. Xanadu is the 80's movie with Olivia Newton-John... you know, where it's like a fantasy and awesome place, and just a great movie in general... Xanadu is also a legendary, ancient, heaven-like Chinese city, pronounced Shàngdū, once visited by Marco Polo. It has a lot of history and even more meaning.

So, we call our wonderful miracle that we ever got her Xanny, pronounced Zan-nee. She embodies all that we have ever wished for and suits her name, as it is as close to anything heavenly will see on this earth. It was also better than the girls' other choice, Odette, as Xanny looks nothing like an "Odette." And so her "look" chose the name.

But... if you read my previous post (the one mentioned above...), you know I have issues. With Xanny, some of my issues have been taken care of.

She is a poodle mix. Aha! Yes! You can have a dog without fur issues! Hahaha! Neener, neener! And you all thought it wouldn't happen. And so, our dog barely sheds. She sheds MUCH less than us girls and is small and furry and cuddly and all that. She even listens to me ramble and loves me unconditionally, like every daughter dog should. She is one of my best friends and stays quiet for my our walk in the mornings. And I like it like that.

Oh! You remembered I have other issues? Oh shit crap! That's exactly what I'm talking about... C.R.A.P., POOP, that is. And that's the question, if you could change anything about your pet, what would it be? I would either make her crap smell like roses... well, not roses, because those really don't smell very well and can be totally overly pungent and leave me with a heady-passing-out-type of feeling. So... let's go with honeysuckle. I'd like her crap to smell like honeysuckle, which is mild and slightly sweet to the nostrils.

And if my doggy's crap smelled like honeysuckle, then maybe I wouldn't have to hold my breath and puff out my cheeks when I picked it up, because... like my other post said, you knew the kids weren't going to do it.

And another thing... I'd make those little shitty crappy useless organs that dogs have (renal glands) gone... POOF! There you have it. A completely gross thing that needs to be done every couple of weeks... expressing the renal glands... Do you really want to know? Then go here to see a video on youtube... It's pretty gross!

But, no matter how her crap smells, and what glands I have to express, I will continue to do what I need to do for her, because I love her... unconditionally, just like a mom owner should love their daughter dog.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rockin' On...

Whew! I almost didn't make it. But, here it is! The Jingle Belles Rock 4th week challenge... to use Pink and Green. Uh... yeah... not my fave of color combos, but here goes...

Here's my card. It's a HUGE conglomeration of all kinds of things... there is chalking, stencilling, flocking, glittering, daubing, etc.

First, I subtley chalked the background in an ultra-light pink and blended it with a makeup sponge... (I wanted it to look light and ethereal... hmm... not sure if I got the effect I wanted...


I used one of those Michael's sets of stencils that's kinda been sitting around forever... I ink-daubed to fill it in with Direct Memories ink daubers. The colors used were neon green, forest green and pink. So... by now, my stencil is a gooey mess, but heh! I'm not done with it!

Ha, ha!

Grabbed me some Stickles (gotta have the glitter!!!) and stickled-stencilled in the star in silver. I put in glue in the snowfall drops and let it all dry a tad.

And then... the FUN-flocking began. I'm tellin' ya! It was snowing in the craft room (in 76 degree weather!!!). I flocked the snowy-balls and the the tree base in white, then I flocked the little squiggly-lines under the pink rick-rack a nice bright pink (Studio G).

All in all? It's ok... like I've said before, pink is NOT my color, but hey... someone must like it somewhere...

And... I still got to use up stash and do some things I hadn't done in quite a while. (Refresh your skills and techniques, people! They tend to get a little rusty... Trust me - see all that excess chalk, flocking and glitter on my mat? I'm just sayin'...)

And don't forget! You can still be part of the Jingle Belle's Challenges. It's never too late... or too early to start making your Christmas cards. Check it out at...

Wordless Wednesday: Take THAT!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm a Junkie. I'm Pathetic.

If you look at the right-hand column, you will see I tape/watch a heck of a lot of television shows. I am guilty. I am an addict. And I'm not proud. I'm not ashamed, either. But... I am pathetic.

I have got to be the worst tv-watcher ever. I have/had a couple of months' worth of certain shows to catch up on. And I "tried" to do that last night. Only... I didn't set the TiVo correctly or didn't watch them soon enough, as there were only 5 episodes of certain shows left... not all of the episodes that I needed to see, as it is my crack... well one of the forms of my mental crack, anyway.

Trying to find them all last night (online) was a tv-crack addicts dilemma. Did you know... that if you are watching regular cable series, you only get a certain few episodes to watch online? Uh... yeah. That is, if you want to watch them for FREE! And so... since I only had 5 epi's of each of the following:

Burn Notice,


and Sons of Anarchy
(which if you watch anything on FX, you know that some of the "episodes" are 3 minute replays... waste of an episode taping!), I was on the search for freebie episodes.

Didn't get to watch them. Except for 3 Sons of Anarchy and 4 Terriers episodes, the rest is unavailable, unless I want to pay premium fees. Or watch them on Amazon at $1.99 or $2.99 each episode. Burn Notice is all paid.

And these aren't even for paid channels!!!! I'm not talking about Showtime or HBO series! I'm talking about FX and USA channels! WTHeck?

So, as a junkie... I guess I'm not truly a junkie, because I won't pay for them. First off... I can't afford to pay for them. Secondly... I'm not that addicted. At least I guess I'm not. I won't pay to feed my habit. So... what am I to do?

Uh... note to self: Change the frickin' TiVo setup to KEEP all episodes until deleted. AND watch them on a more regular basis. If it's a cable channel... watch QUICKLY! they might disappear!

As for my other crack-habits... I'm still a-craftin' and computin' away... Dunno what to do about those...

Once again, as a junkie... in anything, I'm pretty pathetic. There are just some things I refuse to pay for. What about you?

Monday, January 24, 2011

18? Already? And Testing Out Adulthood...

2 weeks ago, my oldest bio-child (you know... one of the ones I actually gave birth to... one of the ones that caused me great pain pushing through the you know where region...) turned 18. OMG! I am the mother of an ADULT! No friggin' way! But yes... I am.

The problem with that? Nothing really, except... she's still in high school. And an adult in high school is not a good thing. Especially when adult high schoolers think they know it all and try to re-structure their schedules (that you've been fighting with the administration for, that you've been keeping the administration and doctors and everyone and everything on the same page for), thinking they know what's best for them, because... you know... that's not what they want to do and so... they won't.

Kids! I believe they are more problematic when they turn into adults... adults, that are still in high school. She wants to stay out late on school nights. Um... no.  She wants to do this... do that... and pretty much do what she wants. Um... WRONG!

Don't get me wrong. She's a totally good kid, but... she doesn't get it sometimes. Kid... your schedule was created to be the very best for you. It was created to help you transition into college. It was created with all of your teachers and counselors, so that that we, together, can get you through high school, and help you with your disabilities, problems, and life (in general). We did this because we care. We all care. We all worked together to get you here. So please, please! Don't go ruining it. Just follow the schedule and all will be well with the world.

At least... my world. Because, seriously! Those little yellow pills that I only take when my heart is pumping really fast, when I feel like I'm about ready to pass out, when things aren't on that schedule I so much need to depend on, when life throughs me massive loops and feels like I'm hanging upside-down (like now!)... those little yellow pills are something that I really don't want to take, so I'm hoping she gets it soon. I'm about to explode. I'm trying not to... that's how much I love her.

Kids try to make their mark. I get it. They think they know it all, but when you have parents and professionals aiming for the same goal, and it is all set... stick with it. Their (the parents' and professionals') experience and understanding is what is going to help get them (the kids) through it. So... explain to them (the kids), they can make their mark, in a different way. It shouldn't be on your nervous system...

They need to do it elsewhere. Find a different way. A good way? Check out: DoSomething.Org and make your mark in the world... not on your parents!

* A SPECIAL NOTE: And YES! I do know my "audience" changes several times... this is how affected I am by all the goings on right now, so forgive and don't judge... it could happen to you one day...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Catchin' Up on JB01 AND! JB02 - Jingle Belles Challenges

Last night I was so tired. Had to get my sleep on. Had to get up and walk the dog (our most loveable family member... she deserved that extra quiet time, and so do I!). Now I've woken up most of the kiddos and am sipping my coffee... So, here's the little bits I promised last night.
Let's go backwards...

Last week's challenge (JB02) was "inchies" (from "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" [GET IT? I do... lol!]).  Now some of you might not know what "inchies" are literally an inch. It is art in a box... a one inch box. Some of you may call them deco squares, but most people call them inchies, and they are super popular right now. FYI... if you have lots of scraps around, use them to make these simple items and decorate your borders, your ATC (artist trading cards), your regular cards and other things.

Here's my take:

My "Inchie" Card
I don't usually make square cards, but I was feeling a little square after making all these inchies...
(I know the background is a little busy [see all the craft crap?] but forgive, as I was busy!)

 So, here's a closeup of my inchies...
I actually did the background (shadow) of the inchies in 1 1/4"
Then I cut white cardstock into inches and Glimmer-Misted them with English Ivy
And then... I used my stash! Those green-glittered pieces? are the leftovers off my Cricut mat
from my Scrolled Christmas Trees (Christmas Noel Cartridge)
that I just.couldn'
I prefer the phrase "frugal crafter", people... NOT!
You see this? This is pleated ribbon. I totally tried to give credit where credit was due,
But, CRAP! I can't find the blog or the video where someone did this!
I used Tim Holtz's Tiny Attacher to pleat the ribbon, folding it this way and that as I stapled
teeny tiny little staples all over that card. Yes... I worked it. (and caught up on some TV while doing so!)
If you know where the video or blog is, please leave it in the comments and I'll hook it up. Thanks!

On to the first week's card (JB01)... The challenge was "Something Old, Something New". Um... yeah. I'm old, so I'm puttin' that up there! I pondered and thought, thought and pondered. And so... I was looking through all of my accumulated stash (once again, people... NOT a hoarder!!! Frugal crafting is the correct terminology here...). I found all kinds of stuff, but nothing that really inspired me. And then... I started going through my sewing stuff. I found some super old lace and went off that!

I had some ribbon that is fairly new that I would never even use so... yeah... don't know why I even had it... because, well... pink is just NOT my thing. But... I decided to go with the flow (and it was flowin'!), and I came up with this:

I used my Fastenator for the two sentiments.
Tip? Um yeah... make sure you have the correct "word" and facing the right way before you push down!
 See the ribbon? So not me, but oh so very cute... AND! It is self-adhesive,
so it saved me some of my own...
(and btw... this is the "new" because everything else was "old"!)
And, I used beads from my stash, buttons from my stash,
cool green lime chalk (for the background) from my stash,
and awesome chunky red glitter from my stash.

Can I get a "WHOOP, WHOOP!"? I did it... all caught up and cleaning up to do! Woohoo, woohoo!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jingle Belles ROCK! (and so do I!)

Yeah, I know... it's WAY either past Christmas or way too early to start. But Phsshh! to you!

If you know me... I am a total bargain hunter. I begin my shopping for Christmas AND the year's birthdays to come the Day After Christmas! That is the best day... sales galore!

And so... those ladies over at the Jingle Belles have begun an awesome thing. Because, heh! They must've known that I was coming. AND! They must've known that procrastinating is my profession. Because... well... I'm SO good at it.

But they decided to create/make a different Christmas card every week, with unique challenges put up on Fridays to do it. And I... since I just found it last week... decided to join in. Now... they were on WEEK 3 for the challenges, but yeah... I decided I could try to catch up. So... I'm posting not one... not two... BUT THREE CARDS!!! Omgosh! Can you imagine that? Whelpers, neither can I... but here ya go!

Let's begin with this week's challenge - to use acrylic paints. But that wasn't the whole challenge... the challenge was based on UPC (Use, Practice, Create!) and that I did!

I created a simple card. And I seriously thought (in my head, of course!) that it would be simple to make. Easy peasy, right? Uh... whatever...

It took me a total of 3 tries to get it close enough to the way I had envisioned it, but here we are:

Attempt #1:
I brushed white acrylic paint over a Cuttlebug folder,
thinking the image would be impressed into the dark blue cardstock.
The Verdict: FAILURE #1!
Attempt #2:
I brushed white acrylic paint over the other side of same Cuttlebug folder,
again thinking the image would be impressed (but) onto the dark blue cardstock.
The Verdict:  FAILURE #2!

AND! The Final Attemp (#3), for Jingle Belles Challenge #3
(hmm... do you see a pattern with that number???)
The trick? Since the other attempts were blotchy and soaked into the cardstock upon pressing... I chose to brush the whole folder with white acrylic paint... and then... I LET IT D-R-Y! Yep! I did... and then the emulsion was pressed through the Cuttlebug onto the dark blue cardstock and very carefully, strategically, even... the blue cardstock was peeled off the folder. I kinda like the end result.
I'm kinda pleased... I then painted glitter glue on the snowy rooftops and glittered the whole night sky. Because... I kinda like glitter.  "Twas the Night Before Christmas" (Studio G stamp) was heat-embossed in opaque white (Ranger embossing powder).

Whew! That was a lot! And so... since it's so late... and I still have to link up to their post, I am retiring for the night and will post the other two cards tomorrow. G'Nite all...

Oh yeah! And if YOU want to participate (or just see what others did for the challenge)... go check it over at the Jingle Belles! Rock on!

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Calendar? Time to Organize!!! (yeah, right!)

One of the many things I do in January is schedule things on a calendar.

Now... I'm not one of the most organized people, but I like to be aware of all things that might seriously screw with my schedule and cause me to hyperventilate (because I think I might be losing my mind) or have an anxiety attack and cause me to consume one of those itty bitty teeny tiny yellow pills up in my cabinet that take me to a better a land of relaxation, where all is peaceful... It doesn't exist? That's what YOU think! Hahaha! But seriously...

In the many weeks of January, I put up and take down my manual calendar. I prefer the Coca-Cola ones, because it really fits in with my decor. And I like there to be space in each day. And I like all of the general holidays already printed on it. And... and... And...

And so... I look up various websites. The one I reminded myself today when I said Self... DOES the mail come today? AND! Does the trash come one day later this week? And so... I headed to to look up the "Observed Federal Holidays" and came up with this:

Saturday, January 1 - New Year’s Day
Monday, January 17 - Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday

Monday, February 21 - Washington’s Birthday (President's Day)

Monday, May 30 - Memorial Day

Monday, July 4 - Independence Day

Monday, September 5 - Labor Day

Monday, October 10 - Columbus Day

Friday, November 11 - Veterans Day

Thursday, November 24 - Thanksgiving Day

Monday, December 26 - Christmas Day (Observed)

Monday, January 2, 2012 - New Year’s Day (Observed) 
My Waste Management company doesn't have that many observed holidays, but still... I like to know... IN ADVANCE!
And so... I go through the calendar and on each of these day I write, "no mail". Yeah... it looks much prettier than this, because it's in my neat little writing, because sometimes, I like things the old-fashioned way and I want it available for EVERYONE to see, so there are no questions.
Questions like... When is our next school holiday? When do we go on vacation? When's our next restructuring day... When... When... When...?
The questions are never-ending. I therefore grab the school schedule (given at the beginning of the school year) and copy all that stuff down, too. I write in when semesters and tri-mesters end, when finals are, when Sr. Projects are due, when the Prom is... And for days that school ends at a different time... I write the time next to it.
Because I'm like that. And I like things in a certain schedule. I like them the way they are supposed to be. The way they should be. I like to know... so that um... when there's going to be ANY kind of predictable interruption or change in my day, I'm not unprepared. Because being unprepared makes me very afraid.
I am afraid of the unknown. I am afraid of being the world's worst parent and not knowing that my kid got out at 12:14, while I'm way the heck on the other side of the second city over and they are stranded and have been sitting in the parking lot for hours already. Didn't I know? uh... well... NOW I do...
Because, you see... It's all on the calendar. Oh yeah... I put birthdays and anniversaries and stuff like that, too. But... basically, it serves me as being somewhat organized AND it saves me money. How? Um... a) I don't have to go to my shrink to get a new prescription [$20 saved!] and b) Do you KNOW how much those little pills cost? [$??? Saved!] oh yeah! and of course... c) I don't have to go back and forth when I now know when these kids are all getting out. I can schedule my day and my errands around the school schedule and super duper save on gas! [$$$aved!]
And so... when my hubs asks me, "What are we doing next weekend?" or my kids ask me, "Are we doing anything next Saturday?" or myself asks myself, "Is this a postal holiday?"
I simply say, "Check and see if it's on the calendar..." And VOILA! Everyone's coordinated with me! (AS IF! it were truly that easy! but hey... let me live in my calendar world and think that I'm really ok... and I am ok with that...)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Every Buy One of Those Microbead Pillows?

well... I did! After a couple of years... it starts to look like this:

Deflated, and utterly, truly ICKY! (Because, you know... you can't wash them, only wipe them down.) Kinda gross... Ewww...

So, I got this idea. I thought to myself, Self! Since there is another Microbead pillow (that no one hardly ever uses), then why not EMPTY OUT the Coke one, wash it, then fill it up and add the beads from the other pillow!!!  Sounds easy, right? And that's what I thought.

So... on New Year's Day, I emptied out the Coke pillow... what a friggin' mess!
These itty bitty teeny tiny beads floated all over the place... and had a hard time coming out. (There is a cloth tunnel that I'm just certainly sure they [the manufacturer people] put a rubber tube and gushed the stuff right in there, so they didn't have to deal with it [or inhale it]!)
And so, I ripped that stupid tube out! Forget this crap! I was going to dump it all and never see it again!

And as I dumped, they clung to every inch of me... not wanting to leave...

They covered my face, my pants...
They passed by my glasses and got into my eyes, my ears, my nose... I had microbead boogers!!!!
I don't want to describe what the inside cloth looked like after years of "sponging" the outside... Let's just say GROSS!  And so... I washed it.

It sat until this past weekend, empty and lifeless.  But... I was missing my pillow. And so I stuffed it. I stuffed it until it was puffy and fluffy, and then I sewed it up again with loving care.

And now! it looks like this:

All cuddly, lumpy, bumpy and soft! And sitting nicely on my sofa...

And it can be washed... whenever I want it to be! Never again will I EVER buy a microbead anything-or-other. It is simply not worth the grossness that will be forever embedded in my mind... Can you say YUCK?!?!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Snow AND A Phenomenal Detour

Last Wednesday, we took Marissa up for her first snow. Yeah, I know! She's 5, almost 6 and has never seen snow. WAIT! That's NOT true. We can totally see snow from where we are. It's up there on the mountain (pointing NE), see? Seriously, though. That's as close as we've gotten. Between all of our busy schedules and the heat that melted the snow too early, we never got there.

And so... since hubs had vacation and all my girls were ALSO still on winter break, we trekked up the moutain. Now... we had to go in through the side, as the "quick and easy" way was closed (due to two broken spots on the road), but we did. The view was gorgeous, from the snowless view, all the way up... up... to the snowy peaks! Ok, I didn't get that far, but I can only imagine. (and a note... please excuse some of the bluriness of some of the photos... I'm adjusting to a new "automatic" camera and in some of them, I was moving, whether in a car or otherwise)

We played, we sledded... well... they did, I took pictures! hahaha! Marissa made friends, as always...

We found a family of awesome snowmen!

Xanny and Marissa and Stacy and Rey all had SO much fun!

But... we had to be leaving as Xanny got snowballs glued to the bottom of her furby body and began shivering after a couple of hours.

And so... we headed back down the sideway... and got ALMOST to the bottom, and it closed. There was a major accident (I am so sorry for those people...), and we had to go around the loooooooonnnnnggggg way. Which... turned out to be 50 miles or more of a detour. But... what a glorious one it was!

I got to watch the sun changing the pines and firs and redwoods to stunning shades of gold.

And then... I encountered THIS:

Just like I've always seen in postcards for Hawaii! But on a beautiful wonderful California day. AND in the mountains!

We left Big Bear at 2pm'ish and got home... finally at 7pm'ish. What shoulda/coulda/woulda been a 1 hour 20 minute trip, took much longer. But it was SO worth it. We can't wait to go again!

And I can't wait to scrap it all!

*And another note... I'll be back more often (as hubs is back at work!)... Hope you missed me, my silent computer friends...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Saying Goodbye...

to Christmas 2010, that is! I forgot to take pics of all my decorations and lights and displays this year, like so many other years before. I can't believe I did it again!

But, before throwing out the stale Gingerbread house that Marissa and I worked so hard on, I actually remembered to take pics.

Let me set the stage for you... and include some pics of the building of the Gingerbread House 2010... *yeah... you know that's not gonna happen... lost the external hard drive where they were all stored... BOO!!!*

We had purchased a kit last year at the "after" Christmas sales. I will never do this again. Even though we saved a lot of money on it (75%), it SO was not worth it.

For one, Marissa likes to eat the gingerbread, the candy, AND the icing.

Ew... the icing was almost as hard as a rock. EVEN in an air-tight bag. Super gross. I worked it, too. I kneaded it with my warm hands, soaked the bag in warm and hot water, microwaved it... everything I possibly could, to no avail.

The gingerbread was hard. Ok... that's a given, because we all know in those kits... they're hard anyway. Like cardboard. (But hey! it still smelled good!)

The candy? Nah... I wasn't even going to try it...

But yeah... we put it together anyway. (If you notice some clear-ish glue... keep your comments to yourself and don't judge. Heck ya! I used the hot glue gun! It wouldn't stay up, otherwise...)

I threw together some icing... Well... um... Marissa was getting impatient and wanted to do it RIGHT NOW! (She'd already been waiting while I tried to soften the kit's icing.) So... I opened a can of vanilla Betty Crocker stuff. (Yes... I keep some in my cabinet - I love "instant cookies". What are these?, you ask? Graham crackers with frosting inside. Yum!)

Put some in a piping bag with a #3 tip and let her at it.

That didn't last long... Icing was coming out of the bag opening and not through the tip. Will kids ever listen? And so... Mama took control. I iced, and she put the candy on.

Where was Daddy through all of it? Uh... taking pictures (that got lost in the hard drive... when it crashed the week before Christmas).

Zooming into today. Today, it was the last thing sitting out... a reminder of Christmas Past except for the wrapping paper still in the dining room, waiting to finish wrapping presents that still need to be shipped up North. And so... I thought it appropriate to give it a little boost into the trash can. It was completely inedible, stale, and beginning to collect dust.

I grabbed a couple of shots, turning it this way and that, then off-loaded it into the waste can outside... Adios! Until next year... when we might... YES! we just might... make our own next year. No more nasty-tasting gingerbread houses for us!

Hoping your day is as sweet and sunny as this "Sun" is!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Too Good To Pass UP! Cricut Carts @ Michaels... $9.99

Kristin, over at The Crafty Kitchen shared the news. Listen up...

ALL CRICUT CARTRIDGES NORMALLY PRICED $69.99 WILL BE $9.99!!! (excluding Imagine carts...)

Are you happy? I am... now I just have to find some money! If you'd like to see the original post, click here. 
There's some talk though... on other sites, that the sale may/may not start on SATURDAY... so... call your local Michael's and find out. Woohoo! And if you see me there, I'll either give you cuts or you can give them to me! (scratchin' eachother's backs is a good thing!)

And btw... I just discovered this wonderful blog, and I'm running right back to check it out some more... you should, too!

It's January? Break Out the NEW Calendar! (Calendar Swap Pages)

Yes, I took a much needed break yesterday. I lounged around, checked in on Facebook a little, made a "boxed" dinner (Stove Top Stuffing ROCKS, btw...), watched some television, and read a little, too. (Oh yeah... and in all of that, I also hit up Walmart for some 75% off stuff...) After all, I had to recover from taking down and putting away all things holidays...

But, I'm coming back today! And... with something a little bit crafty, too.

I am in a couple of groups online. The Scrapbook_Bingo group on YahooGroups does swaps occasionally. This last time, we did a calendar swap. We each signed up for a particular month to put together a "Header Page" (you know... the one that goes at the "top" of each calendar month) and made 12 landscape-style layouts for it. We then sent them in and would get a full year's worth back! Woohoo! I just love assembly-line style...

This is what I got back:

January! (You already know it came from me... Don't you just love the cheery snowman?) For more information on this layout, click HERE.

February... the month of L.O.V.E.
March... the month of Leprechauns


A super cute list of dates and an adorable buttoned 4-leaf clover were added to complete it.

April brings RAIN SHOWERS... that make uh... FLOWERS!

And I just love the matting and felt flowers!


June... oh, so sweet!

a little more detail on those super CA-YOOT! lady bugs...

July... full of sparkle and patriotism!

August... is a good summer month.

September... School Days!

October (another one by yours truly!)... a Boo-tiful month!

Notes on October... this cutest paper was a pack at Big Lots... adorable and so fitting! The web was Stardust Gellyroll-penned for glitter effects. The Floating Ghosts are cut from the Paper Doll Dress-Up and pop-dotted at the eyes to keep them afloat in the air. 

And the webbing behind the mat is leftover Halloween "webs"... The font is Blackletter, which I thought I'd never use. But! I did, especially since it came for free with my Gypsy download. I added Red Stickles for the glitter-y blood effects... Boo!

 November... time for leaves to fall.
A closer look at the details... very nice falling leaves.
And these pumpkins are look so sweet... perfectly inked and irresistible.
December... a month for celebration and magic... just BELIEVE...
This layout is simple, yet... majestic. The tree just makes it that way!
The calendars were then bound with my friend's wonderful Cinch. Later... I customized calendar pages and printed them from (which is a FREE site, so check it out!!! GET IT? FREE Printables!!!), and adhered them with my trusty friend... ATG! A quick hole, punched with my Crop-a-dile Big Bite (exactly in the center at the top of the pages), and Voila!

And so... I created two calendars, both of which were given as gifts, which I'm sure the recipients will cherish forever and ever, especially since they have to add their own photos... I'll show the glorious wrappings another day...

What type of calendar are YOU using for 2011? Get crafty! It'll make you want to use it more. (AND... fyi... these calendars CAN be used over and over again, by simply re-printing new years and placing them over the old... maybe update the photos a little bit, but hey! very economical!)