Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless/full Wednesday; What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, etc.

It's been a LOOONNNGGG time since I participated in these, but... here I am, and here you are, too. Woohoo!

Wordless/Wordfull... it's all what you make of it. As my camera is downloading 517 pics (see, I haven't been just neglecting you or my blog... I've not been doing other things I should have either...), I'm sure there's something to be said for all of them.

Uh... my middle child graduated, my oldest finally got a job after an almost full year hiatus of not doing anything. I had issues with lots of things... school district employment (mine... don't get me started...), crafting machines dying on me (who's got money to replace them?!!! that's right... I do... I'ts called Amazon CREDIT.). Now the printer's down AGAIN. (I've had 4 replacement printers from HP... and the latest one just went out yesterday... ugh!)

Still waiting for those pics to download... thought this was going to be a quickie post. Geez! I've got things to do! We're going to Yucaipa Regional Park today to meet up with an old friend and her family, who are camping there. Who'd'a thunk it would cost $20 to go swimming? ($7 for the car to get in, and $4 each person to swim... EEK!) And I'm leaving in 40 minutes!!!! (sure i am...)

OK. Pics are done downloading... Here's something you can add words to... or not...


In case you can't tell... our house got tee-peed. I remember when we used to do this for pop-warner or band, or just friends. Back then in the day, it was ok to do it. We all had permission from the parents and knew what it meant. I was leaving for work (yes... I work...) on a beautiful Saturday morning, and this greeted me, backing up out of the garage. I believe it was sometime in May. My daughter assures me she hasn't done anything to anyone.

Fun memories, and I made her take pics, because I had to get going I was already running late.

And in case you're wondering where that beautiful morning sky is in the background, we're in Southern California. Inland Empire. And it was a beautiful day. Luckily, the job I was going to allows me to walk around in the sunshine all day... on a pool deck. And I L-O-V-E it!

On my Workdesk Wednesday... Here ya go! The question is NOT "What's on Your Workdesk?" It should be "What's NOT on Your Workdesk?" (I'm so far behind and the craftroom is SUCH a freakin' disaster, that I'm hoping this post gets my boo-tay going and it'll be done before the weekend? uh. huh... Don't hold your breath...)

Lots of cleanup, lots of projects, lots of inspiration? Check back with me later... I'm linking up to lots of people (later), as I've got to run, so... I'll do what I can for now. See ya!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Paper Hoarders: Birthday Challenge (and other things)

So... this summer is going by oh-so-quickly already. We just ended school June 5/6 (two different days for two different grade levels... ugh!) and am already looking at the omgosh-we-only-have-a-month-and-a-half-almost panic attack. I had "planned" on getting so much done this summer. YIKES!!!!

On Friday, we (at Paper Hoarders) did a challenge. It was an "optional" challenge, as it was extremely emotional for our head Paper Hoarder, as you can see HERE.  She has a couple of posts, on from Friday (June 22) and one from Sunday (June 24), so you can follow her emotional journey and leave her some love. (There might be more later, so keep checking the initial "HERE" link.) We love you, Tanya!

I wasn't able to post on Friday, or Saturday... was too pooped on Sunday and Monday, so here I am on Monday Tuesday, finally doing this post. Well... I forgot to take pics as I went along... and even forgot to take pics when I was done, so... I had the recipient's mom (Lebanie's mom, Menissa... lol!) text me a pic. Please be forgiving.

Here we go... Birthday Challenge! It was Lebanie's 9th birthday party... the at a skating rink! (How fun is that!) The theme - 80's. ok, so... I didn't have an 80's outfit, and neither did my daughter, because the universe knows that stuff wouldn't FIT me now I threw it all out a long time ago... But, I did make a quick card - I was lucky I found a Boom Box (Radio) on Cricut Alphabet on the NEW Cricut Expression 2! (and if any of ya'll know how to link the carts pre-loaded on the machines to the Gypsy, please let me know!)  With touches of silver and black glitter glues and some retro-styling puffy purple embossing, I hope she had a Boomin' time!

We had a blast, and NO! I'm not sore. Hahaha! And yes... I did skate. I think I just forgot how to stop and used the padded walls for that purpose.

Onward and upward... I also had a grad party to go to. Unfortunately, I had created a post for another grad party (the card I'd made anyway) and can't seem to find it here (must've been so tired that I deleted instead of published. Ugh!). So... I'll post both cards.

Yesenia (Yessie) was good enough to graduate from University with her teaching credentials (WTG, Yesenia!!!). And so... I made this little card for her. She's got naturally curly hair, a light olive complexion, and eyes that sparkle. (I try really hard to match the grad gown, cap, school colors and person's look, ya know?) So... I embossed the Peachy Keen-stamped face in clear (to add the sparkle), dry embossed her long locks, and gold-embossed the year on the tassel. Woohoo! And we partied, too!

Earlier in the month, I went to Danielle's grad party. this was her card:
Her hair's a little shorter, than Yessie's, so I didn't need to elongate the coif. And of course, the gowns/caps were different colors (representing the schools), so yeah... you've got it.

Both cards were made using Everyday Paper Dolls. The tassels? uh... ordinary curling ribbon.

Both ladies had personalized gifts, as well... Yessie (Jessie, as her friends/family call her...) even took pics and posted some of them on Facebook! lol! Ok, so the cookie-decorating kinda sucked, as I was being completely lazy and piped outta Ziplocs instead of real piping bags and tips. EEK! But, I love that I now have this fabby cookie stamp from Williams-Sonoma to do ALL KINDS OF THINGS WITH for now on. (Lebanie also got Message-in-a-Cookie(s) only hers said things to the way of "happy birthday".)

I always prefer personalization, because it's... just so much more personal. Love you all! Congrats and Happy Birthdays all around. Glad you're here and thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to leave a comment and tell me what YOU'VE done to make that gift/card more special.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mama's Losin' It (Writing Prompt): 5.) Share something you learned embarrassingly late in life.

Wow. I know I haven't done much as of late... My mo and my jo just haven't been with me. Like everyone else in this world, I've been feeling overwhelmed and just not with it. But last night... I was on a Ustream of Erica's Craft Room, learning about refreshing my mind with Blogger deets. I met a wonderful person (Hi, Teresa!) of Create Joy Share that encouraged me to get back on the bloggin' horse. So... here I am. AND! Since it's Thursday, and I "used" to do the writing prompts via Mama Kat, well... I thought I'd start there.

This week's writing prompt that I've chosen? Um... a rather embarrassing one: 5.)   Share something you learned embarrassingly late in life.

Many years ago, I was talking. (Yes, I talk. I talk a lot, so suffice it to say that I was talking...) We (my family) were talking about something... I don't remember what.  But apparently, the subject of "wolf" came up. I listened, and then had to put my two cents in the ring, as well. Only, I didn't pronounce it "woolf" (with an emphasis on the "l"), I pronounced it "wuf" (with a short vowel sound).

And everybody. Laughed. and Laughed. And Laughed...

My whole life I've been saying it this way. And no one said a thing. But somewhere in my 30's, people (my family especially) finally noticed and decided that it was wrong. and f-u-n-n-y. Why no one ever tried correcting this before, I'll never know, but... all of a sudden, something I've been saying forever is incorrect.

Now, I'm not perfect (but don't tell that to my kids...), and I know it. But... as many classes as I've taken, and conversations I've had, you'd a thunk it might should have been caught long before now. And so...

I occasionally catch myself doing it sometimes; you know it's really hard to emphasize that "l", and I must have a lazy mouth! Almost every time I see my family, it has to come up again somehow. They enjoy poking fun at me. What. Ev. Er...

You too, can join in the fun and link yourself up. There's a writing prompt every single week. Sign up to have them sent to you, and post (at least once in a while...). Mama Kat is AWESOME! She visits and gives us love... Just go to and see what other aspiring writers have written about. Don't forget to comment. Everyone needs to feel a little lovin'...