Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's Been 3 Months!

... Well, almost! Life has been extremely hectic, and I've been inundated in the small-world style of politics (people never see the full picture, only what they want to see... they just don't "get" it! and... they think they are being fair, but if they never see the big picture, how can they truly judge what is fair?). And that is my political view. Enough of that. I've had so many problems and things happen over the past couple of months, I just sort of gave up, so today... I stretch my wings again, and vow to try to not complain.

I am here, it is now, the past is gone... There are no excuses if I haven't posted or kept in touch... sorry. I just get frustrated and anxiety hits. Go figure. Where are you? What are you doing with your summer months?

Here it is in a nutshell the brief past, with lots of stuff missing (there's just too much to go through, and I don't want to harp on the negative)... Stacy got her braces off, Rey commenced to High School, Jr graduated (believe it or not!), and Renee is in a drum & bugle core. Marissa is still growing, and still doesn't want to potty train. She does occasionally want to go "sit."

I still have my squirrels, but except for a couple of peaches, a couple of blackberries, and one large tomato, we've been ok. My backyard is green, the grapes are coming in (we'll see if they last!), I have more tomatoes ripening, squash coming up, other seeds sprouting... hopefully, this will be a more productive year.

In the front, the cannas, callas and gladiolas are beautiful. The lavendar has grown so much. Much of the seeds I planted, however, have not sprouted... probably due to birds. Oh well... It's still pretty.

Scrapbooking? I've been working on a couple of pieces of projects, but haven't done much. I have made LOTS of cards, though. And I forget to take pics of most of them. I still love my Cricut. I got the Zooballoo cartridge and absolutely adore it! It is a font and shape cartridge all in one compact thing. Super cute stuff can be made from it. Here're some pics of cards I made...

Anyway... I started this much ealier today, and still am not finished. So, now, it's just kind of thrown together. I won't try to "catch up" this time... just go on! Toodles for now! lisa

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