Friday, July 25, 2008

"Feelin' Hot, Hot, HOT...!"

Yes, I am, and in more ways than one! It has been still rather hot here (temperature-wise). But that's not all...

I "heard" that Michael's was having a $40 Cricut cartridge special until Sunday (July 27), so it would go through Saturday, right? Uh... no. When I went to Michael's, they had no such sale and told me it was last week. Bummer. It's ok, though... it's money I didn't need to spend. LOL!

Then... those dingy television stations just go flipping around their programs, changing days, times, etc. Uh... yes I have TiVo, but I didn't change priorities, because it recorded just fine, based on the days and times the shows were set. Yikes! Can't they be consistent? So, some of my programs didn't get recorded, because I thought everything was cool... WRONG! Oh well... ce la vie...

Next up... my tears are hot. My girls are leaving for a week. I'll miss them. I'm taking them to my mom's tonight.

But now I'm hot and ready to go to get some scrapping done. Beginning Sunday afternoon! I have some new stuff and the Cricut Design Studio that I'm dying to try out, just haven't had the time. Now I can. Let's get HOT and scrappin'! Toodles for now! lisa

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