Friday, July 25, 2008

The Latest on Walmart Crafts!

So, walking into my local Walmart today, the fabric department is still there and dwindling. They still have quite a bit of stuff. Their dept. manager saw me and came rushing over. She was spilling with excitement. They latest update is... the ARE NOT getting rid of their fabrics. Apparently, it has been put on hold, yet again, and several stores are keeping theirs. One whole wall of where the fabric used to be is now USC stuff... go figure (nobody would think to look there!). Lots of other items have been pushed out, however... most of your really inexpensive things...

... to make way for Martha Stewart Crafts. Ugh. I like some of her stuff, but her colors (in scrapbooking) seem to me to be just too bland. I personally don't care if my "ecru" and "egg shell blue" have uppity names. Just coordinate it, brighten it up, and give it to us. There are still die-hard MS fans out there. Good for you. However, her stuff seems to be a little pricey for the looks of it.

Walmart is still clearancing out their Disney Cricut Cartridges. For the 5th month, they are still $49.00. I guess everybody's idea of "Clearance" is different. I would've thought they would've lowered the prices by now, especially since certain craft stores have sales of them for $39.99.

Also regarding Cricut in the Walmart stores, our local store has finished putting in their Cricut section. When they started selling the Expression, it was a much lower price than it is now. Hey! At least they have it. And a little fyi... their mats are only $7.67 and $12.67 for the 12" and 24" (respectively). Their tool kit is also only $18.88. That's a good deal. Michael's and Joanne's have it for $24.99 each and their 12" mat for $9.99.

Besides the MS line, they brought in Recycled and K&Co - cute stuff!

Let's see how long this lasts... Toodles for now! lisa

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