Monday, July 21, 2008

CHA - Didn't Win! But Learned a Lot!

Maybe I didn't win any of Making Memories' fun give-a-ways this weekend, but I came back from my virtual tour of CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) this summer with a lot more knowledge, an imaginery bank account (like I'd have the money to buy everything I saw...), and a child's impatience, knowing I have to wait for the new products to show up at my local store.

(Sigh) Waiting is not something I am good at.

There are so many new lines going out... it's gonna be a great year! The neatest thing I've seen so far is the Slice by Making Memories. Yes... all of you... I already have the Cricut, but the Slice is Nice, too! This is a hand-held, WIRELESS digital cutter. It's only 5 inches and weighs under 2 pounds! The problem is... I don't know how much it costs just yet. Plus, you have to get the design cards for it... this could interfere with the purchase of Cricut Cartridges??? NOT! I'll wait and see how the prices go. In the meantime, they (Making Memories) is currently taking entries for a free Slice. They are giving away 8 of them on 08-08-08! Isn't that a hoot? Four 8's? LOL! Here's the site to register to win your own. I know it takes away from me winning, but I gotta share! Who knows... maybe since I don't have much luck, one of you will! That would be great.

I'm still exploring what other new treats there were. It's really hard when you are on the outside looking in. Maybe one day... I'll have the "validation" to be able to get in there, myself. At these conventions, only the trades people are allowed, not a simple someone like myself. Sales are not allowed on site; orders must be shipped. How boring! See it here:

HOWever, this is one of the lucky ladies I've recently discovered. She has a great blog, designs really well, and was of the select group that got to attend CHA. How fun to make scrapbooking your life! Check her out (Laura McCollough) at She's also from the Inland Empire, so check her out, post a comment, and scrap away! Anyway... Toodles for now! lisa

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