Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's Not Too Bad...

Ok, so Divine Intervention working... I am exercising, but not losing weight. Hopefully, I will at least lose some inches. I couldn't get it in me to walk to the pool yesterday, so I asked hubby to drive us, and that we would walk home. Ya see... Stacy was at school (had the meet) and didn't have her bike; Rey was at the school next door and was going to walk to the meet and meet us (lol!) and didn't have her bike. So... my only option was to either get a ride and take the stroller, or stroll myself there. I am LAZY! So... I chose the first option.

Stacy did semi-ok at her meet. She really thinks it's a Sunday Swim or something, because her times (as well as her casual stroke) showed she wasn't giving it her all. She puts much more effort into her dramatic faces. I wish she'd put it into her stroke or kick, then it might increase her speed.

Rey practiced afterward. Her shoulder is feeling much better. The coach has worked them pretty hard since getting back from a clinic. These kids need it, and the coach, therefore, has my eternal support. Plus, she's a great coach! (as well as my friend... Go Robyn!)

And... I will be "working" the meet on Saturday from a different angle than usual. (Thanks, Desiree!) I am actually going to be an "Official" (in training). Bring out the whites (and khakis), folks, as Lisa is going to be a "Stroke and Turn Referee." Yes! I am on my way... lol! Anyway, it saves the team a great amount of $$$, which we could totally use, and could get me on my way to my officials certification. Yeah, me! I think it will be a blast. It's a sure-fire way not to miss one of my kids' events, right? Uh, huh...

And so... I've also been working on a couple of sketches and ideas for my scrapbook... I have a vision, but it is not quite coming on board. I have had lots of hits on a messageboard for my Beach Scene layout, but not many comments. Lots of hits, though. Those Cricut ladies are awesome! I was so happy with the layout and the way the new techniques worked, that I just wanted to share it and see if others were as excited as I was. Also... Karen liked the accordion so much that she asked how to do it, and (YEAH KAREN!) did one herself. She stepped out of her box! I just need other people to realize that even though something appears "difficult" that it isn't, and it can still be "simple".

Now, I'm at a loss. Like I said in yesterday's post, I'm working on this one layout for Michelle's Quincenera. I would like to do "The Princess & Marissa" angle, and I think it will work, but there are so many photos from that event, and I don't want to dedicate more than two pages to it... so... I'll have to do more hidden things. I like the "hidden" elements. They are fun to do. However, I am trying to use only what I have. So... I am thinking and thinking, because, of course, I want to go buy something new! A new "magical" paper, stickles, glitters, rhinestones... whatever... But, I need to make sure I stick with and use only what I have. That is my challenge! It's a good one. But I will succeed.

I have work to do tonight, as well as the layout for the Meet Program, which I hope to take to the printer tomorrow. And I've got to work on a couple of elements from my page... Today we will bike to practice... tomorrow will be a repeat of decision from yesterday (walk... or get a ride).

BTW... the walk home wasn't so bad. It was cold, but we kept moving and stayed warm, until we got home... then we froze while I looked for the garage door opener... Yikes! Gotta keep that thing a little more handy! With the wind blowing and the colder night air, our sunny Southern Cali wasn't so "sunny". Life is good... Now if only everything would work right! lol! Toodles for now! lisa

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