Sunday, July 27, 2008

Michaels Sale AND BONUS

I am so excited! I did go to Michael's after all. I got 3 carts... Pooh and Friends, Pooh Font Set and Walk in My Garden. Beautiful Stuff.

I was bummed and couldn't get Doodlecharms, due to the fact they didn't have any in stock. So... I had to choose. Only I didn't! I'm doing a favor for a friend, so my friend purchased the carts as a down payment. What a friend! Thank you!!!! Me and my girls will love it forever!

When I got home, the first thing I intended to do was tear open the plastic packaging to read the handbooks and see all of the nifty stuff inside, as well as the project that is included with each handbook.

But, as I tore off the plastic encasing, meant to protect the cartridge's box and contents, a smell came forth. It reminded me of being a kid again. The smells of summer, as I like to call them... when you open that new package of vinyl blowup pool toys... the smell that comes out. It is something new, and you know it is going to be something fun! Well, people, Cricut is fun! So are all of the cartridges. They are all new toys to us! Yippee! Let's PLAY!

I am thoroughly joyed that I did, after all, get the Pooh Font. I really would like the Campout, but for now the Pooh Font will do. It has 3 different fonts (one of them being "wood") and the Pooh and Friends babies. How cute that will be. I was thinking I would probably use the wooded font for our camping pictures. This will be an excellent solution.

Also... I got some of the Studio G stamps (how can you resist a $1 deal?) and a couple of mini punches. Every month or so, Michaels swaps out their $1 bin stamps and replaces it with another series. I love Studio G stamps! The mini punches were a nice surprise. I had seen them there before (in the $1 bin with the stamps) and had to check out which punches I had at home before making my big purchase. However, as I watched them being wrung up, I was super happy. I saw the price ringing up at $.60... 40% off! WOOHOO! I was getting good deals everywhere.

I am still excited... even if it appears the CDS (Cricut Design Studio) BONUS is a download. I haven't installed my own copy yet... a little afraid. Let's see how long it takes Provo Craft to send me my free copy. Until then, I think I can wait just a little longer... lol! Toodles for now! lisa

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