Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cricut Cartridges $40 (and there's a BONUS!)

Ok folks (fellow scrappers, Cricut fans, and gift fairies)... the sale at Michael's that I griped so much about not being there begins TODAY! Yes! From Sunday (July 27) through Saturday (August 2), Cricut Cartridges are "50%" off. According to Michaels, that means they are $40.

And... there is a BONUS! If you don't yet have Cricut Design Studio (CDS), you can get it for free! Purchase 3 Cricut Cartridges and get CDS FREE! (I believe it is a CDS rebate.). However, if you already have CDS, don't frown on this deal... it's still selling on e-Bay for $40 and more!

Good luck ladies and gents... I'd see ya there, but I already spent my $$$! Boo hoo.... Toodles for now! lisa

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