Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Going, Going... Almost GONE!

Here, the summer is going by so fast. The kids here (we are on a "modified" traditional schedule) have been out since mid-June. They started summer school a week and a half later (June 25th). They will finish this Friday. New packet pick-ups for the 2008/2009 year are Monday, enrollment/registration is the following week (August 3-6), then they go right back to school mid-August (the 13th!). It was a rush! It is almost gone. Where did it go? I believe it went away with the lower gas prices...

The girls are excited though. I've been showing them things that were revealed at the Summer 2008 CHA!

Cricut is coming out with a "Tinkerbell and Friends"cartridge! Rey loves Tink, and so does Renee (the other one), so I should be able to do some awesome things with that, provided I can get one. I was a little bit disappointed though. It appears that the friends are her woodbound pixie people. I was hoping for a little bit of Peter Pan, Hook, the Crocodile, some Lost Boys, Wendy, Nana, and the bunch... I guess I thought her friends were a different lot. Duh! (Huh?)

Then... I got another major blow by Cricut! I was so excited about the Hello Kitty cartridge. I some of the shapes and fonts on the cartridge and was delighted. Then... I got on a website that was taking pre-orders. Whoops again! Apparently, they are dividing it up and are doing a "Hello Kitty Greetings" cartridge and a Hello Kitty Font cartridge. Ugh! I'm not that wealthy!

But... Cricut is coming out with a Pixar Cars cartridge. I am also really excited for that. There is no font cartridge to go with it... just the shapes. Still pretty cool.

Cricut also came up with a deep cutter (yeah! I'll finally be able to cut that magnet sheet I've dreamed of cutting...) and an embossing folder? and a stamp maker? We'll see how this stuff goes. I have to read more on it...

I've been watching for lots of the other lines. Pretty neat stuff. There is a really cool "icing" to go with my chalks. Love the chalks! Lots of really cool neato new papers. Bazzill (a line of cardstock - mostly) came out with a 12x12 sheet of "Swiss Dots." Yippee! I can do so much with that, as I don't have a Cuttlebug to emboss, so I am SO glad for this!

Besides watching CHA over the internet and not winning anything (I'll try to stop harping on that one any day now...), we did go to Juan's 25th Annual Family Reunion. It was pretty ok. The weather was much cooler than here, and it seems there were more people than last year. That's always good. My 20th High School Reunion was that night also... I skipped it... no desire to go. It was too expensive, and I don't believe in the "fake" formal things.

I let the girls (mine) pick out a pattern last week and cut up their shirts. I had to approve it ahead of time (of course), but they picked out a modest girly pattern. Much cuter than those ugly crew necks! So... we cut up 5 shirts here. I took my scissors... just in case. Sure enough, I did about 6 shirts at the Reunion. I could have done more, but appeared busy. I wanted to enjoy myself, take pics, and socialize! Not work... [Here's a link to the video (youtube). I'm not sure about infringement rights and such, otherwise I would've downloaded the video directly to my blog... I'm sure I'll figure it all out as time goes on; however, any comments to direct me in the right direction are also welcome! Thanks!]

The food was so-so. It used to be everyone brought homemade items. I get it. A lot of people don't have time anymore, so now you see a ton of store-fried chickens, rotisseried chickens, purchased baked goods, pizza, salads, etc. I made homemade garlic bread sticks and brought spaghtetti sauce for dipping. Other people must have liked it... I didn't have any to take home.

I got some great pics. I can't wait to print them and put them into pages associated for family. Some of them are really cute. Marissa discovered Barbies there. YIKES! But to see her play happily with other kids was great. She really entertained herself with all of her "new" friends. Juan actually played volleyball this year. So... I took the action shots (you just can't tell he hit the ball out of bounds!). They will go great in my book.

It's amazing that something I thought "just" happened (last year), happened again so quickly. It was anticipated; it came and went really fast; and here we are... anticipating another year. Time is going... too fast. Gotta go! Toodles for now! lisa

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