Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Did I forget to mention?

Yah! I did! Some of you have been with me through a lot of my trials (Divine Intervention, etc.). Uh... I got my car back a while ago... just as the gas prices started creeping (jumping!) up! Ugh. What used to take me $80 to fill my tank now takes over $100!

I know... for some of you in other countries, we complain too much. Your prices are much higher. But... we are not used to paying $4.50-5.00 a gallon. YUCK! And now... it's much too hot here (usually at least around 100 degrees F) to walk or ride bikes anywhere. Yes... I like excuses...

But anyway, I realized for those looking here, I hadn't disclosed the transportation issue. It took a little over a month. AND $500. Even though it wasn't my fault, the insurance has had a difficult time getting in touch with the at-fault driver, so we have to wait and maybe never get reimbursed for our deductible. (Sigh...) And so... with all of the problems we had, we also changed insurances. We are getting a lot more coverage for a little less and much lower deductible at a more reputable place. Yeah, us!

No... I didn't lose much (weight). I go back and forth. Such is life, or maybe it's just I'm not quite ready to give up the hefty me... hmmm... have to think about that one. Anyway... just wanted to catch ya'all up on that one. Toodles for now! lisa

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