Friday, July 18, 2008

Camping is FUN!

Last weekend, we headed out to the "hot" town of Bakersfield, to a camping site called "Buena Vista." This is on Webb Lake, off the Kern River, in Kern County. It was warmer than my house (105 degrees), but with a breeze, it felt much cooler than home. We got there at 5pm with the heat still on, unloaded the trailer, set up the tents, and started dinner. How peaceful can it get?

Like many others in today's economy, we didn't venture too far. However, there is just too many of us to have a "stay-cation". I'm glad we got away.

There were 10 of us total. My mom and her hubby, the five of us (Jr & Renee didn't come), and my sister, her boyfriend and a family friend. A rather diverse bunch, we enjoyed each other immensely and didn't grate on the nerves too much. Jolene and Cynthia taught John and the girls a new game. It was fun to watch, and I love getting "silly" pics!

Although I love my phone, television, computer, and scrapbooking/crafting/sewing stuff... it was so nice to have the quiet and enjoy friendly time with everyone. We were worried that Ms. Marissa might have a hard time, but she absolutely loved it. She wants to go "again and again and again and again!" I told her daddy... when her birthday comes, don't ask her where she wants to go. I'm not camping in January! But the little girl loved it! She loved playing with her flashlight, playing in her mini tent (only for daylight hours), sleeping in the sleeping bag, and going to the lake.

I got some really great photos. The last day, there wasn't anyone else in the swimming area, so I got to take my camera wading in the water, and got those really awesome shots... I really do miss my SLR! Right now, I've got a simple point-and-shoot digital. The delay kills me sometimes, and I don't have as much flexibility with it, but I'll just have to save up... uh... yeah! As it is, I've added the Cricut Camping Cartridge to my "wants" now, so I can scrap it all with my Circut flair!

But, we all had a great time, and can't wait to go again. We'll be going again in September to Agua Caliente in Palm Springs. These are natural mineral spring pools that stay around 90 degrees! Yippee! Woohoo! I can't wait. To have a spa session with everyone else for just the price of a campground. What a deal!

Anyway, we did have a wonderful time, enjoyed the peace and quiet, enjoyed each other's company... got great pics (even of some people acting rather "silly"), and then had to pack up and come back to reality. Uh... the life! Toodles for now! lisa

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