Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Write a Haiku Weekly Challenge - Back-to-School

My kids returned two weeks ago, exactly, to be exact, so... thought I'd play along with this new challenge. For fun!!!

Back to School

Time on my hands, not enough
There is no Free Time
Not enough "ME!" Time, Oh Why?

Yeah, I know... not "really" about back-to-school, but it is... ya know? It seems that since the kids have been back, my life is CRAZIER!!! Flying everywhere, and doing everything. *sigh* but... all in the name of love of the kids that have gone back. We'd do anything for them!

You can play, too! Write a haiku! First line = 7 syllables + Second line = 5 syllables + Third line = 7 syllables. Let's see what you can do! Thank you, Mommie Daze for prompting this challenge. Made me think a little. Link up yours to hers (she started it!). And then... check out my Wordless Wednesday pic... fun, fun... all in the middle day...

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  1. It's true! There's always something going on when the school year is in session!


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