Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cricut Circle Sisters' Fall Blog Hope and BLOG CANDY!!!!

First of all... let me say... I'm not a Circle Sister. I can't participate in their challenges because, well... I'm not a member of the Cricut Circle (an EXPENSIVE and elite club of Cricut Members sponsored by ProvoCraft). I just can't afford it. And that's okay. But still... I get to look at these fabulous creations by some of the members, and I swoon. I wish I were a Circle Sister.

Today (Saturday, August 27, 2011) began their Fall Blog Hop. And boy oh boy! Is it HOPPING! So many awesome projects to be found, and a lot of nifty little tips - tips that I'm favoriting as I hop along and storing them in my head as well to use in the future. They are also using LOTS of Cricut carts that I never really thought of using, and now... um... yeah... I'm thinking I might need them! (hahaha! NEED!!!!) Yes, I'm grinning in a wildly ferocious, fearsome grin, thinking of all the wonderful things *I* could do if I had these cartridges in my hands (on my Gypsy!).

So... here's the breakdown...

We begin with Kristen at Fantabulously Pink. She starts the Fall hop with a bang and a great give-away!

Then, we follow to Michele who makes an awesome fall home decor piece. She also has blog candy...
Roberta was next, but she didn't have her Hop post up yet (I'll go back again and check later...)

Well, I don't want to ruin the talent for you, or the excitement, so... I'll just re-direct you to Kristen's blog, where you can start your hop on your own. I'd like to thank all of these ladies for participating. It certainly kept me going (and my dishes from NOT getting done...) on a super-dee-duper HOT Saturday night (it got to 109 here!!!).  By the way, there are TWENTY-THREE entries. So... if you have some time on your hands, or even if you don't you should check each and everyone of these ladies out, as they have tons of stuff to show you.

And also... some of them have even MORE friends that have blog candy, so you really should check out their links, as well! Check out some of them HERE:
Chris at ChatterScene is giving away a Scrapbooking with Cricut book for her 400-follower-giveaway. September 1st is the deadline, so you'd better hurry. It's a great prize! She's got lots of great projects, and a forum, too! Seriously... go check it all out!

Have a great Saturday night/Sunday morning. Hope those of you in the East stay safe and dry and hoping that Hurricane Irene passes you by...

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  1. How do I find out about the CIRCLE SISTERS group? Is it a blog or a fb group or what?

    Thanks and have a great weekend.



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