Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday Mojo: Altered Project (Late, but Better Late than...)

Whew! This past week has been super duper crazy!

School started for the kids last week, and I've been working in the kindergarten classroom, helping ease the newbie kinder parents of their seperation anxiety (translation: pulling the kids from their parents' arms and pushing said parents OUT the door). It's been a week now, and yes... we're still having to deal with it. Apparently, this year is the worst ever. I won't go into too much detail, but ugh! It's been wild.

On top of that... if you've noticed, I haven't been posting as much as I'd hoped/promised. But that's all about to change!!! I've been having problems with my internet loading, with each page loading, with photos loading, etc. So, I finally got tired of it all and called Time Warner. Today, my newest friend (bow down to Jaime!!!), came over and fixed it all for me. New modem, new router, a splitter change, (input all the time to find the issues, as the splitter wasn't inside, but outside), and voila! I am BACK!

The issues had been driving me nuts and freezing the system, and now there are no problems, whatsoever. So... here's hoping Blogger won't give me any problems, either!

And on to Monday's Late Post! This week, we (at Queen of My Craftroom DT) were to do an altered project. Um... I had in mind I was going to refurbish and paint and decoupage a tray that I had long-ago given to my girls, only to have them never use it and donate it to a yard sale when they finally cleaned their room this past weekend (um, yeah... I did imply their room is clean!!! Which, YAY!!!! It really IS!!!). So... I took it back! But...

A beloved group called "Paper Hoarders" (um, gee... I wonder WHY I'm in that sort of group... *snicker*) had a challenge for an altered project also, which was... again... due Monday. The other part of the challenge was it had to be round. Round meant any way, shape or form of being round, not including my belly, because well... who the heck wants to see a decorated flabby round-shaped belly? And so... began with this little containter that my good friend was tossing. (Don't know what it had in it previously, but the sticker said $18.)

Marissa (my 6yo) is changing daily. She is finally letting me put "things" in her hair and lets me put it in different formats nowadays. (Yay! sooo different from last year where she had to wear it down every. single. day.) And I thought I could put hair bands, ribbons and bows in this great tin and she'd know what it was because, YEAH! you can see right in there!

And so... I measured, cut, glued, and all that jazz and started to wrap the tin. Oops! totally forgot abou the window. So... I measured, cut, and glued a frame, inked it up a tad, to blend in with the blue leopard print (I don't care for it, but Marissa sure does...), Cut a topper piece, a band, added a beautiful blue satin ribbon, and we were good to go! (Don't worry... the purple inside won't be seen, there are enough hair things to fill that sucker up!)

Unfortunately, because of the internet fiasco, and the not loading of it, and all the business, when I rushed home on Monday, I couldn't load it to the group's contest. So, I texted it, knowing it was late. I still wanted it to be known that I did do it. I felt accomplished! Whew! I wouldn't have won a prize anyway, seeing as it was simple, easy, and not a whole lotta thought about it, but... it was on my to-do list for my daughter's room, and... ta-da! Two challenges completed and one happy little girl is a success to me!

And so... If you'd like to get in on Queen of My Craftroom's challenge this week, you can join us over here. Just post an altered project, and you're good to go, too! Michelle and the rest of us would be glad to have you!


  1. Very cute Lisa!! I have two boys and would LOVE to craft girly things... let alone something cute like this and with ANIMAL PRINT!! :)

    Totally lovable,
    TFS, Cheryl @ CardsbyCG.blogspot.com

  2. That looks so GREAT!!!! I love how it came out!

  3. This is so cute, what a great idea! :) I'm a new follower and looking forward to seeing more of your great creations! :)

    I would love if you stopped by my craft blog, Made Especially For You. Blog candy coming soon! :)


  4. Your altered Project was GREAT!! Girl.. You crack me up every time I read your posts!! I apologize for not commenting earlier, but I can't from my phone. I thank you for being a PAPER HOARDER and look forward to your next creation!!



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