Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tip-sy Tuesday - Tips from the Photo Printing World

My Monday Mojo is running a tad late this week. I think I left it at Walgreen's yesterday...

I had ordered prints for my "California Project" (this week's DT Challenge), and had "issues" at the above-noted establishment.

Let's start at the beginning...

I uploaded online. I always do. Usually, I have them mailed to me, because... *sigh* I'm not a "glossy" person. I'm a "matte" person.

Glossy just attracts things. Things like fingerprints. Things like dust. Things like GLARE when you're trying to take pics of them. And glossy just can't be played with as much (i.e. coloring with markers, pens, paint... whatever...) without being totally obvious and taking away from the effect.

So matte is my fave. I love to play with my photos, both in PhotoShop (I have two programs!) and the more traditional way, the manual way... where I can do it myself.

But Sunday night, I ordered prints to pick up at the store, and they only do glossy in the store. No bigsters. Ok.

I went to pick them up after working in the kindergarten class yesterday morning (around noon'ish). They did not have my order. They had nothing. It didn't show in the queue. Um... WHAT? And so... being the SmartPhone that it is, I whipped out my trusty cell phone and got on the dang internet. Whew! (I looked really tech-y, I'm sure!) Logged in... and it had me at an order continuation page. Um... yeah... It told me that my available time was no longer available. Meaning? I had to resubmit my order! Seriously? And then it happened AGAIN! Ugh! Finally, it went through... ok.

TIP #1: ALWAYS check to make sure the order went through before going to bed for the night. (a confirmation screen must be seen!!!)

The order confirmation page told me my pics would be ready in an hour. The tech said give me 15 minutes. And then he went on his 15 minute break? (So not my day!) And so... I'm sitting there. I've already browsed the store, picked up a couple-a school supplies that were steals.. um... DEALS! and perused the alcohol (did you know that there is a chocolate red wine imported from Holland for $12.99 a bottle..? not sure about that one...), came back and sat on a stool waiting. And I waited more... (it's air-conditioned, ya know? and it was well above 95 outside...).

A manager came and asked if I needed help. I told said manager that my prints were going to be done by noon, and she informed me it was AFTER. WHAT?? uh... and so... she looked in the queue, printed out the pics, and stopped. She informed me that she could not let me take the 5x7 photo I'd ordered. She said it was copyrighted.

Yes... I told her. I know that. And I paid for the copyright. (It is a Sea World photo, with all of us on Shamu... no jokes, please...) She said she'd have to see the copyright release. Ok... and so, I wasted gas and went back home to get the CD.

And I came back. I handed her the CD. She told me she didn't have a way to "read" it. Seriously... Ok, well, can't we just put it on the kiosk thingamajiggy and read it there. Only the kiosk only accepts photos and videos she told me. (I'm sure my eyes were rolling to the back of my head at this point, and I really didn't care if she saw me do it or not, but the folks at Sea World assured me I would have NO problems, that photo places knew about the discs and copyrights... and here I was... over 1 1/2 hours from the time my pics were supposed to be ready! AND! the fact that duh... she could've probably viewed it on the screen anywho...) *huff* and so... I went back home, as it was closer than the Kinko's she suggested (and cheaper, too!) and printed the dang thing.

TIP #2: When in doubt, print it out (if you believe you may have a copyright issue).

And I came back... again... Apparently, there's some peeps out there who are so frickin' desperate that they fraudulently print the copyright doc, as well, because... she tried to tell me I could've just done that myself. (Guess who was getting a call later that afternoon? uh yeah... Corporate Walgreens!) But then... the printing operator came back and showed her the copyright page with the THEME PARK EXCEPTIONS! and handed me my items (without even an apology) and sent me on my pissy little way.

Yes, I did call. That phone call took another 20 minutes and made my day much brighter. I'm that kind of person. Bad customer service and harassing customers, especially from management, deserve a phone call (and not the good kind). On the upside, after huffing and puffing and ruffling my feathers (wait... I had to pull my panties outta the bunch!)... I ended up with a hefty (read: FREE prints!!!) discount the next time I order in store (like I'll ever be doing that again!).

TIP #3:  If you have a problem, let people know. If they can't help you, take it to a higher power... and so on...

And so, my steam and my mojo were well spent at Walgreen's... (hopefully, it'll come back soon!)

I'd show you the pic in question, but I'm saving that little tidbit for tomorrow...

How did the rest of my day go? um... let's just say... (not a photo printing tip... sorry...)

TIP #4:  When putting loads of cooked beans (pinto or other) into the fridge, do not put them in one of the throw-away containers like Glad. The lid comes off and someone may have to clean the floor!

So... here's hoping you all find yourself some useful tips. Thanks for your awesome comments, and I hope to be using them soon! And... have a great day! Remember... it could be worse...

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