Monday, January 24, 2011

18? Already? And Testing Out Adulthood...

2 weeks ago, my oldest bio-child (you know... one of the ones I actually gave birth to... one of the ones that caused me great pain pushing through the you know where region...) turned 18. OMG! I am the mother of an ADULT! No friggin' way! But yes... I am.

The problem with that? Nothing really, except... she's still in high school. And an adult in high school is not a good thing. Especially when adult high schoolers think they know it all and try to re-structure their schedules (that you've been fighting with the administration for, that you've been keeping the administration and doctors and everyone and everything on the same page for), thinking they know what's best for them, because... you know... that's not what they want to do and so... they won't.

Kids! I believe they are more problematic when they turn into adults... adults, that are still in high school. She wants to stay out late on school nights. Um... no.  She wants to do this... do that... and pretty much do what she wants. Um... WRONG!

Don't get me wrong. She's a totally good kid, but... she doesn't get it sometimes. Kid... your schedule was created to be the very best for you. It was created to help you transition into college. It was created with all of your teachers and counselors, so that that we, together, can get you through high school, and help you with your disabilities, problems, and life (in general). We did this because we care. We all care. We all worked together to get you here. So please, please! Don't go ruining it. Just follow the schedule and all will be well with the world.

At least... my world. Because, seriously! Those little yellow pills that I only take when my heart is pumping really fast, when I feel like I'm about ready to pass out, when things aren't on that schedule I so much need to depend on, when life throughs me massive loops and feels like I'm hanging upside-down (like now!)... those little yellow pills are something that I really don't want to take, so I'm hoping she gets it soon. I'm about to explode. I'm trying not to... that's how much I love her.

Kids try to make their mark. I get it. They think they know it all, but when you have parents and professionals aiming for the same goal, and it is all set... stick with it. Their (the parents' and professionals') experience and understanding is what is going to help get them (the kids) through it. So... explain to them (the kids), they can make their mark, in a different way. It shouldn't be on your nervous system...

They need to do it elsewhere. Find a different way. A good way? Check out: DoSomething.Org and make your mark in the world... not on your parents!

* A SPECIAL NOTE: And YES! I do know my "audience" changes several times... this is how affected I am by all the goings on right now, so forgive and don't judge... it could happen to you one day...


  1. They just have to make it through graduation and then we can breathe!

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by at my blog the other day! As a mother to a two year old daughter I got scared reading your post. Man! I am just waiting for things to get easier after the terrible twos and now I foresee a whole world of terrible teens as well. Yikes! I guess thats what humor is for, huh? I was totally laughing--maybe nervous laughing as I read this :)



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